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[2003-12-04 @ 7:53 p.m.]

How do you like my new layout? Isn't it pretty? I worked for an hour on the HTML, but be proud, because I'm starting to understand it. Like I fixed the ROTK counter because the numbers were all wierd, and I fixed it! Isn't that cool? No, just kinda nerdy. But I'm still proud of my little diary, oh so proud.

Anyways, we finally finished Macbeth in English. It's such a beautiful play! Especially when Macduff enters with Macbeth's severed head! No, really, there are some very memorable lines. I might just share a few eloquent quotes with you all. But, still, you can't beat "Where the bee sucks, there suck I" (The Tempest- but I don't remember the scene or act or line number, get it yourself). Especially the last speech... I'll share that one with you a little later. Another entry, another day.

The last few days have been rather hectic! The search for ring-dance paraphernalia and the rush of homework, the lack of sleep and coffee... What are ya gonna do? Well, I could sleep or watch POTC or... oh, yeah! I got Pirates of the Carribean on dvd! Bloopers, deleted scenes, diaries, a plethora of variable treasures in their own rights. It brings tears to my eyes, tears of joy (well, laughter anyway). Ah, j'ai mal à la gorge... un gorge qui gratte très mal. I started loosing my voice when I was laughing to Jay Leno this morning. Yep, this morning. Don't ask. I taped last night, watched this morning. Interesting way of getting around curfews anyways. Curfew: bad. Elijah Wood talking about urinating in fountains: interesting. Not having to stay up later than usual: good.

Well, well, well... merde, les oreilles avez mal maitenant. Don't you hate it when that happens? Your throat hurts so badly that it pains your ears to breathe? Oh, and I learned the word "merde" from Matrix Reloaded. It's, umm, educational because those are words I'd never get to learn in school. *grins* It's better than "zut" or even "sacré bleue". Zut alors! Ça y est! Those are all mild compared to the stuff you learn from those Wachowski brothers. Tisk, tisk, tisk.

My hair is such a disaster, the Red Cross wouldn't give it coffee. Haha, hahahahaha! But, no, it's true. My hair is terrible. If I licked a light socket, it might look better... I decided to let it do it's natural curl, but I'm all out of my favourite product (catwalk: curls rock!). I had to resort to the nasty Pantene curl-stay gel. Guess what, the curls DO seperate. The gel don't stop 'em. And, yes, I know I used improper grammar. Get over it. So, it's fly-away central for me!

See, it's amazing how I can go from Shakespeare to hair. This is how odd my personality is sometimes. But everybody's talking ring-dance. I'm going to a movie before-hand with some friends (I think) and then we're gonna hit the dance. I can't wait to see my class ring! It's so cool! Something to show my little brother's kids someday, since I don't want any. Unless they're adopted, because then I'm helping people and I don't have to go thru that fat and pain thing. Forget that. I'd rather have a pet dog. I have two pet dogs and one looks like Marilyn Manson.

Hmm, was Manson on the Wonder Years? I'm just wondering. If anyone could tell me, I'd be very happy to know. My friend, Liz, has a Manson shrine. Just ta let ya know.

I'm hungry, but I don't want to eat. Fat: bad. Food: yummy. Thin: good. I'm torn! I know, I know I'm skinny! But I don't want to not be skinny! Grrr...and now I'm cold. Out, out brief candle! (see, Macbeth?) "Parley? That would be the French. Latin-based, of course. Inventors of mayonnaise. Sad thing, obsessed with raisins. Just humiliated grapes. Think about that. Beautiful singers, the French. Snip, snip, eunuchs, all of them."- Jack Sparrow.

Oh! New Will and Grace! Must take my leave. Au revoir! And Hooray for Macbeth!

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