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[2003-11-11 @ 5:33 p.m.]

Wow-wee. Long day. Veteran's Day, so no school. So my mum took me to the doctor's because my brother was feeling bad and we both got flu shots (hooray...not). But I always get a cd outta it, I'm thinking Enya. So, anyways, this morning I woke up and sounded like Joan Rivers meets the Dead Milkmen (meaning in: my voice was raspy). My head has been throbbing all day and I've been sick to my stomach since I first layed eyes on food this morning. I had to have had a culmulative amount of a half hour of sleep last night. Call it Sleepless in Virginia.

Speaking of, I hate this place, just to go down on the record.

So, yeah, yesterday, for the first time in my entire life, I saw Kids in the Hall. Pure genius Canadian talent, I'll tell ya that. I watched it again today, and it's inspirational! Kids in the Hall...man, great stuff, great stuff. I need to watch that more often, as in all the time. Wow, I really, really, really need a life.

American pop culture today, it seems, has moved from the Swedish invasion to the British invasion again. Finally! When I turn on the radio to hear The Streets, I just jump for joy. I hate rap, hate it, but British rap seems to be worth it. Stay away from French rap, though. Trust me. For some reason I noticed that people like talking to British people.

How did I find this out? Being the sucker for attention, last time I went on a tripses to my friend's lake house with a buncha pals, I pretended I was from England the entire time. And everyone believed me, and everyone talked to me. I do that all the time I go someplace with friends! All I get is, "Wow! Where in England are you from? What kinds of food do you eat? What is school like there? Do you spell colour with a 'u'?" Actually, I do spell colour, favour, and honour with a "u", but that's beside the point. People are so stupid sometimes.

Anyways, I figure I can put the rest of my song on here tomorrow, I may just use one entry for that. But I have to let my other guitarist and my bassist read it over before I post it. It's really good, tho. I think it's really, really good. But that's just me. Sigh, it's always just me.

That last sentence didn't have a meaning, really, I thought it sounded nice. Wow, this is a boring entry. Usually I make a witty observation about the world, like Joan Rivers' endless lifespan, or the apparent gayness of a completely straight person to spark controversy, but I got nothing. No thing. My arm hurts; I hate needles.


I just used ALT commands, so I don't know if it'll all show up there. But, I try.

I need to add someone new to my favourites list... some french chick in Boston named Amanda just started her diary last night. She's a cool kid.

What's creepy is how many Amanda's are out there.

Oh! Supper time! Gotsta go! I promise something interesting later. Toodles!

PS. The entry title came from Kids in the Hall. Did I mention I love that show?

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