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[2003-12-16 @ 9:34 p.m.]

Ahh! My, it's been awhile, has it not? Well, tonight (actually, more like a few minutes ago) I had an orchestra concert. Second chair cello! Hooray!

Actually, we sucked wind. We have ever since we got out of middle school and switched conductors. Nothin' I can do about it! Well, we didn't sound half bad tonight! I got out of the house and into an unconfortably tight dress (and that is the understatement of the year- I cannot breathe, quite literally). But I'm out of the dress and in my pjs. I should probably be reading some poems for English, but since it's Romantic Period, it shouldn't be too hard.

I like the Romantic Period of literature. Especially Edgar Allen Poe. But I prefer Transcendentalism to Romanticism, for some reason, even if some of the fundamentals and time periods were shared. You know, Henry David Thoreau and stuff. I'm pretty sure there wasn't too much of any Transcendentalism in England, I'm almost positive that it was an American movement. But, in any case, it's all just reading into the meaning and that won't take me too long.

Guess who has a 100.7 in their French class? ME! I think that it's the highest grade in the class, and that makes me immeasurably happy. I know that teachers have been filling out the student of the year things lately, and I doubt that I'll get anything special, but maybe if I keep working really hard in foreign language or English, I'll win an award next year (my senior year)! Keep your fingers crossed. Anyway, I got a 100 on a test (which is pretty much a record for the school because it doesn't happen too often- I've come close, but it just doesn't happen often, namely ever), and I think that brought it up. That makes me so happy!

Anyway, so, yeah. Kilts on Friday! Everyone everywhere must sport a kilt on Friday. Why? Because I say so. I've started a tradition. Everyday before school breaks for a big vacation, everyone has to wear a kilt. And I'm Scottish, so they have to listen. Because I have a rather impeccable Scottish accent. Or at least better than those of my peers. I still wanna find a book or some tapes that I can learn my accents a bit better with. Like, I can do a good British one (actually, two or three different kinds of British ones), but I have a bit of trouble of dilineating a Scottish from an Irish. Like, I know that Scottish roll their "r", and the Irish carry them, but, for some reason, I'm just stuck on something I can't figure out. I can tell the difference when I hear it, but I can't mimick it as well. And then there's the Australian accent, I just can't get down their stress patterns of certain syllables. They seem to over-accentuate the stress syllables in iambic pentameter, and it just throws me off! AHHH!!! I also wanna work on a nicer French accent for when I'm trying to sound like a French person speaking English. And I wanna work on French pronunciation for the actual language of french.

So, I need to find some kind of help for this. Any suggestions, anybody? Usually I can just listen to someone talk and get it down without trying, and that's great, but I want to be more fluent in accents. That's all.

Yeah, I'm a little drama queen. Go on, say it, I know you're thinking it.

So, now that I look like a nerd... Well, I was supposed to skip school tomorrow and see ROTK, but I don't know what the dealee is now. Maybe my mum will pick me up early once I finish my math quiz in 3rd bell and take me to see it (so I can skip English! YES!), but I doubt it. I'll probably end up seeing it Saturday. But I still need to go Christmas shopping.

My friend Jennifer said she's bringing my gift tomorrow (another reason I feel a bit obligated to go to school), and I'm excited! I hafta get her something special, Kelly something special, Alex something special, Liz something special, and little things for everyone else that probably got little things for me. I also hafta get Rachel something medium-ish in size and/or price, since I think that's what I'll get in return. See, it's not that I don't like these people, I just don't like spending my money on someone if they don't reciprocate it. It's not me playing favourites, it's me being frugal (see, Kelly? My mum was right, you're rubbing off!). So if someone got me something special, I'd feel bad about not getting them something special, and vice versa.

I'm cold.

Right now my mum is playing my concert video for my brother to see. It's on Mozart's "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik". I like Handel "Passacaglia in G Minor", but we did terrible on it. The conductor divided one really hard part into four solos, and all but one girl did terribly on their solo. The one that played well, Amanda, stopped mid-part because she got confused or her music fell or something. It was terrible! All of the other ones sounded like dying geese, and it made me angry.

I'm still really cold.

Well, yeah. Today's title came from Saturday's Saturday Night Live (imagine that). And if you haven't seen it, then I highly recommend you get off here and find someone who has. It was good. Who knew that Elijah Wood made such a convincing Boy George?

Anyway, I also saw not long ago Cate Blanchett on Inside the Actor's Studio, and it scared me because she was kinda a lot like me. I never knew! But just the way she addressed people and how she'd break out into random accents in the middle of her speech was eerily reminiscent of moi. And she's really smart, I wanna be like her when I grow up! Only American! Anyway, so now everybody seems to be obsessing over the idea that I look like her. I've got the blue eyes and the high cheek bones, if I just bleached and chopped my hair, I can see myself looking quite a bit like her. So, I guess I look like Cate Blanchett with Debra Messing's hair and a Kennedy chin. The last of the three is thanks to my lovely ancestory.

So, yeah, I'm off. Toodles!

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