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[2003-09-23 @ 2:48 p.m.]

Oh, I love Will & Grace (hence the title for this entry! Came from Will & Grace). My mum informed me yesterday that she heard a juicy bit of news that Ebay will be auctioning off some stuff from that show, but I don't see anything. I heard the Emmy outfits were selling, and I saw all the outfits but Debra Messing's and Shelly Morrison's dresses. But a dress from Megan Mullally and suits from Eric McCormack and Sean Hayes are up. I think the suit from Sean Hayes was a Hugo Boss. There were so many great designs from the Emmys. I think I saw a lot of Donna Karan, which was pretty cool. I like a lot of those designs. I liked the fact that there wasn't too much skin on anyone, it was very elegant from all sides. Not like the guys really have much of a choice in suits or anything. There was a lot of Armani too, I think, even in the dresses. But guys get to pick between a white or a black shirt to go with their black suit, and then a mono-chromatic tie to match their black shoes. That's about it.

I think that someone should show up to a premiere or awards ceremony in a kilt. "Wow!" everyone by being a wee bit different! Steven Cojocaru showed up to the Grammys in a golden jacket with a pair of denim jeans and a white button-down shirt with a simple black tie, and everyone was all over him. Well, the gay guys anyway, I'd think. I don't know how long I can go on talking fashion. Let's see...I was looking thru Vogue Paris the other day and found, hold up...lemme go get it to make sure I quote the article correctly...

It's an avant-garde mother-daughter team called "Colette et Sarah" with a showcase on Saint-Honoré street in Paris, France. If my French serves me correctly. But they have nice, New-York based designs that are really classy. Not overdone and showy like a lot of stuff lately. Chiefly silver, pewter, blacks, whites in colour. But this one corset-like top really stood out to me. It was in a very shiny silver material with black details around the bust and it tied around the waist at an empire-waist-line height and then elegantly draped almost loose beneath the tie. And it was combined with completely matte cargo pants and a pair of black sling-backs with some black hose. It was really sophisticated, and I just loved it!

Right, I'm sure I look like a loser, but my mom makes her own stuff, so I guess it's just her talent for noticing that stuff rubbing off on me. But my mum is really creative and artistic. She wanted to study art in college and become an artist (and trust me, she could have done that very, very easily), but her dad wouldn't let her. He told her to become a teacher or a wife.

I'm not letting the same happen to me. I love the arts, and I realize that with the grades I make and the classes I take, I could easily succeed in any field that I wanted to. That's not to say that I want to become a scientist, but I know I easily could. I used to want to study anthropology in Egypt, and become an Egyptologist, but I doubt I'll make any money there.

So I thought about my strong points. Whew, um, well, I've always been good in English. As far back as I can remember, I've always made "A's" in that class, always in the advanced English courses. It just came naturally to me to write. I mean, I do all the time. Fiction, non-fiction, this diary, it's just what I can do. At the same time, as far back as I can remember, people have loved to listen to me talk. My peers like listening to my speeches, my poetry readings, watching my skits and such. Talking in front of people doesn't bother me. I'm very comfortable in front of an audience or a camera (or both, as I found). 'Smatter of fact, I sorta feel more confident in front of an audience or camera than I am normally. All except for my first staged monologue in drama Freshmen year, I never forget lines, never loose concentration on that stuff. So, I mean, why not take acting, writing, and film-making courses in college? I'm goin' to an Ivy-League, it's gotta be worth somethin' in that field!

Speaking of school, school's closed tomorrow, too! Yes! I'm getting up early to watch "Avalon" on Encore. Yes! This makes me angry though. If Elijah Wood is so loved since "Lord of the Rings", why is he out making Indie, film-festival movies instead of block-busters? He could be a floggin' billionaire with a private jet and half of Monaco, so why isn't he? I would. Oooh, I would be all over that like, well, a great opportunity like that.

Well, go figure. Maybe some people feel more fulfilled being out of the spotlight in parts that seem more meaningful than ones that make more money. Heaven's knows that's not me, but I'm not arguing.

Do you know what an extra day of school entails? I'm gonna end up in a classroom 'till August. Grand. Well, at least I'm getting off of school. It really was starting to annoy me, what with the homework and all. Well, the work in general. I like learning, I like socializing, but I don't like to work.

My brother keeps asking me, "Are you done?" "No." "Are you close to being done?" "NO!" "Sheesh, just asking!" "Yeah, well, you've got a butt-chin just like my favourite actor!" Needless to say, he doesn't like me telling him that the cleft in his chin almost resembles that of Frodo's. "No! I do NOT look like that homo!" is usually his reply. "Do I look like I have that nasty gap in my teeth? Are my eyes large enough to rival that of a bush baby's? Blah, blah, blah...the guy needs to come out of the closet already!"

I love annoying him. It's splendid. He just sort of rambles about closets and Liberacci for awhile and I tune him out. But me and my brother are pretty close. We don't ever really fight, I have no problem taking him places with me or letting my friends meet him. It's not like it was in that one part in Radio Flyer. Or any other sibling relationship. I just wanted to talk about Radio Flyer.

As if I wasn't a loser as is.

Hey! But my finger looks and feels better! I got stung by a wasp and my right-hand middle finger swelled to twice the normal size. Go figure. But I can type and stuff now, it only took two days for it to wear off almost entirely. Still a little sore, sometimes it starts to sting again if I wash my hands, and it's still a little puffy and violet in the joints and nail...

I'm sure you didn't want a full description, a gorey detailed account of my finger. So, I think I'll move on.

I have nothing to talk about. Not a thing whatsoever. Life is boring. Very, very, very, very, very, very boring at times. So very boring.

I'm gonna go paste a picture of Elijah Wood's head onto a picture of a bush baby. Toodles!

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