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Your vacuum cleaner ate my pants. There was nothing I could do.
[2004-01-04 @ 2:02 p.m.]

Sorry, that last page was my cast page. I took it out of my archives, but I still had to make it into an entry. If you want a fun entry, click here.

Yesterday I went on a itty-bitty shopping trip. I went with my dad and brother to get milk, and two action figures and a movie. Yes, I collect action figures now. I am very proud to say it! I've only got about five, but I'm proud of them, nonetheless. I got a Gollum and a Witch King, and I also bought the Fellowship of the Ring: Extended Edition. Yep, I finally got it! I spent $45, but, hey, who's counting? Yes, that money could have gone towards something constructive, I know. Luckily my parents always pay for my books, or else I would never have the money for action figures!

Otherwise, nothing new is going on. Nothing new ever happens. Unfortunately, I have to go back to school tomorrow. Aren't I oh-so-lucky? I really don't think I'll make it through the whole day. School is just so, so, so... it's just routine. I hate routine. I'm ready to kill someone because of this routine. You have no idea! It's so terrible to have to go to the same school and take the same quizzes and learn the same material and deal with the same people every single solitary day. No offense to anyone at my highschool, but I hate it there.

I had a dream (and by dream I mean nighmare) about returning to school last night. I dreamt that I walked into my AP English class late, and the seats were all rearranged, and everyone else had already sat down, and I had to sit all the way in the front of the room. *Shudders* You have no idea. Kelly might be the only person who understands, but geez, that's just a terrible thought. I sit in the front of the room in French class, and in Orchestra I don't have any choice, but I try to avoid the front of English, even if it is, by far, my favourite subject.

I've got yet another break out of poison ivy on my arm. I'm so sick of getting poison ivy. It's the middle of winter, I haven't been outside of my house in ages, and you'd think by the severity of my rash that I'd jumped out into a field full of the stuff and just rolled around in it. It's sooo nasty. Once I was on a hike, and one of the people there told me that the bumps that poison ivy raise aren't filled with the poison, itself, but bodily liquids (nastay), but my doctor said that that was a lie, and that the bumps are filled with the poison, and that's how it spreads.

Well, I don't care how it happens, I itch like mad, and I want it to go away.

Still, the fact remains that school returns tomorrow, and I'm all prepared to graduate. I think I'm ready to go to college, now. No, really, I think I just want to move as far away from Virginia as humanly possible and get my own life. Yep, I'm pretty sure of it.

Oh! I watched Ebert & Roeper today, like I do every Sunday, and they had their top ten movies countdown. It was fun. Charlize Theron looks very scary in Monster, but it was a pretty bold move on her part. And In America looks like a must-see, especially since I just finished reading Angela's Ashes a few days ago (I finished it in 3 days, thank you very much!). I don't necessarily agree with those two very often, but it's still a good way to catch up on my movie news. I'm a sucker for the Entertainment Industry.

Yep, my life is sad. It's so sad that I become absorbed in the tiniest things. I'm entertained by the most unimaginable sources, and I never miss Ebert and Roeper. It's the truth.

My dad just left to go back to New York. He comes down to visit my mum, my brother, and me every now and again, and he usually stays for a few days. This time a few days spread out to be a few weeks, and before the end he got really mean. So, on one hand I'm glad there's a distance to stop that from happening, but on the other, he's my dad and it's weird that he lives so far away. My brother gets along great with my dad, but I don't. We argue too often, and I end up getting distraught for days over it. Well, there's nothing I could do about it.

Oh, and speaking of, today's entry title came from that Pepsi commercial. That commercial always cracks me up. I'm running out of Will & Grace jokes to use as titles, but there are always more episodes to come.

I should include the results to another quiz. Hmm, today I'm feeling a bit like this:

Congratulations! You're Pippin!

Which Lord of the Rings character and personality problem are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Yep, I'm feeling as if I'm a bit slow on the uptake today. Maybe it's the worry of school. Okay, I don't really feel like that, I just wanted to put in a picture of Pippin. You know how it is. This entry was just full of nice little quizzies for you to take, and also some BIG pictures of hot dudes for yah. You'll like it. Go check it out!

Oh, yeah. Here we go again: Vote for me! I have entered a Pirate Caption Contest, and to go with a picture from Pirates of the Carribean of Will and Norrington close together with a sword slightly visable behind I wrote a caption saying: Will: "Is that your sword, or are you just happy to see me?" Norrington:"That is, without doubt, the worst come-on I've ever heard of." Now, click on the text link for "Pieces of Eight" in the grey box, and vote for "Mandy" in the Caption Contest. Vote for me because I want to win, and then I promise I'll never bother you again.

Yep, that's the dealie.

Well, I'm bored, and I'm off. Toodles!

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