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Do you hear that, Mr. Anderson? That is the sound of inevitability. That is the sound of your death. Good-bye, Mr. Anderson.
[2003-11-06 @ 7:26 p.m.]

GO AGENT SMITH! Moving on.

I think that my time is limited... meaning in, sooner or later I hafta help my brother with a project. A time-line. I hope I get to draw...

Does that make me wierd that I want to draw for my brother's project? Well, yeah. But that's okay, I need ta draw something. I should start it tonight! Let's see, I've drawn Elijah Wood, Johnny Depp, a buncha buncha bands, hmm...

I need to draw Orlando Bloom, Evanescence, Flogging Molly, and someone from the Matrix. Hmm, Hugo Weaving or Keanu Reeves? Err, both! Yeah! I'm no lousy drawer, I'm good. No, really, I'm all over it. Like best grades in the history of art class (at least I was last year, I haven't started ceramics yet this year, and next year I'm planning on taking Acting Techiniques with a friend, because I'm going to be an actress when I grow up)(notice how I said "I'm going...", it's because I know). Like good enough that my mum got a phone call from the school telling her that I was good. Just ta let you know.

But I found out my old teacher isn't there anymore, and she was really nice.

Anyways, speaking of The Matrix, I have been hearing nast-ay reviews about Revolutions. It's supposed to suck, and the column I read in our stupid paper said not to see it to "teach the Wachowski brothers a lesson". Whoever wrote that can shove it, b/c good or not, I'm watchin' it. That's right.

And speaking of Elijah Wood, I hear tell that he hopes to start his own record label and sign on Viggo Mortensen, Billy Boyd, and Brandon Monaghan. Hmm, that's nice. I suppose. Why do actors do that? Claim they're really into music and then they destroy it with their own stupid bands. Like Bruce Willis or what's-his-face...err...it'll come to me...Russel Crowe. Yeah. What gives them the right to do that? To deface the name of talent in their search for fame? Anyways, yeah, but at least this time it's a record label, not a sad attempt to be cool because of Mid-Life Crisis.

Who would get half-way through their life and decide, "Wow, I don't think I'm happy enough making millions of dollars to repeat lines in front of a camera. What else is it that I can do? I know! Rock 'n' Roll!" I think that I'd find myself content with millions of dollars to repeat lines in front of a camera. Of course, I wouldn't mind getting paid millions of dollars to play my guitar with my band, Ides of March.

We really need to practice.

Anyways, yeah, hmm, I guess it's good to have ambitions and realise what you want in life like that. Good for you, all those who hope to create your own record labels and sign on actor friends of yours.

Yes, yes, yes. My hand hurts. Hmm, I think it's from over-practising the cello! Test tomorrow on Paccacaglia (sp?) by Torelli, or Hayden, or something like that. Whatever. You get it. But my hand hurts. And I still need to practise the guitar, and I'm working on reading two clefs at once so I can learn piano better, and I can play the recorder so hopefully I can pick up the tin whistle sooner or later. Then it's on to the biggees: uillean pipes, bagpipes, pipa, and harp. Where on Earth am I gonna get one of those? Anyways, so check cello, viola, violin (somewhat), guitar, recorder, and soon-to-come piano off the list, and I'm good. And the only ones taught to me: cello and recorder. The rest I learned myself! Weee!

I mean, Oui! I think I have a french test tomorrow. Le pronom "en", les autres pronoms avec "en" et "y", vocabulaire (listes de mots un et deux, le transportation), venir + de, et des questions. Est-ce que, inversion, etc, etc, etc. Not to quote a musical or anything.

Wow, there are quite a bit of movies I'd care to see sometime in the near future: Scary Movie 3, Elf, and, of course, The Matrix Revolutions (take that, Mr. Person journalist lady thing Anderson!)(Go Agent Smith! HURRAH!). My life is sad.

And it probably only gets worse from here.


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