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I'm immediately drawn to large cities where I back up sewers, reverse street signs, and steal everyone's left shoe.
[2003-10-06 @ 7:34 p.m.]

That actually describes Stitch, ya know, from Lilo & Stitch, but I utilised it here because I'm a city-lover and rather destructive in tendency. I like to destroy. Like that Sex Pistols song. Hahaha.

Movin' on. I also like to create! Esp this wonderful picture of Johnny Depp that I still haven't finished! And, geez, what sacrilage is it that it remains uncompleted as of yet? I can't get one of his eyes just right, and I know that art doesn't have to be perfect, but I'm just a perfectionist. Plain and simple. After I get off here I also have to practice my cello, and then my guitar. Then I was gonna try to plug in my keyboard and play Pachelbell's Canon because I can get both parts together on a keyboard instead of just one part on one of the earlier mentioned instruments and I like that song a whole bunch. It's a kind of holiday song with it's richer sound I think.

I'm rambling, aren't I? Well, bad Amanda, no more of that. I'm listening to the Cheiftains. I finally found that cd, it'd been lost for ages! I stuck it in the case for Dirty Vegas, and that cd I put in the case for Evanescence "Fallen", and that cd I put in my big fat cd player. So I had to do a buncha searchin', but I eventually found it. I coulda sworn I left it in the case for "Silver Side Up" (Nickelback's previous cd), but that one actually had the right cd in it. More than I can say for the Ramones, and Weezer, and Norah Jones.

Right, what was I talking about? My brother, hold your breaths people, doesn't know who Andy Warhol is. I should go find some of his work online and show it to him. Kids, they don't know good taste. But I mentioned his Marilyn Monroe painting when I was looking at a picture I drew of Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray. Which turned out really well, but I drew it awhile ago.

Umm, yeah, I have a life. I swear. It's just that on weekends it diminishes to nearly nothing because of lack of social interactions. Hold up, dawgs...

Haha! I'm so clever, I had to get off mid-way thru typing this so I saved it all in an email. Brilliant am I! But as of today, Monday (whereas this entry was started yesterday, Sunday), I finished my Johnny Depp drawing, and might I say, it's pretty darn good. I've got talent! Hey! It's almost time for Will & Grace! And dinner! I might have to just save this again and finish later. Which is just as well, 'cuz I hear tell that that hot Scot Sean Biggerstaff teaches Scottish Slang on his own website, which is so cool I'm blinded by the brilliance of it. And being quite a sucker for foreign pop culture or even historical culture or even my own pop culture and historical culture (even tho I'm Scottish in lineage, and Irish, and English, and German, and a teensy bit-o-Cherokee...like...The Brave! Hooray for Johnny Depp!), I have to go on there and memorize and utilise all of the slang to my benefit. Like I use "dunny", "breaky", "brass": all Australian terms. And we all love Australia, look at what it's given us! Hugo Weaving (the evilest evil robot/computer program/thingee in a leather jacket and sunglasses to ever harvest humans, and the owner of the best resort hotel in all of Middle Earth), Russel Crowe (he made schizophrenia look so cool, and Gladiator, oh, Gladiator), Mel Gibson (need I say more?), and the Vines (woo-wee, awesome!).

You know what would be cool? A Second Breakfast Club. Haha, hahaha, second breakfast, breakfast club, okay, Will & Grace! I'll be right back!

K, Will & Grace is ova, I'm done eating, and now I'm typing. I have the strangest urge to cook something. I don't cook, not often, anyways. I can cook a few things, and when I do they turn out pretty yummy, but the only cooking I do almost ever is microwavable things. Or spagettios. I LOVE spagettios. It's one of those loves that last thru childhood. Like beanie babies, or Care Bears. Even tho I don't really remember the Care Bears...I still have their stuffed animals strewn about my room in a frenzy. And then there are all of my muppet stuffed animals. Most are Kermit or Miss Piggy. I love the Muppets.

I'm such a loser. L-O-S-E-R.

Hmm, let's see, what else have I to type about? Hrm, lemme see...I should go look up some good ol' Scottish Slang and share some with you. Alright, Scottish people talk funny. And I thought our slang was weird! Geez! I hafta move on over to Glasgow now! One day I'm gonna be so filthy rich that I'm gonna own a castle. Like Sting does. 'Cuz Sting is cool. :P

K, now what do I have to gab on about? Err, umm, hum, hrm, need...time...to...think...Nah, gettin' nuthin'. Drawin' a blank.

Oh! Everyone was in a really weird mood towards me today. People I barely speak to were telling me I was pretty, etc., etc., etc., and I just thought, "C'mon, my makeup is little to none, my hair is halfway between curl and straight because I ran out of shining oil that takes out the frizzes, and I'm in a Flogging Molly shirt with an old pair of Gap jeans. Do you take me for some kind of daftie (ha, I was just dyin' to use that). Gotta go! Toodles!

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