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[2003-09-17 @ 6:29 p.m.]

Ahh! Hurricane! Hurricane!

It's headed straight (a word not found in the dictionary of Elijah Wood...oh! Bad Amanda, bad! He's not gay!) for my town. How horrible! Destruction...

Anyways, so, yeah. I stayed home today to help prepare. I put everything near and dear to me in plastic bags in my closet in my room on the second story (don't know how safe it'll be!) in hopes that it all remains untouched. All of my Guitar Worlds, my collection of Dickens, Steinbeck, Dillard, Shakespeare, Rowling, all of my 250+ Beanie Babies (yes, I obsess), my piles of stuffed animals, my rug from Bahrain and pottery from Japan and fans from Spain, my Italian hats, my other hats, my foreign doll collection including dolls from Norway, Holland, Saint Martten, my miniature model of a Radio Flyer that I stole from my brother for obvious reasons...I think I cleared my room...it's a good thing I have a walk-in closet. My guitar and amp are safe, my Tolkien collection won't leave my sight! I think I'm good!

My dad came to visit from New York today. I got my french magazine! He got me a Vogue Paris from France a week ago. And a bunch of greeting cards. I don't think he knows what they meant, one says, "I only have one thing to say to you, you'd better listen good: so voila! Thank you! Thank you!". I never told him that it was a thank-you note instead of a greeting card, just laughed. Anyways, yeah, the French take a lot of liberties in their magazines. Especially the article on Playboy. And, yes, they don't shave. Anyways, they have a lot of the same brands and things (actually, I should say we have their brands), just I don't pick up a YM and see ads for Prada everyday. So it was cool to see how they dress! I'm into the fashion thing.

And they had this pullout fashion article about rock-n-roll chic fashion idol Vanessa Paradis! I didn't recognize her at first, I'm used to seeing her with Johnny Depp in really fancy gowns. But she's really pretty! She looks a lot like everybody else tho. Still pretty, but similar to half the rest of the magazine. They also had an ad featuring Liv Tyler and I almost puked a lung all over it. Eew, I can't stand her. I HATED Empire Records, I HATED all of her dad's videos with her in them (or just all of his videos period...I hate Aerosmith [throw things at me now, if you wish...okay, stop][no, really, stop]), and she ruined whatever little part of Lord of the Rings she was in. She's just not pretty and she talks like a cutesy-wootsy five year old. "Look at me, I'm rich and famous and make lots of movies because my daddy gives me money and agents," is what she seems to say every time she opens her mouth.

Not to sound rude.

Anyways, the lady that played Galadriel wasn't pretty either. But at least she had some talent. I think the girl that played Eowyn was pretty. Not in all of the shots, but she really was pretty, and talented! So you know that I don't hate all of the chicks in those movies, just most of 'em. Yes, but I just finished watching The Fellowship with my dad and brother. I had to beg my mom to let me turn the news for a little while, but I won in the end! Hurrah!

And how worth it it was. Hence the title of today's entry. It's one of those overly-dramatic lines from said movie that makes me laugh everytime I hear it. Sorta like "We must cast it back into the fiery chasm from whence it came." I can never keep a straight face there. I can't help it, Hugo Weaving says it with such passion it seems even more ridiculous than normal, and you just have to laugh.

But I've seen that movie so many times that I notice all these little things. Like, on the bridge of Khazad-dum when Gandalf is whipped about the ankle and drops his sword, it falls on the bridge with a resounding "clank-clank" and didn't fall off. But in the Two Towers when he falls off the bridge, the sword falls with him. It's true! Then I also noticed that Frodo had a huge zit at the end when they reached the Argonath. They tried to cover it up, but I saw it on his chin and freaked. Frodo had a blemish! And the saddest part: I took the time and care to notice. It was gone before the ending scene with he and Sam.

Anyways, all this talk of such things reminds me of my last entry. It was existentialism with a smile, nod, and a wink. Actually, not so much the nod, but there was a smile and a wink to be sure. And make no mistake. But I meant every word of it! And I don't think that anyone cared. I took all that time to parallel the meaning of life to English literature and no one probably read it. But it was nice to get out. And I feel all the better for it! I'm never that serious. Never! But lately while I'm around friends I sorta talk less and less and listen more and more. And on bus rides I don't pay attention to the Chevelle blasting my eardrums out, but the golden and green trees out my window against a bright blue sky in wonder.

I'm a freak. Freak, freak, freak.

Speaking of writing, Sean Astin (Samwise Gamgee in LOTR, was also in Rudy and The Goonies) is writing a book. It's entitled, "There and Back Again: An Actor's Tale". I think I may just take a good read of it sometime after it's out, since I'm so interested in acting. Maybe it could dissuade me from such a competitive field. Though, I doubt it. It'll probably push me farther. If people like Liv Tyler can be in movies, than I certainly can. I don't even need a rock-and-roll immediate family member. Technically, I have a lot of famous relations, that's not the point.

Let's see, I'm related to (for those who don't already know because I'm sure I've typed this all before): Elvis (pretty closely, actually), his daughter (and therefore Micheal Jackson for three months), Madonna, Ian Holm (distant, true, very distant, but still, ya know how it is), all of the Kennedys (my mom's second cousin is a producer for Speilberg in all of his movies, sa-weet!), and etc, etc, etc.

Not only shall I become famous, but I'll probably also become infamous like most of these people! YES!

Anyvay, lemme see, what else is there? My brother and I were quoting Monty Python today. Grand, grand, grand shows that Monty Python had. Just wonderfully grand. I can't get over his pure genius. Or amazing stupidity and array of potty-humour.

I spell things differently than most Americans. Why? I use the letter "u" in everything. Must be my English heritage. And Irish, and Scottish. Hooray for the Celts! FREEDOM!

I was practicing "Braveheart" on my cello last night. It's been over a year since I last played that loverly song! Oh, how I love playing the cello. Every other instrument I learn is gonna be second banana to my one true musical love: the cello. The guitar is grand, but not as good. The little I can play on the piano is stunning, but not as good. I hope to one day play the harp and uilleann pipes and bagpipes and pipa, and more piano and more viola and more violin (I can already play a bit of those ones, esp. the viola since it's what my brother plays), but none of them will ever be as cool as the cello. It's deep and melodious, it's strong and entrancing. It draws you in and never lets you go. I practice for hours on it because when I play I can bring tears to my eyes. It's a pity I can't play it like that on tests, I'm always to nervous. It's not like a skit or a speech, I'm too comfortable speaking in front of people. And I don't have a problem playing my guitar or cello in front of friends (I do a lot, all the time) or even in front of strangers (I do a lot, all the time). But I have a problem when it's graded.

I should think of it more as a skit. I love it when I read plays and stuff in English or History, or even French, and after I'm done everyone asks me if I've ever taken drama. I say yes, but not since a few years ago. I loved reading Shakespeare in English. I loved the meter and the difficulty and everything about it. Of course, there was never enough guys in my English class, so I always got stuck with male parts because I'm so freakishly tall. I hated that, but I loved it when I did get to play a girl or a guy that got to sword fight. Because I love staged fighting. I'm such a weirdo! Freak, freak, freak.

Is the past tense of freak "frook"? Just wondering.

Hrm, what else to I have to chat aimlessly about? Think, Amanda, think. I made my brother a Morgul Blade from Lord of the Rings for his Halloween costume. I cut it outta Balsa Wood in about an hour. I'm just gonna buy my pirate sword. What fun I shall have! But I need some more Balsa to make the Sting. No, not the singer (tho I love him, I figured out "Fields of Gold" on my cello! Hurrah!), the sword.

That's quite enough of the Lord of the Rings for one entry, I should think. I look like enough of a nerd already. I should go and read my magazine now. It's quite thick and all in French, so it should take me twice the time of a normal magazine. Plus I love the makeup. I have to try it. And I love the styles, but a lot of them are specially designed. But, I'm lucky and my mum's a fashion designer, and I can look thru her patterns and alter them so I can make anything in there myself, and in any style, size, or colour I want. See what I mean? I use a "u" in colour.

Freak, freak, freak! Oh, and I'm not crazy (institution...): I have seen "Radio Flyer" before when I was young. I remember the wagon and the kid. I definetely remember loving the wagon and the kid. Of course I would, he's my favourite actor. So that's why I stole my brother's Radio Flyer (for those of you who didn't get it the first time!). I'm gonna go! Toodles!

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