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L'escouade de kilt! FREEDOM!
[2003-12-05 @ 5:09 p.m.]

Bonjour mes amis! Comment allez-vous aujord'hui? Mon français est très simple maitenant, n'est pas? Well, I would suppose that after four years it would get better. Guess not. All review, all the time. Sorta, anyway. Making compound-complex sentences in a different language isn't exacly rocket surgery, but everybody thinks it is.

And, yes, I know I stole "rocket surgery" from an Eggo commercial. It was so lame that I had to, I just had to.

I was in a really bad mood today. Terrible, terrible anger and malevolance was directed towards any living, breathing organism or virus within a ten mile radius, and absolutely no reason why. Well, there were some reasons. My friends are flakes that change their minds every six minutes and they don't understand that some of us (namely me) can't drive because we failed our roadtest twice because our teachers were floggin' Butt Nazis. GRRRRRRR!!!!!!! So, obviously I'm gonna be a bit irritated when almost my entire group buggers out on me, I'm obviously gonna wanna beat the bloody lights outta something. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

That's enough yelling for one entry. My brother has his first dance in half an hour with his girlfriend. Isn't that cute? You know what's sad? Ring Dance (junior prom- tomorrow) is my first dance too. I never went to the sad little Valentine's Day dances in Middle and Elementary school. I always felt as if I were building myself up for something to just let me down, I never wanted that to happen. For fear my friends would ditch me and no one would dance with me, I just never went. Now I go to one, and all my friends ditch me and I've got no date. The latter part was how I wanted it to be, though. Almost everyone I know is dateless, too. Instead of feeling like an outsider, I'll feel like I'm part of a group. Usually I just feel too different to fit in. Everybody talks all the time in the courtyard, in a car, on the bus, and I'm always divulged in thoughts or memories or dreams or just looking around me. No one else seems to do that, no one else but me.

I'm such a loser.

I have a whole lotta thoughts that run through my head, and I never comprehend their meaning. Most of the time I just enjoy thinking about something, just to see how in depth I can get before I get lost (mentally). I know, I know, I read entirely too much. I watch too many movies, too. Waaaayyyy too many movies. I used to listen to too much music, but now I just have no life outside the lives of fictional characters on the screen in front of me. I like the idea of being someone else on a screen so a lost little teen like me (okay, not so little, I'm six feet) can indulge in my story line like I indulge in others. There's rarely a movie that I do not like. American Pie, The Scorpion King, and Mermaids are not those movies. I detest the aforementioned. But stuff that I didn't think I would like (Shrek, Lord of the Rings) I love after the credits have rolled. It's not so much the effects or the actors and actresses that get my attention, it's the plot and how much I'd love to be involved in it. That's why I wanna act! Plus all of the money, but that's a given.

I promised my mum that I'd get my brother in at the door of his dance since he lost his student id card. I still have mine, but my highschool is cheap and didn't lamenate it, so it's all bent and disconbobulated. Irksome, that is, trying to fit it in your wallet and not rip it. Darn you, HHS. Je te deteste beacoup. Je te deteste.

Once again with the simple sentences! Wait, let's see. J'ai beacoup de devoirs ce week-end. Quatre rédactions, quatre! Tous les rédactions sont deux à trois pages. Je veux que quel qu'un d'autre me finisse mes devoirs parce qu'il y a une Soirée demain. That's better! Not too shabby, I hope. I am kinda writing thru without proof-reading. I'm a far fetch from parfait, je sais. But I am fluent in Franglais! Haha! Mmmkay, that's quite enough nerdy French jokes.

I danced in history class! It was, err, challenging. Not as challenging as the test was... I can't believe I forgot the president of the Confederacy! I'm not kidding! I forgot! And I couldn't name the two presidents before Abraham Lincoln (I barely remembered his name, but I never can) or remember the difference between the Compromise of 1850 and the Kansas-Nebraska Act. How the mess am I supposed to know that stuff? Tell ya how: I'm not. I can easily recall European history (I've seen the movie "Napolean" twice! All four hours!), Ancient history especially, but not American history. And I'm an American! Maybe it's my European linneage. That's a good excuse, right?

I should go fix my makeup so I can talk those nausiating middle-school cheerleaders into letting my brother in. Un moment, s'il vous plaît!

That only took 15 minutes, to and fro. And even though it's 6:17 in the evening, a UPS truck just drove past my window. Ah! Supper Time!


Oh, and the title is a reminder to all HHS goers, sport your kilts and/or plaid on the last day of school before winter break! I'm not gonna be the only one!

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