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Don't go... I'm not finished.
[2003-11-24 @ 8:29 p.m.]

I had hours (literally) of AP English work. Hours. Hours upon hours of Macbeth. Macbeth is an interesting story, intriguing to say the least, but that much in one night is utterly ridiculous. Then I had about 30 minutes of math homework, but that's a given. 135 degrees is 3 pi over 4. Just to let you know.

Sad thing is, it's all review of trigonometry and Geometry. Even sadder: I don't remember a thing. That's actually sarcasm, I remember quite a bit, just not enough to successfully pass an upcoming quiz. I never win.

Anyways, sometimes I think that all this work is only gonna get harder. Sometimes the highschool cruelty of peers and even myself seems to weigh down as if it will never lighten. Like life is all downhill. But then I look at it this way: it can't possibly get any worse that the pure cannibalism that is highschool society. The real world is only going to get better, I'm sure of it. So for now I'm not as down and out as I have been for a few weeks now (of course, there is a big iced and caffienated Diet Pepsi right in front of me...my mum doesn't let me drink coffee at night...)

People often ask me: Pepsi or Coke? Well, Pepsi. I know, I know, it's not as good. But you're probably thinking of the regular brand. When my brother's diabetes converted my family to avid Diet drinkers (to avoid the sugar intake- zero carbs!), I can't go back. No more regular for me. And the Diet Pepsi is fizzier than that of Coke. So, yes, despite it's terrible ad campaign, I am a Pepsi girl.

Well, that was an enormous waste of time. But, then, so is all this time wasted on that pedifile, Michael Jackson. And who's complaining (besides me)? We all know that he did it, put him in jail and move on.

Anyways...err...I had something...nope. Forgot. I saw yet another life story of Johnny Depp on E!. It was interesting. 'Course, watching people flail under their own fatal flaws (in the world of tragic writing this is called hamartia and later leads to the character's demise...or so I learned in AP) through drugs and domestic violence is always fun.

Oh! I had a really, really, really, really, really weird dream last night. You have no idea. Well, before I went to bed, I voiced my dream to someday be wealthy enough to not only own a mansion in Monaco, but stock at least one room as a library. And right before bed I read a bit of two Tolkien books ("The Silmarillion" and "Return of the King"). So at about 5:30 in the morning I woke up and decided I didn't want to go back to sleep, the following dream freaked me out that much. Well, my friend Kelly and I were at the public library (only it was one unfamiliar to me) and we met...

Wait, this should be interesting. I won't share the entire dream (and trust me, it's like trying to follow Kafka here, it's truly hilarious) unless someone tells me they want to hear it. I don't really have too much time left tonight to type, so if I receive response from someone, I swear (girl scout's honour) that I'll type the entire thing. And, by the way, I was only a Girl Scout for a little while, but my mum was troop leader. I got up to Brownies and decided winning one cookie contest was enough for me (and now they sell my famous cookies to the world- not kidding!). Think about that next time you buy Girl Scout cookies.

Anyways, is it true that odd dreams are a reflection of an ingenious mind? Am I the next Albert Einstein, William Shakespeare, or Tim Burton? Yes, Tim Burton is a genius. I am so looking forward to next Halloween. *Rubs hands together in anticipation* Yes, it will be grand. "Don't go, I'm not finished."

In case you were too dense to catch that, I'm going to try to be Edward Scissorhands next year. Granted, I am a chick, but it'll still be fun. And I know I'll be 17, but I'm still hitting the streets to take kid's candy. And then there's all the parties and handing out the candy and...wow, it's almost an entire year away and I'm already planning as though it were thanksgiving.

I like playing another role for awhile. Try being someone else, you'll like it. I was doing the Edward Scissorhands poochy-face typa thing and I said "Do'not go, I'm not finished" with that soft tone and really wide eyes, and as I said it, I got this tear to roll down one cheek and my brother was just like, "Whoa... weirdo". Like I said, I like getting into other roles. It's fun. 'Course, I am insanely jealous of my brother's Gollum impression. I've only been able to do it twice. Once involving the words "My precious" and the other "You cannot see what lies ahead when sun has faded and moon is dead." All from memory...that's kinda sad, isn't it?

Anyways, and here I was complaining that I didn't have time and I'm rambling about the genius that is Tim Burton. Well, I'd best be off. And if you don't know where today's title came from after all this, you're daft.

I'll never look at Avon ladies with a straight face again. "Don't go, I'm not finished." Poor Edward. He's incomplete and lonely.


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