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[2003-12-26 @ 11:49 a.m.]

A pressing matter is at hand, my friends. There is the matter of a contest I have entered, and you must vote for me (because you love me, so do it). First, you must know what the contest is. There was a picture from Pirates of the Carribean that was Captain Norrington and Will Turner really close together, and a sword was slightly visable behind (yes, that is pertinent to my story). So, I had to create a caption for this picture. My caption was: "When asked by Will if that was his sword or he was just happy to see him, Commodore Norrington could only reply "That is, without doubt, the worst come-on I've ever heard of." So, in lamence terms, it is as follows: Will: "Is that your sword, or are you just happy to see me?" Norrington: "That is, without doubt, the worst come-on I've ever heard of". So, click on the "Pieces of Eight" link beside this text box and vote for "Mandy" in the "contest" link thing. My caption was taken a bit out of context (probably a misunderstanding of my meaning), but you know what I meant, so go vote for me! Yes, you! And, I must say, I'm honored to be nominated in the final four... because it's not from my fans, but from my peers in the academy (haha, I figured I'd practice my Oscar speech and perfect it before I get there).

In other news, I'm still raking in the gifts. My mum saw how much I loved my POTC poster, and is shopping for a BIG Frodo one. I love my mum, because she loves me. I'm a momma's girl, as they would say down South. I call her mum, though. Anyway, she's also gonna get me these pink suede tassled boots that I'm in love with soon, she told me so. It's fun girl talking with her, something I haven't been able to do for a long while. I never noticed how much we have in common, taste-wise. The artsy stuff that we enjoy! That's why I like spending time with my mum, she seems to understand me better than Dad. You know how it goes, I'm sure. So the two of us have been shopping thru Victoria's Secret catalogues and chilling at Banana Republic, and we always have a good time!

Well, yeah, my life is boring. Nothing big is going on. Nothing big ever goes on. The internet is fun for that reason, there's always something to do. In my case, it's boring you to death by talking about how boring my life is. Oh! And I found a new layout, but I'm not quite ready to change this one yet. I'm still a little too smitten with Return of the King, and I can't let go of it for Bjork for a few more days. And I'll probably change it back, periodically, or to something else LOTR (because I find those movies nothing short of inspirational! And I'm not kidding). And the design button stays, no matter what the layout. But, yeah, I'm switchin' to Bjork sooner or later. Probably later.

My brother took over the PS2, I was watching Mr. Bean. I love that show, it's so great how Rowan Atkinson can be so humourous without muttering a word. That takes a whole lotta talent, and a whole lotta ibuprofen (b/c some of those stunts have to hurt!). Of course, I just love British comedy. I've seen nearly every episode of nearly every Brit-com released in the states, especially Keeping Up Appearances. I used to sit up and watch them late at night when I was younger, I guess I can accredit that to my colourful development of spelling and faked accents.

Geez, yep, I've got a wee bit too much time on my hands. My cold hands. It was nearly 70 degrees out the other day, and now it's cold again.

Oh my gah! I was watching the last half hour of World Idol (yes, I watch American Idol, get over it), the world wide version of that singing show. And I must say, the Canadian guy and the Norweigian guy were the best. But the problem with the Norweigian was the fact that his voice was absolutley fabulous as he sang "Beautiful Day" (U2), but he was less than beautiful (irony there?). He was a plumber and father of two when he won Norweigian Idol, and one of the judges at World Idol said to him, "You're a bit of a marketing problem, because you've got the voice of an angel, but you look like, well, you look like a hobbit!" Which, I'm sure you can guess, highly offended me! I think hobbits are rather attractive, what mentally instable teenage girl doesn't? I had to put my fingers in my ears and hum, because I wasn't gonna listen to that. No way.

And speaking of hot hobbits, one of the guys hosting looked a whole lot like Billy Boyd (Pippin), and sounded quite a bit like him, too. He was younger and had different hair and eyebrows, though, so it wasn't the same. But my brother and I had a good laugh. The problem was that Simon Cowell represtented America as a judge, but they also had a British judge as well. What's up with that? What about Paula Abdul, she judged American Idol. And she's actually an American. But she's not as harsh as Simon. And you thought I was already enough of a loser talking about Bjork and Lord of the Rings.

In other news, my hair smells nice. It's been curling a lot better lately. I guess it's because I haven't been straightening it like I used to. But why bother with it? People have been trying to make their hair unnaturally curl for ages, and mine does it naturally. And it saves the time a blow-dryer consumes in the morning.

The only reason I was typing this was to tell you to vote for me. So if you haven't, do it now. Pleeeaaassseee? I'll be your best friend (just as long as I don't have to talk to you)!

Thank you!

And happy Boxing Day! And the title came from That 70's Show.

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