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Fat free cheese. It's the polyester of cheese, actually, I think it is polyester. Anyways, it has nothing to do with good taste.
[2003-09-24 @ 2:48 p.m.]

That's a hip-tip from Ted of the Fab Five from Bravo's own Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. I loooooove that show. I found it quite frightening when Ted cut his head and quoted Monty Python. *Shudders* I suppose that kind of work can be dangerous.

Anyways, I got a bunch of stuff to ramble aimlessly about.

Let's see. I woke up early this morning to watch "Avalon" on Encore, and still missed the first 30 minutes. I did realize that: 1. it was really boring 2. it never seemed to end 3. it was really depressing.

I thought to myself afterwards, "And I ran all the way downstairs for this? I didn't even use real face-wash, I just grabbed a salicylic-acid cloth for make-up and oil removal on the go. And, boy, I was on the go. But for what, for this depressing pile of Polish whatever."

But then I started thinking about maybe how hard my Scottish-Irish ancestors may have had life, and then what the proverbial "American Dream" was really about. Now, see, "Avalon" was as follows (so you don't get lost on me here).

An immigrant family goes through hardships as the conform to society to live the American Dream. The family argues, some stop talking to each other, people get older, people die. It really portrayed the truth of any family's hardships. It brought me back to the fact that we all live to die, but we have to make our lives the best we can (I did a whole entry on my enterpretation of the meaning of life. Just look in my archives for the one entitled "Me? I'm dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest..." And ignore the fact that some of my entries are doubled in there, I don't know why this stupid diary is doing that, I have to try to fix it later).

I think that if a movie makes me cotemplate my past, my present, and my future all at the same time, then it has to be good. It was depressing, it was long, it was actually kinda boring, but it made me think. And I rarely think. And now you know why it was given 3 and a half stars.

And speaking of the Scot-Irish, why didn't I know that Colin Farrel had such a hot accent? I had only heard him using a fake American accent until I saw a bit of "Late Night" this morning (I think that really defeats the purpose of the show, but that's not the point). And my jaw dropped and my eyes got wide, and I'm like, "Ya know what? I'm now a big fan of this guy. He's got an AWESOME accent!"

Isn't it funny how someone could be the biggest, ugliest jerk on the face of the Earth, and a chick can forgive him for certain other reasons? Money, good looks, accent... it's a crazy, crazy world. These are my thoughts on the subject: I don't really plan on marrying. My parents fight too much for me to want to have anything to do with that; I just don't want to go through those kinds of problems. However, if I were married, it would be for money, then looks, then personality.

Just joshin' ya! Money, then looks, then power, THEN personality. Hahaha, I'm so funny!

I'm hungry. Maybe I should eat something. I skipped my snack again. I think I've grown too accustomed to my hobbit-like eating habits.

I have to make a dash now.


I think that was entirely the shortest entry I've ever written in the history of forever.

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