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[2003-10-21 @ 7:24 p.m.]

Wow. I feel really, really, really not happy all of a sudden. I have a book report on a 500 page book that I had, like, 2 weeks to read, and never finished due Thursday. There are no Sparknotes existent, I've looked everywhere. Antistudy.com, Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves... I picked the loooong version of Robin Hood b/c it looked more interesting. I always pick the hard route to look impressive. Because I'm a drama queen who has to have all eyes on her, no matter what the cost. The cost this time: an English report, and English is my favourite class.

Well, yeah, moving on. People seemed to like my Robin Hood video (see end of previous entry for script), they thought it was pretty funny. It was Monty Python after one too many episodes of Will & Grace, and a tad Blair Witch Project/LOTR/and Matrix. Interesting, yes. It was something I wanted to have fun with. Next project I guess I'll have to settle down and be serious before people believe that I'm a goof-off. Which I am, but I just never let off. The things I think in my head! I'm a serious Karen Walker over here, I swear. I think things that are so rude, I surprise myself, and I never say them out loud b/c I wanna be a good person. "Whoa, that lady's gotta be 50 or so, and earthquakes enter a room before her, why the mess is she wearing all spandex? It's not the 80's anymore, especially when she's lived through the 80's, the 1880's." k, so that one wasn't that bad, but it's all I had from the top of my head.

Hold up! My whites are dry. Back in one sec. K, they're all folded neatly. It's amazing how I'm almost 17 and I just learned how to properly do my laundry today. I found out that fabric softener is acutually used for something...softening fabrics. Isn't that great? My mum's like, "How much fabric softener are you putting in?" "That Downy stuff? I've been meaning to ask you what exactly it's used for, mum". Needless to say, I felt pretty useless right then. I can't cook (I like cooking, but I just never do and I barely know how to use a stove. I only cook when my mum's around,and I like feeling esteemed as everyone eats what I worked hard to make), I can't clean (well, I can, I just don't), I don't sew (I embroider! And bead!), and I don't do dishes or laundry or other household chores. That's why I have to be rich, so I never hafta do that stuff. And then I can be one step closer to achieving my goal of becoming like Karen Walker.

"Sometimes Cook cleans. Sometimes Maid cooks. Sometimes Driver provides a good alibi. The point is, we all help out." "Yes, but the difference is those people all live in the castle and serve only the evil queen."

I could go on, b/c I know all the lines to that conversation, but I won't bore you. Love that show, tho. Obviously, as if you couldn't tell. It's amazing how time flies when you dread a moment. And how slowly it seems to drag when you wish a moment to come.

Ah, this month is busy. Busy, busy, busy. So much to prepare, so much to get done. And Ring Dance is approaching quickly. Yes, the dance at which highschool juniors receive their class rings (mine is silver with an Aquamarine stone [my birthstone]). I planned on going with a group of single friends, but all my promised joinees are selling me out for dates, and this makes me bitter. I'm not going alone, and I'm not taking a date. I refuse. But I wanna get all prettied up with a dress and shoes and bag and the combo dealy, rent a limo, and eat a fancy dinner just to feel what it's like to do such things, for once. I don't wanna go with a guy for many specific reasons. First off, I'm too chicken to ask (not that there's anyone I like enough to go with, that's another problem on it's own), second off, I'm not allowed to date until the ripe-old-age of 17, third off, I don't feel comfortable with a boyfriend right now. And I probably won't for awhile, for reasons to not be indulged upon perfect strangers, such as yourselves. Life is hard, especially when you look older than you are. There are a lotta wierd people out there, and I got a lot of not-so-happy stories about those wierd people.

Yes, well. Right. So, back on subject! I know of about 2-3 girls so far also going un-manned. If they ditch me, then I'm skipping the dance and meeting up for dinner. Definitly know I'm getting a limo. I already worked out the costs with the people I'm sharing with, and it comes to 20 bux a person. Ni-i-i-ice. It'll be fun.

Let's see...let's see...err, I heard that Return of the King may be rated R! (Arr, like Pirates. I love pirates, savvy?) Good and bad sides to this, good first: lots of violence, and if movie follows book, there will be partial nudity and flogging on Frodo's part, tho that probably won't happen, darn it. Bad: I might be carded to get in. I'll have to put on my best I'm-old-enough outfit and makeup to get past with buddies b/c my mum doesn't want to sit thru another Lord of the Rings movie (she says the others are too boring. Funny, she liked the first one. She said the blond guy and the kid with big eyes were cute [that was before their names became household vocabulary 'round here]). My dad lives in NY, and I doubt that I've got any LOTR-freak friends who have parents willing to sneak us all in. Darn it! I think every nerd has a love/hate relationship with Peter Jackson right now. "What about Shelob? Where's Shelob? Wow, Legolas is pretty..." And for those of us under-agers, "What? 17 and up? NO!!!". Wow. At least Harry Potter's not like this.

Yeah, I like Harry Potter. Whats-it-to-ya?

Let's see, now that I look like a geek, hmm, what else have I got to ramble about? Hrm... I may have an orchestra quiz tomorrow. That means I must practice "Sound of Music".

I hate that movie.

Well, toodles!

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