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Did you see these toilets? They're ginormous!
[2003-11-28 @ 10:38 a.m.]

Thanksgiving is over, and now I feel kinda bad about all the food I ate. Ovell, it happens. I didn't even eat breakfast yesterday! I don't have too much time to type, I finally get to go shopping for jeans! I thought this day would never come.

I saw "Elf" last night! It was so funny! Will Ferrel was natural in that part. I doubt anyone could have pulled it off like that. I loved the part when he was using the public toilet in New York, and he stood on the seat and leaned over the stall wall and exclaimed to the person next to him "Did you see these toilets? They're ginormous!" It was a falsly endearing movie, I think. It wasn't meant completely to be heart-warming, it was kinda poking fun at the Christmas movies that are. Or at least that's the impression that I got. Especially with all the talking North Pole cgi characters. And then he got to the woods north of New York and tried to hug a wild raccoon, which didn't end well. All in all, it deserves the rave reviews it's been getting.

So, I have some dandy news! My mum's gonna let me skip school on the 17th of December to go see "Return of the King". I kid you not! The preview came on before "Elf" and I started clapping and cheering because that series makes up my favourite movies/books of all time, and my mum told me she'd take me out to see the matinee, thinking it was on a weekend. And I said, "No, mum, it's on a Wednesday!" and she said I could skip school then. How cool is my mum? And, to let you know, I wasn't the only one clapping- just so I don't seem more of a loser. Though even if I were alone in the act, I probably still would.

But yesterday I watched "Edward Scissorhands" again (for the millionth and a half time, I know). I just adore that movie! My mum walked into the room to sit down, and she said, "Oh, not again" and turned around and left. No one else in my family likes it- just me! But that's okay, because I wasn't interuppted like usual. That movie always makes me so sad. Poor Edward Scissorhands, so misunderstood.

Anyways, my throat is really sore. Raw and nasty, and I don't want to swallow. The other day, the weirdest thing happened to me! I felt a bump on my left cheek near my jaw line, and I didn't know what it was. So I got up and looked in a mirror, and it was a new mole. A new mole! Can that happen? It wasn't there before, it just popped up (quite literally). I already have an Enrique Iglesias/Eric McCormack mole on the center of my left cheek (on a girl it's called a beauty mark, just for future reference), and it's not like the new one is too big or anything, but my mum seemed to think that it's dangerous. I know that cancer starts that way, so I have to be careful with it. 'Specially since it runs in my family. I think I'm fine though. Unless you count the fact that my eyebrows are falling out- my mum needs to get me checked for Hashiamoto's Disease (hypo-thyroidism). I've got premature grey hairs, loosing my eyebrows...the whole shabang. Not cool, but it just means I gotta take a pill everyday. That I can get used to.

My brother has to get a shot everyday, so I consider myself lucky. Especially since I don't handle needles too well. Okay, I don't handle needles at all, unless there's some kind of incentive to make me take a shot. Every flu season it's a cd. This season it's Enya, to be precise.

I hafta get ready for the mall soon. That means my hair, my makeup (especially eyebrow pencil right now), and my clothes. I think I'll just toss on an Incubus shirt and jeans with my favourite Chucks and I'm done. I'll keep it low on the eye-liner front to avoid looking like a poser... hey! There's a Starbucks there, and they're serving their new mint-mochas! WEEEE!

Oh, and I think that since my French teacher was right about Canada's Thanksgiving, she may also be right about why they have it. I think she said something about the harvest of the crops being in October, and that's when the excess was traditionally eaten in a Thanksgiving meal. I may be wrong, though, since I don't pay too much attention in that class. I was busy colouring my turkey and writing "je suis reconaissante que..." subjuncive sentences. Well, the Canadian story isn't too far from the American story. My question is, however, that if Native Americans thought that the killing and consumption of turkeys was wrong, then, according to legend, why did they teach the settlers to do it? Just wondering...

Well, yep, I'm off. Toodles!

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