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If no one likes you, then how are you supposed to know if you like yourself?
[2003-10-10 @ 11:06 p.m.]

Ah, Grace Adler's philosophy on life.

So true.

I'm talking to Kelly on the phone. Fun! I like talking on the phone, like any teenage girl. For hours and hours and hours about nothing. Actually we're discussing colleges. I just now realise how truly lucky I am. I've gotten everything handed to me on a silver platter.

My dad works at Columbia University (not a teacher), and I get in for free, practically guaranteed. Up until he got that job, my parents were so worried about finding me funds for college, didn't think we could afford it. That really upset my mum because of the advance classes that I'm in and the high grades I make. But thankfully, I get the start in life that I work hard for, that many other worthy people won't be able to have.

Today I had my chair competition after school! I lost, but not by much, apparently. The other girl was nice enough to give me a ride home. The teacher had us both play it twice b/c he claimed he couldn't decide, and he told me that my tone was amazing and stuff, and that I play beautifully.

Nice. At least I'm getting recognised! Hahahahahaha! Anyvays, I'm on here late! Late one Friday evenin'! Talking on the phone and typing.

Hey! We finally found a freshman to pick on at school. The ones from last year are all sophomores now. They ones I used to wave to and blow kisses to and drew pictures of cephlopods for and then at the end of the year offended to make them all angry. Stupid freshmen, they always buy it. But now we've got a new one. Hahaha! Life is good.

Tuesday I get to be a Spice Girl for homecoming! I get to be Posh. She was my favourite when they were still cool. In the fifth grade. I wanted to be WonderWoman for Superhero day, b/c I've been told that I look like Linda Carter. I don't see it too much, the blue eyes maybe, but she's pretty, and I'm not.


I get to go to Busch Gardens tomorrow! Hurrah! Last time I went, there was a fire (inside...hahaha, music joke) in the restaurant we were eating at, and we got free meals and stuff. I love that place, it's always so much fun. I prefer Disney Land, tho.

I gotta go, Toodles!

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