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[2003-09-25 @ 8:11 p.m.]

Karen Walker. What a genius. She's my hero...sorta.

Well, one of my heroes. I have many. I just finished my piles of mountains of tons of loads of etc... homework. I HATE pre-calc. When am I ever gonna have to use any of it? I don't see myself at a store ten years from now, "Oh, look, the new Prada line! Wait, I'm gonna have to graph inverse cosine..." Ovell, what can I do but shut up and do it?

Well, I just need to unwind for about 20 minutes typing on here before the new episode of the new season of Will & Grace comes on.


Anyvay! Lemme see...I had a two hour delay to school today. Thanks to hurricane Isabel! Well, I got a total of 5 full days off school, and I only lost power for 12 hours from Thursday afternoon to Friday morning. Most of my friends just got their power back yesterday night.

Bwahahaha! So I got a ton of school off to sit around and watch tv and play video games and contemplate deep, meaningful points in life and in which directions I want my future to go.

And I watched Lord of the Rings a total of 5 times. Twice in one day on Sunday! Well, that was the Fellowship. The Two Towers I watched 3 or 4 times. I like the Fellowship more; there's more Frodo.

Well, that just goes without sayin'.

There's this diary banner above what I'm typing with a picture from "Chicago". I have an orchestra test on "Razzle Dazzle" (I play the cello, have been playin' it for over 5 years now), and I'm nervous out of my mind over it. But I know it, I can play it, and I can play it well. I'm sure I at least won't be last chair.

I love orchestra. It's a total slack class, and I love music, erego, I love Orchestra! And the word erego! And hence, henceforth, and whence. They're all fancy-pantsy and make me sound smart.

But I hate "Chicago". I've never even seen it and I can tell you it sucks. Musicals usually suck. I love "My Fair Lady", "Cry Baby" (though I don't think that really counts...ovell), "The King and I", and "West Side Story". That's about it. I prefer just speaking plays and movies. They make more sense.

It's almost time for Will & Grace.

I take back what I said in my last entry. That wasn't the shortest entry I had ever written in the history of forever, this is.


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