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[2003-11-02 @ 4:37 p.m.]

Hmm, I don't know which is wierder: the fact that I haven't seen the Matrix until today, or that I understood it all the first time through. But it was really, really good. So I stand corrected, I'm quite sorry to all those who have been telling me that it ruled, all those that I ignored. "No, it probably has zippo storyline and all action". I was wrong, way wrong. And it was so, so, so hard cheering for Neo AND Agent Smith at the same time. But technically I think that I can since Agent Smith is really a rogue out to stop Neo for his own benefit and Neo, at that moment, was fighting the Matrix in general. So they weren't quite opposite sides in that movie. But they fought each other, so yeah.

But that movie messed with my mind. I had to pause the dvd periodically to get a soda and stop thinking so much. I hate it when that stuff happens. Sometimes I overthink, much too often. About what is or what could be...yep, I'm sure I sound like a nerd finding havens and explinations in various nerdy movies. Like "A Beautiful Mind", that scared the mess outta me because sometimes I catch myself thinking like that. Not mathmitician smart, but thinkning on new levels or seeing one thing and analysing every little detail.

Hmm, searching for an example... a few nights ago I was heading out to an orchestra concert (woohoo! Second Chair Cello!) and my mum asked me something on the way to the car from the front door. I turned around, and I saw past her face, some ten to eleven feet away I saw a tiny green spider, suspended from it's thread attatched to a leaf, it's neon sillouette illuminated by my porch light, and for the split second I watched it, I studied it's legs moving and how graceful it was. Then I turned around and got in the car and felt kinda like a freak. Yep, that's how it usually goes. But I love and hate it when that kinda stuff happens, when you see something normal, everyday in a new light like it was completely fresh and unknown, and just as you suck it all in, just as you grasp what it is you see, it's gone in a wisp of smoke and you stand dumbstruck, wishing it hadn't passed or hadn't happened at all.

Yep, I'm a wierdo, but I'm sure I wanna save some of those weirdo visions I have for other entries. Don't wanna waste all of my freakish tendencies, I might end up a schizo, and that wouldn't be good for society. Hmm, maybe it's those things that make me "special" that will also one day make me millions of millions of millions of dollars so I can save the trees in Brazil and the hungry children in Zimbabwe and stop Communism in Cuba and find a cure for cancer and find replacements for fossil fuels and perfect the human genome project so I'll never die! I mean, perfect the human genome project to stop genetic disorders. Cough, cough.

Yes, I know, I know. I probably won't be rich enough to do all of that, but I will be spectacularly rich and I will try to help the unfortunate. Yes. I have a headache. I need mindless drivel on tv to waste my braincells on. How 'bout, hmm, anime? I HATE anime. HATE, HATE, HATE it. I have friends that are obsessive over it, and I don't understand. Sometimes the ideas are twisted, but it's usually mindless and horribly drawn. And there's way too much of it. Give me good ol' American Spongebob anyday. Spongebob can be a profound show, whereas anime tends to dwell on the more profane. I hate that stuff.

I sorta ramble, don't I? Sorry 'bout that. I'm supposed ta be finishin' up an AP english presentation. Ha, yeah, right. Me? Work? Work in English? It's weird, I've never had to try in an English class until this one. The only problem with this one is, since it's supposed to be on a higher level, I expect everything to be harder than it is, so I dig too deep into the questions and I doubt my answers dispite their original correctness. It's not a hard class, I just make it out to be. But, if there's one thing I've learned from The Matrix and Gilligan's Island, it's that boundaries are preset by society in the mind, and if I can learn to overcome those limitations first in thought, then I can overcome them physically.

In lamence terms more on your level, if I believe in myself I can accomplish what task I set out to do.

On an even lower level that I'm sure the rest of you can comprehend, I believe I can, I believe I can, I believe I can, I believe I can, I know I can! I know I can! I know I can!

I hated that book as a child, always found it dulled for my intellect. Yep, yep, I think I've ran out of things to talk about.

Oh! Besides renting The Matrix, I rented Sleepy Hollow and Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail. First off, Tim Burton is a creative mastermind, manipulating colour schemes to be close to monochromatic in order to contrast sharply with the red of the splattering blood. Then there's Johnny Depp's haltingly, strikingly, amazingly humourous performance that seems to fit in with the outlandish storyline and entire perspective. Monty Python is genius, GENIUS! How I looooove Monty Python. It's just silly. Just utterly silly, really.

"WITCH! WITCH! BURN HER!" "How do we know she's a witch?"..."She's a witch, burn her!" "Well, what do you burn besides a witch?" "More witches!" shh "Uhh, wood?" "So, why do witches burn?" "B...because they're made of...wood?" "Good. So, how do we tell if she's made out of wood?" "Build a bridge outta her!" "Ah, yes, but can you not also make bridges out of stone? Does wood sink in water?" "No! It floats! Throw her in the pond!" "What else floats in water?" "Uh, bread? Apples? Very small rocks? Cider! Gravy? Cherries? Mud! Churches, churches! Lead! Lead! A duck!" "Exactly. So, logically..." "If...she...weighs the same...as a duck...she's made of wood!"

Oh, great stuff. Whoa, all of a sudden the tv in the other room got really, really, really loud. AHHH! My ears! And I wasn't even in there! Well, it made me jump, nontheless.

Yeppers, yeppers, I think I'm outta stuff ta say. I was gonna share somethin' I wrote for English class, but I'm afraid to offend people with it. So I'll keep it to myself and just share with my class in it's entirety. It shouldn't offend people there, and I want to hurt no one's feelings.

Okay, so that's a lie. I just don't feel like grabbing my notebook. Get over it. I gotta go! Toodles!

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