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[2003-12-21 @ 1:24 p.m.]

Finally, after two years, TWO YEARS, and 4 and half extra days of waiting, in 30 minutes I go see the movie that I have been dying to see. My favourite movie eva (and I haven't even seen it yet), EVA! RETURN OF THE KING!

Aka, return of my sanity. I was promised Wednesday, but that didn't happen. I was promised yesterday (Saturday), and that didn't happen. I swear I was about to go postal and then hop on my bike in the freezing cold, and take myself to see it. I'm so excited!

In other news, I love my friends (yes, you!) for all of the thoughtful gifts that I got. I love the fact that everyone thought so long about what I'd like, and that more than surpasses the adoration of my gifts. That's not to say I don't love my two pirate shirts, my Frodo action figure, my "at worst...The best of Boy George and Culture Club" cd, and the Fellowship of the Ring soundtrack, along with all of the candy to make me fat(ter), and all of the fudge and brownies and candles, and I love, love, love my Cat in the Hat stuffed fishie! I named him Sean Hayes, hahaha!

Get it? Sean Hayes (the guy from Will & Grace) was the fish in that movie! Hahaha!

Okay, moving on. Yes, Christmas is my favourite holiday. And today's title is, obviously, a Culture Club song, in case you were locked in a closet right around when Boy George came out of his. Yes, believe it or not, there was a period where he actually claimed he wasn't gay. By the way, has Hugo Weaving come out yet? I'm just waiting for it to happen. As a straight girl with a gay-dar that has been perfected through the drama department of my highschool, I must say that he is one of the biggest closet cases ever. Ever.

Right, what was I talking about? Speaking of gay man based entertainment, Steven Cojocaru had his own VH1 "Best Dressed" special. I was watching E! Celebrity Oops all day beforehand, and I don't see what the problem is with Bjork's swan dress. I honestly don't! I thought it was creative. My mum says I'm crazy, but I keep begging her for that dress to wear to parties, and she finally gave in with a smile. I think she likes it too, and just doesn't want to admit it. So I'm getting my very own Swan Dress, and there will come some occasion along the way where I will be able to wear it, even if it be Halloween.

It's almost movie time! YESSSS!!!!! I've been playing the video game, watching the trailers, gathering movie tidbits, and I'm ready. I'm prepared. I know that Pippin sings (and really well), and I LOVE Pippin. I know that Legolas gets close-ups, and I'm obviously excited. And I know that Frodo looses his shirt after the Shelob dealie, and I'm as ecstatic as any teenage girl. Alright! I'm ready to have my soul stirred for three and a half hours. I'm ready to cry because of a different movie other than Edward Scissorhands. I'm ready to walk away from that theatre saying, "I love life, and I love that movie even more." I'm prepared to be dazzled and moved and enthralled and amazed and, and, yeah. All in 15 minutes. 15!

Right. Wish me luck. I'd best be off. I think it's a good thing I wore my water-proof mascara, since everybody says they cried at the end. I'll be no better.

And, remember, "I'll tumble for ya," just like Boy George said.

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