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[2003-10-08 @ 8:00 p.m.]

That came from my all-time favourite episode of That 70's Show that just came on at 5:30 today whilst I procrastinated about my pre-calc staring me in the face. But it's a great episode none-the-less. Genius.

Wow, I really don't have anything to talk about. I told a few friends about the wonders of "The Good Son" a few weeks ago when the topic of sa-weet movies surfaced, word spread 'round, and I've described the plot at least a half a million times by now b/c no one's sure if they want to see it.

"No! You have to see it!" and I describe what happens. "And the mother lies there on her stomach with the choice between her son that is a murderer or her nephew that is slipping finger by finger every passing moment." And the listener is like, "yeah, and who does she save?" And I answer "Well, if I told you, you wouldn't watch it, but it's a great movie." "she saved Elijah Wood, didn't she?" I catch my mouth agape and quickly close it while replying, "Maybe...what makes you think that?" They smile and say, "I know you too well. If he died than you'd hate the movie."

Darn it. My friends do know me too well. But, then again, it's not hard to know me. My life is nothing, consists of lazin' about on my butt.

Oh! I cannot believe that Arnold Schwartzenegger is governor of California! He can barely speak English. What's more is that I'm appalled with the fact that I am related to him b/c he married a Kennedy. Ovell, he can probably get the state out of debt by writing off some checks and then hire people to do the hard, technical politics stuff. Or his wife'll end up doing it all. But Kennedys are cool like that. All except for me.

I'm the different one. :(

Nah, I'll get someplace. I think it's true, that the American Royal Family does crave power. Doesn't everyone? I mean, all I aspire to be is wealthy, famous, and powerful. Not to be held down and able to do anything and everything I want. Because sometimes, despite large amounts of fury and rage, you just end up feeling quite a bit like a small rodent in barred captivity. That seems to remind me of some kind of song...wonder why?

Shame that band broke up. Is Billy Corgan still bald? Last time I saw him on VH1 he was pretty bald on top. But Zwan's been around for awhile now, and I haven't heard too much from them since "Honestly". Actually, in all honesty, I haven't heard a single thing since "Honestly" but that which I listen to at friend's houses. Everybody loves that band, but they get zippo radio time. Maybe it's better that way...

Right, why did I start talking about that? If I talk about any kind of music, it's Our Lady Peace b/c they're just so floggin' awesome. Flogging Molly, Irish punk...Dropkick Murphys are coming to my town in, like, two days or something. That show is gonna be full of kids up to my waist (actually, I'm so tall that any place is full of kids up to my waist), so when they lift their arms and yell and jump, all I have to do is stand there and I automatically stand out.

I love you, Spicy!

Actually, I don't think Spicy McHaggis is even in that group anymore. Which is sad, 'cuz his name was cool.

Umm, wow, I'm a loser. I want that new Sting cd because Sting rules. He's got a jazz re-mix of "Roxanne" that's just stunning sounding. The smooth piano and his awesome accent with a smidge of acoustic guitar all just runs together in a big fat blend of wonder and joy. All of his songs rule. And he owns a castle.

My family owns castles as far from Ireland to France, and everywhere in-between. But I don't own any myself. So I'm still jealous. Grr...

Tomorrow I have a French test, Friday I have an Orchestra test type thing, and then on Saturday I'm spending the day at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. The place that Fabio got a concussion from a duck flying into his head on a rollercoaster.

Funny story that ties into that: I was on an orchestra trip to said theme park, and I got in line for the same roller coaster that Fabio was injured on. Well, right before I got on, due to my enormous height (6'0"), my friend and the guy buckling the belt both warned me of the dangers of being tall on the tallest roller coaster almost ever with that loverly Fabio story. So, I freaked. And even worse then that, just as the coaster scaled to the top, just before the first cart took the toppling fall to begin the thrilling ride, the ride stopped. It froze because someone had lost their shoe, so they stopped all the carts. Mine was right at the top. Amongst the birds, for ten minutes, how convenient!

Well, that's quite enough for me. I have to go see about some e-cards and then I wanna see if I can't suggest that they bring back 21 Jump Street on TV Land. Toodles!

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