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[2004-01-14 @ 8:58 p.m.]

Howdy doody, boys and girls!

Mum just got back from her first night class. She's going back to a community college to get a degree in dietetics, and she's been going for a year or so now. She's just now having to go through nighttime classes, and it's excruciating on everyone's part. But, I'm so very proud of her! I wish I could have that kinda strength to go through what she is, but, at the same time, I know that I don't ever want to be in that position anyway, and I also realise that she doesn't want me to go through the same thing she did, and that's why she's going back to school.

Almost every day she warns me, "Don't screw up your life by getting married. Go to college and live your dream." She tells me that so often I know that she's worried about me. I know that I'm a strong enough person to be independently self-sufficient without appreciation from others, but I think that she just doesn't want me to make any mistakes whatsoever.

It's a weird thing, talking to your parents completely candidly about your future. I don't talk about it with my dad too much, but I never see him. He did make one observation about me once, he never told me, but he told Mum. He said, "She's gonna have a taste for artistic guys." Now, see, I can very much see where he's coming from, especially since I count myself amongst the artistic, but he meant it in a bad way. When I asked my mum why it was so degrading of a statement, she said, "Because the artistic ones never get jobs. Don't marry them." Yep, that's always her advice (very credible advice that I will always carry with me), but she also didn't stop there, and this is what surprised me. "And if you don't get married and instead live with them, don't get pregnant. Be careful about your friends and relationships, and don't take life unseriously." Wow. You know, it's just one of the strangest things I think I had ever heard her say.

There's always something like that statement that I'll remember from her. She always comes out of the blue with some extremely odd yet important bit of information or advice. I had never heard my mum almost give me permission to party, but party safely. It doesn't mean that I will, and I know that she doesn't approve, but it's just... it's just weird. It's not permission as much as acception, but it kinda hurts my feelings that she thinks that lowly of my morals, but, at the same time, I'm grateful to have a mum that loves me enough to give me that kind of advice.

It's strange to think that in a year and a half I'm moving away from home, all the way to New York. It'll probably be intervals of years that I'll go without seeing my brother and mum in person, and that's very depressing. But, at the same time, it's terribly exciting to finally have my own career and name in the world. As lame as it sounds, it reminds me of that movie, The Jerk, the part where Steve Martin's character finally gets his name in the phone-book, and he's all excited because anyone can read it, anywhere, anytime. Never mind the fact that not too many people casually scan the white pages for random people's names. Well, except me.

Just kidding! I don't do that. Often...

Well, anyway, today's title came from Will & Grace (wow, what a change of pace- ahh! rhyme!), I had chicken for dinner but couldn't finish it all without puking, and I finally finished all of my homework! Oodles of precalc that I had to pretend to do (whilst copying the back-of-the-book answer key), French homework to scribble down mindlessly (it's all so redundant that it's no longer hard... well, it never was), and English homework to savour. We get to read some short stories! Yeah!

The end of the semester is coming up, and then all my classes change. Right now I'm taking French 4, Honours U.S. History (woopdee-doo), Orchestra, Pre-calc (kill me now...), and AP English. Only two classes change for me, the others are all year. So instead of French I have ceramics, and instead of Pre-calc I have Physics. I hear physics is wicked hard (whoa- I used a skater term! Wicked! That's so Harry Potter!), especially since the teacher is bloody incompetent (and the word bloody! Rawk on!) and can't teach at all. I guess it's a good thing Mum is good with Physics, I can get some help.

'Smatter of fact, I still have to talk to her about some Irish Gaelic words I can't figure out the pronunciation of. I'm proud to say that without picking up a single book on gaelic, I know five whole words! Here they are: Ireland, long, live, elbow, and idiot. Isn't it great? Haha! Kiss my uillean you emodhauns! I doubt I got those two words right, and even if I did, it still doesn't make sense.

But I'm serious about this language. If I can learn French and then teach myself a little sumthin' sumthin' in Chinese, then I can learn Irish Gaelic. Get back to my roots. Be proud of my heritage.

Well, yep. So, humm, anybody here follow hockey? No? Oh. Okay. Crazy weather we've been having. No, really! It was supposed to snow tomorrow a week ago, but now that tomorrow is actually tomorrow, the snow is too far to the north of where I live, so tomorrow is a no go on the snow, nuthin' but the rain. We were supposed to have a devastating winter. Let's see, last week it was over 70 degrees, so, yeah, not a harsh winter. Most definetly.

Oh, and in French (I have to take a sec to boast) class I got one of three 100's on a quiz, everyone else (but the other two that got 100's) got a 90 or below. Oh! Who kicks butt? ME!

And so modest, too...

Oh, and I'm soooooo ticked off with certain people right now. All I'm saying.

Well, I'm off. Toodles!

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