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[2003-12-24 @ 11:37 a.m.]

Hello, everyone! Happy Christmas Eve! I hope you are all doing well this fine (rainy and warm) morning. It's crazy weather, nearly 70 degrees Farenheit yesterday. That's what I love about December, the beach weather. My dad came down here to Virginia from New York, and he was snowed into his apartment up there. He arrived one morning in two thick winter coats and a whole buncha sweaters, and we were all wearing shorts and tank tops.

Well, well. Tomorrow is the big day, huh? What fun. I'm quite excited meself. This year I get a great deal of goodies. Yesterday when I was shopping, my mum allowed me to pick up little gifts for myself because, apparently, my brother is going to receive a bit more than me. I don't mind. And, quite also apparently, our "joint" gifts are more directed for his use. Meaning in: PS2. Now, I play a reasonable amount of video games, but I barely have the time any more, and I guess my mum knew that and bought a game for said PS2 for my sole use. So, I'm excited about that. And we're also getting a telescope, so when my brother and I go night-hiking again, we can star-gaze with our own equipment. I can see the double star again! Fun!

Otherwise, just a buncha clothes and such. Not that I'm complaining, but you know. I opened my *secret* action figure from my brother this morning. Eowyn! How was I to know? He opened his (Aragorn), and decided to kill my Frodo (in realistic orc armour!) a few times with it. I don't mind, just as long as nothing gets broken, especially since Frodo was a gift from my friend Kelly (thank you Kelly!). Anyway, it's good fun.

Guess what colour I'm wearing? Pink! I never wear pink! It's usually black, green, blue, or more black. But I'm wearing an 80's-ish off the shoulder shirt from the Limited. Go diversity and inconsistency! And I smell like lavender. But I'm still wearing my Chucks, no one's going to take those away, not from my karate grip or even my cold, dead, rigamortis inflicted fingers. And, no, I've never taken Karate, I stole that from "Meet the Parents". Good flick.

Oh my gah! My favourite actress, Debra Messing (Grace on Will & Grace), is going to be in a new Ben Stiller movie come April. Excitement! I saw Ben Stiller on a Jack Johnson music video the other day, and I was ecstatic because Ben Stiller is just so incredibly hilarious! I didn't want to see his one with Drew Barrymore because it had, well, Drew Barrymore. I don't like her, she's too falsely endearing and "cute". It's nauseating. She uses the words "magical", "surreal", and "amazing" at least 2 dozen times in every interview. Come to think of it, so does Liv Tyler, only she throws the name "Daddy" into every sentence. "My daddy gave me this coat, it keeps me warm and reminds me of my daddy. I love my daddy. I really owe everything to daddy, including every whole surreal, magical, and amazing moment of my life in this surreal, magical, and amazing career of mine."

Of course, people in glass houses ought not throw stones. I am wearing bright pink, and I've had my fair share of those surreal moments, I guess. That doesn't mean it doesn't annoy me.

Well, anyway, what else is there? I've been working on a puppet show! An online puppet show. If you don't know what I mean, check out a site called Jerry the Frog Productions. Not now! Finish reading this first, and then go look. Anyway, I'm making one for Return of the King (It may be titled, "Fi, fie, fo, fum...I smell a hobbit putting my ring on") and one for Edward Scissorhands (it may be titled, "Take me home, I swear I'm paper-trained"), and I'm posting them on my family's diary (check it out under the links on my profile page). So, keep an all-seeing, ever-searching eye of flame out atop your high tower of the oldest stone wrought from the Earth. I'll mention it here when it's posted. But I like making puppets, it's fun.

Anyway, yeah. I get to go grocery shopping soon. In just about a half an hour, in case you cared to know.

Yep, I have too much spare time over breaks. No homework, not even AP English homework. It's so much fun being bored for once, with no essays on hamartia to write, no pre-calc homework to suffer, no french homework to breeze through, no history homework to pretend to finish, and no new cello music to practice. Life is great.

Oh my gah! I just found out yesterday that Matthew Broderick played Inspector Gadget! I had no idea until then.

I have Culture Club stuck in my head. "I'm a man without convictions..." Good stuff, good stuff. I'm mad, though, because my cd player is broken (my $80 cd player), and I've only had it for a year or so. I haven't dropped it, I changed the batteries, it's just not working. And, yes, I tried smacking the back of it to make it work, and it didn't work, either. So, now I'm frustrated because it was an expensive Christmas gift from last year and I've got nothing to play some good ol' rock 'n roll for me on the bus to and from school. Curse fate, the very entity that has dealt me such a mortal blow!

Okay, so I'm not gonna die b/c my beloved cd player is broken, but I am pretty upset over it. "You come and go, you come and go..." It's still stuck in my head. Someone that borrowed it must have accidentally bumped something around inside of it. Oh well, to err is human, to forgive, divine. I'll turn the other cheek and let it pass and just hope to be blessed with another ten-fold.

Wow, I'm mellow. I'm never this mellow. Strange, strange.

Guess what I got to watch for the first time in a looong time? M*A*S*H! I love that show! Great fun! It always makes me smile and think. It's hard to make humour of something so devastating as war, but it accomplishes the task and creates a strong, human message for the masses.

But I think all this anti versus pro-war stuff can be settled by a statement from Adrian Brody (and this is not a direct quote) that we should all forget our differences and support the troops of our countries whether or not we support the war, itself. Thank you, Adrian Brody, for that piece of mind. It's always appreciated. I guess.

I hafta run, time for lunch. Toodles!

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