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[2003-12-22 @ 10:52 a.m.]

I saw it! I finally, after two whole years, saw it! Return of the King! It was the...best...movie...EVER. It was just superb filmmaking, it was depressing and funny and meaningful and everything a movie should be. I cried the first hour in. Yes, for 2 and a half hours I cried. I was crying so hard that the people behind me were laughing. I couldn't help it, I just cried like a baby.

Oh, geez. But even my mum liked it. Except when Frodo lost his shirt. She kept whispering that he looked like an underdeveloped 12 year old girl. Then Sam said, "We can't have you walkin' around in naught but your skin", and I said, "Yes, yes you can" (the people behind me laughed again) and my mum said, "Please, cover the homo up."

I'll save my movie ramblings for the end, however. I don't want to ruin anything for anyone, so I have to keep my mouth shut.

So, in other news there has been this strange thing occurring in my neighborhood. Every night for the past week or so, I kept hearing this loud music. I couldn't figure out where it was coming from, but I knew it was blasting from somewhere down the street. So, last night I get home from the theatre, and email my friend about the movie, and I look out my window to see one of the strangest sights fathomable to the human race. There was, and I'm not lying, a giant sleigh with Santa at the intersection down the street. Just a big sleigh, decked in Christmas lights and loud carols blaring, and there he was, Santa, garbed in all his jollity yelling "Ho, ho, ho," through a loudspeaker. I ran to the door and leaned out to wave, and he saw and waved back.

Tonight I'm gonna run out to the corner and pelt the sleigh with eggs or something. Just to burst that nauseating holiday spirit.

I'm just kidding!

Anyway, I'm not used to people going out of their way to make other people happy. It's just not something that happens, it's not in human nature. Not unless there's an ulterior motive. I've met a lot of people that I thought were great, and they've let me down. I've had friends and family forsake me or my loved ones, and I'm just past the trusting point with most people.

Interesting how I can go from Santa to the faults of human kind, isn't it? Well, I'm a multi-layered person. Sorta like an onion, or a cake, or a parfait. Problem is, I don't like onions. They're gross, just like tomatoes. Give me a good ol' potato anytime. There's nothing better in the world.

Funny story! I was watching tv, and that Bailey's commercial came on, you know, the one where the girl spills Bailey's on her table and shirt? Well, my mum said, "I'd be lapping it off the table, because that stuff's expensive." Being the curious, inquisitive mind that I am, I asked, "How expensive is it?" To which she replied, "That big bottle in the fridge is 50 bucks. Well worth it, though." So I just sorta nodded, but I thought back to a day when I was lounging sick on my couch, with a sore throat mind you, and my mum handed me a cup of what I innocently believed was coffee. I took a huge gulp, thankful to have something tasty to warm my throat, and I had, instead, a mouth and throatful of burning Irish Cream. Waking from my memory I smiled and thought about how badly my throat ached at that moment, and my mum handed me another cup full of Irish Cream (Bailey's). Very funny, mum.

Yep, I'm sick. Sick as a dog. My throat aches all the way up into my ears, my eyes are dry and I haven't eaten breakfast today. 'Smatter of fact, I don't think I've eaten breakfast in a long while. Hmm, weird. Well, I had a cup of milk anyway. I'm just not feeling well enough to stomach any solid food. At least not for the next hour and fifteen minutes.

Ho hum. Life is boring. If I were rich and famous life wouldn't be boring. I'd be outside getting trailed by the paparazzi for the fun of it. One day you'll see me punching out a camera man on celebrities uncensored. Just keep an eye out for me on E!. That channel is really kinda boring. I only watch the fashion stuff, and the awards ceremonies. I can't stand watching people complain about having to be in movies.

The other day my mum asked me what kinda grades I'm making in math because a local college is apparently having an incentive ceremony to get highschool junior girls to apply to their technical department. Let me think...ummm...NO! Then there's this trip to the VA General Assembly for a Leadership forum I joined coming up. My dad's like, "Just go, politics is a good career." Let me thing...ummm...NO! Nothing of the two aforementioned careers interests me in the least. Not a thing. As a matter of fact, the way that my outlook has been on the world (very demanding outlook), nothing that bland and insipid job-wise, the kinda jobs that are the same thing day in and day out appeals to me. I couldn't force myself to work in the same office for years and years regurgitating the same facts over and over. I think my brain would leak out of my ears.

That's the thing, my dad urges that I go into a stable career. He wants me to get a sure-fire job that I'm sure I'd be fired from for trying to spice things up. I just can't do that. Highschool is bad enough, the same classes all year, the same routine every day. I can't stand that, and I get breaks with pep-rallies and shortened days. If I can't tolerate that, then I swear to you I won't be able to stand the corporate job world. I'd go postal. I'd just simply jump out of the building I was working in.

So, no, I don't care if I have to take low wage jobs to pursue a career that will one day pay off spiritually and monetarily. At least then I won't jump out of a sky scraper in New York because I couldn't suffer routine. Get over it.

So, yeah, I think that this entry has come to its close. Back to the movie. I loved it. It was the best movie ever created. I'm smelling Oscar! Best Picture: Return of the King. Best Director: Peter Jackson. Best Screenplay: Return of the King. Best Actor: Elijah Wood (sorry guys, it can't be Viggo. The movie went to the hobbits and Wood's performance demands the highest award, and I'm not biased because he's been my favourite since Radio Flyer at the age of six). Best Supporting Actor: Sean Astin (once again, the glory went to the hobbits). Best Music: Howard Shore. Best Actress: Miranda Otto (she carried her part). Best Supporting Actress: Liv Tyler (her part wasn't as big as Eowyn, admit it). Best lighting, best visual effects, best everything should go to this movie. And, I reiterate, I'm not biased. It deserves all of the awards in THE WORLD! Hooray!

But those are just my predictions and demands. I'm just saying, it really was the best movie to ever exist. If a movie can get tears streaming shamelessly down my cheek, then it has to be good. The only ever movie to get a tear from my eye was Edward Scissorhands. It was that good. And if you haven't seen it yet, shame on you. Go see it, now. It was just great! Pippin sang (and really well, too) and really had a great part in it, Merry got to fight, Sam got to kick butt, and Frodo got to cry over and over and over again. Not to mention a wonderfully gory scene at the end, and the very very end was stunningly stirring. It was scrumptalescent. So, go. Go now.

Well, I'm off (since I look like such a nerd). My brother wants to play Sims and he won't get off my back about it.

:P I'm moving, Ben!

I'll change my layout after Christmas. I'm thinking Bjork or Audrey Hepburn. Toodles!

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