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Of squeezable mayonaisse
[2003-07-24 @ 10:20 p.m.]

I can't believe I have been in the dark all this time! Where was I during the revolution? The revolution of one of my favorite condements...mayonaisse. I love stuff you squeez, and I love mayonaisse. Now mayonaisse is squeezable? Pinch me I'm dreaming! GO HELLMANS! I had a BLT for dinner, and I reached for the usual jar only to find in my grasp a squeezable and therefore lovable bottle of mayonaisse, a BOTTLE! I've always known about squeezable ketchup, but I think that the kind that comes in the weird bottles and can be red, green, or purple is a little bit tasteless and overly grainy. But this mayonaisse tastes just absolutely mayonaissey! It's great! It coincides with the lightbulb, telephone, and Steven Cojocaro from People magazine (I love that guy- he's hilarious!).

My mom's watching Will and Grace, but as I said before, I've already watched these episodes today! But I love that show! It's so great! It coincides with the guitar, cars, and My Hero (a britcom about a superhero baby- very lame yet humorous)! I love Britcoms! They're great! They coincide with the blender, music in general, and Sean Biggerstaff (the actor who played Oliver Wood on Harry Potter...born March 15, 1983 in Glasgow, Scotland...got his start in his acting career from Alan Rickman [played, among many other roles, Snape in Harry Potter and The Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood: Prince of Theives]) (I swear I'm not a stalker...if I was I wouldn't be in the US) (trust me) (at least I don't know his height too, by the way, Elijah Wood is 5'6"...short, but cute! Anyways...).

Why are my entries all so long? Is my life really this sad? Have I slipped this far? Am I goin' off the deep end? Am I becoming Crazy Amanda (that was, like, two Sum 41 songs in one paragraph! I LOVE CONE!)? Hmm...guess so! Uhh...I don't like tan people. I'm very pale. I remember sometimes when I'd walk down the hallway at school when I was younger, people'd say stuff like "BOY, I SURE DO LOVE THE SUN. I'D HATE TO BE PALE AND STUFF" really loud to hurt my feelings, and I'd just think, "At least I'm not a twelve year old spending every day in a tanning booth only to get skin cancer before I graduate highschool", and now I look around at the age of 16, and after all the ridicule, I see light skinned people in Hollywood and the music business all the time... paler and paler...the tanner ones (the ones that sit in boothes for 6 hours a day, frying their skin until it peels off) are the ones who are quickly become dried up has-beens! Isn't it great? Look at Craig Nicholls from the Vines...that guy has never seen the sun and he's still hot! It's just cool! And in the Middle Ages it was the cool thing because it meant that you had enough money to not have to do manual labour out-of-doors! Life is good. Now all those once-tan, preppy cheerleader wanna-bes are trying to drop the tan, but they can't because they're all losers! No offense to anybody :) I say it in spite of the fact they all made fun of me (okay, not really). Gotta go! Toodles!

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