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Oh, yeah? Say that again, and I'll get a bar of soap, carve it into a drink, and throw it in your face.
[2003-10-11 @ 8:08 a.m.]

That came from Will & Grace when Karen and Jack were locked in a room together like prison. Love that show, it's always so much fun to watch. Always brightens my day!

Since I'm gonna be gone all day, all day long, I'm gonna type now whilst I have the time. I should be reading something or other and working on some kind of essay for AP English, but that requires work, and work is not something you want to do at 8:13 am before breakfast on a Saturday that you're spending at a theme park. Unless that work is actually a lot of fun and highly rewarding. Then it's the kind of work you do at 8:13 am before breakfast on a Saturday that you're spending at a theme park. Indeed.

Wow, I'm hungry. Maybe it's because it's 8:13 am, and I haven't eaten breakfast on this Saturday that I'm spending at a theme park. Actually now it's 8:16, but for the sake of redundancy, I'm just repeating myself. Actually, that last sentence was rather redundant in itself. Obviously if something were redundant, it would be repeated and in saying so I truly repeated myself.

Hmm...moving on.

Oh, how the minutes fly when you're procrastinating. I'm so happy about going to Busch Gardens! When I went a few months ago, they had this mechanical leprechaun that talked to passing children in the section for Ireland. Well, he was a jolly old fella (kinda ugly tho), and I felt horribly offended. You see, I grew up on leprechaun and banshee stories as a kid. And I happen to know that the only thing scarier than a banshee happens to be a leprechaun.

Yes, the little Santa-Claus like things with long, red beards and striped stockings, and those funny little hobbit jackets and pilgrim hats aren't anywhere near as sweet and lovable and "lucky" as folklore today would have it. These stories are passed down in my Irish family, I know what it is I speak of. They're evil little creatures, dealing in death and despair, destruction and spite. It's true, believe me if you wish. But I was so higly offended by the poor representation of these creatures, I walked right up to the thing and said, "You're ugly." To which he replied, "Well, you'rrre nothin' ta look at yourrrself, lassie. And I'm not ugly." "Yes you are, you're ugly and you're jolly and happy. Therefore you're not a real leprechaun." "Ah, and what do you know about it?" "I happen to be Irish. I happen to know that you're a poser... you're no leprechaun, you're just an over-rated dwarf, aren't you? Real leprechauns eat children." "I'm not ugly, and I'm NO dwarf." And then he stopped talking to me.

I know as well as you that whoever was controlling said leprechaun from inside the little cart he was perched upon was an American with no idea of the true meaning of leprechauns. So I'm here to spread the word, they're evil. Stay away from them.

As a kid, there were certain little things that scared me. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, for instance. That FREAKED me out when I was young. And ya know what? Despite the utter ridiculousness of it, it still does. And then there was those Bloody Mary stories. My mum told me her brother locked her in the bathroom until she did it, and she said she swore on the Bible that she saw her. My family is pretty strong Protestant, and so I do believe there are demons and stuff (laugh if you will, but it's truly my religion, so I refuse to mess with this stuff), and my mum swore up and down that you can conjure things up by doing that.

It's like a Ouiji board. I've never played with those. Never did the Stiff as a Board, Light as a Feather thing, either. I'm afraid that I'll wind up in hell if I do, or end up haunted by something. One could argue it's like "Radio Flyer" when they played with the Ouiji Board, and they imagined their dog was the boogie man. It could be some fear in your subconcious manefesting itself when you think it might, and that's the way I tend to lean, but sometimes I don't know!

And then there are banshees. They only haunt about 5 Irish clans, mine amongst them. Women spirits that come in the night, screaming from behind dark hair, their pale faces eerily light, fortelling your upcoming doom. Luckily, however, I think that I am, indeed, the banshee haunting my clan. Tall, pale, loud, dark hair, usually representing a certain doom laid upon those I see... yep, I think I fit the criteria.

So, yeah, make fun of me all you want for my superstitions. I don't claim that "I see dead people" (tho i-c-dumppl sometimes), but I have seen a ghost. And I know that these tales are passed down for centuries, older than the green of Aryshire from whence my family came, and they aren't necessarily true, and I'm buying into those old Irish maid tales, and looking like a loser in doing so, but I can't help it if it's the way I was brought up. Get over it.

My beliefs anyway.

Moving on from superstition to superficial. Hmm, I have that song from "School of Rock" stuck in my head. Jack Black is hilarious, tho I've never seen that movie. Hey! Whatever happened to the other guy from Tenacious D? Ovell. I liked it when Jack Black did a spoof of Lord of the Rings when he was hosting the MTV movie awards that one year. I also loved the spoof of The Matrix from last year with Justin Timberlake (now there's a name I hoped I'd never type on here... yeesh, I detest that guy) and Sean William Scott (now there's a name I hoped I'd never type on here... yeesh, I detest that guy) and Will Farrel (now there's a name...haha, got ya! Nah, I like Will Farrel). "Erego". Ah, it was grand.

I've never even seen The Matrix! Or the second one! But I wanna see the third one. Acutually, the other two as well, for that matter. Oh! I hear "Troy" is out in May. It'd better be rated R for a lot of violence, because by then I'll be 17 so if I'm carded then I can feel important. So I can finally use my right to see an R rated movie by myself! Hooray! Only 5 more months! YES!

That's just sad, actually. I don't get carded for anything, anyways. Never been carded for PA cds, never been carded for R movies I see or rent with friends, I even got to drive a golf cart once when I was still underaged. Maybe that's why I hit a tree, but that's a different story (and no, I'm not kidding, that really happened). There are drawbacks to looking much older, but those I'm not getting into. Little bit of a touchy area, I suppose you could say.

Hrm, yes, let's see... I can't think of a thing. "Rock's got no reason, rock's got no rhyme. You better get me to school on time..." Darn it! I'm gonna be singing that ALL day now. It was the Smashing Pumpkins yesterday.

Well, thanks to my good friend, Kelly, my hot, hot, hot pic of Jack Sparrow (as seen above) is finally working! Hooray for Johnny Depp! And one of the first things I heard this morning from my mom is, "And what's up with that desktop picture? Elijah Wood is the poster child for gays."

And what's wrong with gay men, I ask you? Ah, well, yeah, I'm a loser. But one day I'll be rich and no one will think I'm a loser anymore. Don't let anyone ever tell you money can't buy happiness. 'Cuz it can, oooh, it can.

Gotta go. Toodles!

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