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[2003-11-23 @ 10:45 a.m.]

Ho hum. My weekend has been very blan. Very insipid. Nothing major going on... the tale of my life, actually.

I cleaned, and I played video games, and I watched tv and worked on homework. Yep. Pretty much what I always do, I suppose. I think I've got stuff to do today, should I choose to participate. I think my mum's gotta go grocery shopping, maybe I can convince her to take me to the fabric store or even just the mall. I doubt it, but I can try. *Sigh*, and I still have homework. Like usual. My only technical slack class starts next semester, a good 8 weeks away. Ceramics. Woo-hoo.

You know, I love art. I love painting and drawing and even sculpting, but ceramics sounds boring. I don't like making pottery as much as I like, oh, say, sculpting a bust (and for those who don't know, that means a head and shoulders...you'd be incredibly ignorant not to know it by now though) or something like that. Like I said, my life is very boring.

Have I anything to talk about? Errrm, I finally saw the new Queer Eye episode I missed! That guy looked exactly like David Bowie. It was really, really, really creepy. I can't wait to see the one where they take off the straight guy's toupee. Did I spell that correctly? Yeah, I got it. I pay close attention to my diction, or try to at least.

I saw the beginning of a funny sketch on SNL last night. It was an old one, but the narrator asked, "So, where are the Dickens and Shakespeares of our times coming from?" and it showed shots of a prison and across the top scrolled the title "Prose and cons". It cracked me up, but I didn't think that the simpleton schmuck off the streets of New York might not understand it. Then I felt kinda smart. I like feeling smart, although it's like the term "stupid". Stupidity is when ignorance is voiced despite the knowledge of ignorance, or when a person knows they don't understand something but they talk about it (whether kind or ill) anyways. That's stupidity. I'm not as smart as I am just educated or intelligent. When I know how to put that education and intelligence into effect, put a purpose behind it, then I'm smart. Understanding a higher level joke on SNL isn't being smart. Passing a pre-calc test using my knowledge is smart. Had I cheated on it, then I would be stupid. Get it? I hope you do, because I barely do.

So then I finally got to see that episode hosted by Adrien Brody where Jimmy Fallon played Ryan Seacrest from American Idol. I loved that sketch. "Hi, I'm Ryan Seacrest. We'll be right back" and it cuts to that Pepsi commercial again. It's funny, however, because that's what watching American Idol was really like.

So I was watching Ebert and Roeper like I do every weekend, and I was highly pleased when they gave "Cat in the Hat" terrible reviews. Dr. Suess (pronounced like the end of "rejoice", and no, I'm not kidding; you've been saying his name wrong for years) was some pretty drugged up stuff. He was actually born on my b-day (March 2nd), but, granted, not in the same year. It's that kinda thing you loved as a kid, and you look back and wonder how it ever taught you anything like parents believed. I don't see how made up words that rhyme with "schloo" teach children anything. But, then again, people still follow that easy way out of rhyming with SnoopDogg-isms like "izzle". I guess it's gansta to be like Dr. Suess ("rejoice"). I wouldn't know, I prefer rock.

But, despite the fact the movie has Mike Myers AND Sean Hayes (and who can't looooove Sean Hayes?), it still looks utterly terrible. Now "Elf" is a movie I can love. And "The Last Samurai" got two thumbs up, and a movie I want to see, "In America" got two thumbs way up. It's about an Irish immigrant family in the 80's. I still have yet to see "Angela's Ashes", but I wanted to read that book first. But I'm Irish, so I love movies about the Irish.

I've been itching to read so many books all of a sudden. I need, absolutely need, to read another Dickens, after I finish "Return of the King" and "The Silmarillion". I'm such a loser. Yesterday, while my brother was playing "Return of the King" on Gamecube (he's already beaten it, I'm so jealous), I began analysing the religious aspects of Lord of the Rings, seeing Gandalf as a Jesus figure and Sauron as a Satan figure. I don't remember which tower it was, but one of the towers (Orthanc, Barad-dur, Minas Tirith, take your pick) had seven floors, reminding me of the Seven Layers of Heaven and Hell. Or maybe I'm getting that mixed up with another book, maybe Dante or something. Well, anyway, I decided that there's an underlying theme of pre-ordination versus free-will destiny (sorta like "The Matrix", only that movie came right out and told the theme, overt theme through dialogue, mainly that of the Oracle's). I definetly know for certain that it's all based on Anglo-Saxon beliefs. As a matter of fact, one Norman tale tells of a ring with power wielded by a dwarf, and we all know that Norman mythology is the basis for Anglo mythology, just as Greek is to Roman. Well, anyway, (and this is a smooth morphosis of subjects to avoid digression), did anybody know that Andy Serkis AND Elijah Wood were in "Oliver Twist"?

Now that we're back on the track of books I have to read, I've also gotta get some more Annie Dillard, something Thoreau (just for transendentalisitic comparison to Dillard), the new one from the gay owner of Barney's, Sting's new autobiography, and "Angela's Ashes". Yep, I'm a weirdo book-worm, drama-lovin', potato-eating loser of a teenage girl. Make fun of me now. And now you know why I never do anything on weekends.

Oh! And, Meredith, congrats on the Canucks' victory, and you didn't miss too much on Will & Grace.

I like addressing specific people on here. It's fun.

Well, I'd best be off to some homework calling me. That reminds me of an Evanescence song...

Oh, and this title is a direct quote from Ozzy. Ozzy Osbourne. Toodles! Come again!

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