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That's funny, we have a word for me around here too! It's called "boss", so do what I say.
[2004-01-01 @ 8:32 p.m.]

Whaddya think of my new layout? I got it from randomlayouts, and I hope they don't get mad that I changed it around... a lot. I'm very proud of it, though, I worked really hard on the html for it. I worked for days to understand it, and I'm pleased with the outcome. But, it's Bjork! And who doesn't love Bjork?

And, yes, you know what time it is. Vote for me time! You know what? I'm just gonna copy it from my diary so I don't have to type it again. Okay...Yes, I'm telling you all one more time (well, a few more times): vote for me! Those of you who have, bear with me, those who haven't, listen up! Click on the "Pieces of Eight" link beside this text box, and vote for "Mandy" in the contest. I had to write a caption for a picture of Will and Norrington and a sword (Pirates of the Carribean) and it was as thus: Will: "Is that your sword, or are you just happy to see me?" Norrington: "That is, without doubt, the worst come-on I've ever heard of." Yes, I'm tired of typing it, so vote for me because I never win anything special except for the odd game of Bingo. Do it because you love me, or at least because you don't wanna read that any more.

Alright, now since that business is finished, let's moved on. Today has been a bad day. Yes, I often times have good days, but today has failed to reach my standards. Today has been a, gulp, less-than-happy day for ol' Amanda, here. It started out innocently enough. I've got some serious pms issues, and I figured everyone knew to stay out of my way. Well, my dad and my brother and I went to the grocery store for, guess what?, groceries. Yep, well, my dad was yelling at me (again) that I screw everything up, and I was yelling back (like usual), and my brother and I just left dad and hit the magazine racks, he searched through the video games and I through entertainment (movie mags are my thing, along with a juicy guitar world). That's not really pertinent to the story, I just wanted to share. So I came home empty-handed (they didn't have Midol), but I still had to put all of the groceries away. My brother laid on the couch ("I'm not feeling well") and my dad started helping me, but disappeared for a good fifteen minutes. Well, yeah, I had to pretty much put them away. So, I did. I didn't complain out loud to a human (and my pet dog doesn't count) and I just did my job.

Yeah, that doesn't sound so bad. Not yet. So, I sat down and tried to eat a nice dinner, and right after I finish I go upstairs and brush my teeth. My brother comes up, "Deedee!" (that, by the way, is my nickname) "Deedee!" begging me to come to RadioShack with him, and then Dad promised to take me to get the Fellowship of the Ring: the extended version. About two days ago my dad bought the regular version and the Two Towers: extended, but I wanted the Fellowship extended with my Christmas money, and have wanted it for awhile. Well, my dad yelled at me to "shut up" that he wasn't my maid in the car on the way back from Radio Shack. Apparently he keeps promises about as often as he speaks kindly to me. So, yeah, my dad doesn't like me to much. He makes that obvious daily. Well, that hurt my feelings even more because I'm pms-ing, and now I feel like I can't do anything right. I know in about ten minutes I'll get over it (since in ten minutes I'm watchin World Idol), but it still bothers me.

The following is who Quizilla would describe me as at the moment:

Congratulations! You're Elrond!

Which Lord of the Rings character and personality problem are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

It was a quiz on what LOTR character and personality problem I was. Go take it, it's pure fun.

Well, nine minutes to my show. I know it's short, but you'll get used to it. Remember, I'm pms-ing, and that's as great an excuse as any. Vote for me before I hurt you. Toodles!

And the title came from Will & Grace and I'm sending out New Year's cards tomorrow, I promise. Happy New Year!

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