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This entry is brought to you by the letters "F" and "U"!
[2004-01-16 @ 4:20 p.m.]

Get it? The title of this entry came from SNL, it's like Sesame Street. Ya know, "Today's show is brought to you by the letters 'F' and 'U' and the number six hundred and sixty-six!" Ha ha... ha... no.

Well, moving on from the topic of Big Bird. School was fun today. I love Fridays before long weekends. The students and the teachers seem to goof off, no one wants to work. I never want to work, so, hey, I fit right in.

In French class we sang a song about wine. Teehee. And the teenage immaturity kicks into full gear! And in Orchestra we got to play a new Mozart piece. Well, new for us, anyway. I don't think any of Mozart's compositions are all that new. Someone (a viola, go figure) knocked over my cello. The C was unplayable, and the entire bridge was off center. See, you just can't trust those gosh darn violas; my brother's a viola, so I should know! In math class we learned derivitives and blah blah blah. The room was warm, and I had finished lunch, so the only thing I was thinking about was that French song. "Grapis, grappés, grappons, le vin. Le voilà le joli grape à vin, le voilà le jolie grape." Or something like that, I'm not sure. I could be wrong on those lyrics. So, then in English class, I got caught up on two essays while everyone else "student evaluated" others' work. We got to write self-evaluations, and I wrote as a compliment "The diction is well-rounded and supports the thesis, and nice hair (haha)".

Under the desk of the person next to me were a few chunks of freshly cut light-brown hair. So gross. It looked like someone sitting in the seat simply snipped away at the hair of the person in front of them, and left the hair there as a monument to that terrible task. So, naturally, we overreacted and said it was the hair from the teacher's victims. And my friend, Kelly, and I passed rude notes back and forth. She told me I was a conceited ditz that looked like Liv Tyler and had Hugo Weaving eyebrows, I told her she talked monotonally like Viggo Mortensen. For future reference, her name is now Viggo. And you may not call me Liv.

In other news my mum's at class. I promised her that I'd clean her room and the living room tomorrow, because she's gonna be at school for 12 hours. I'm proud of her for taking a stand, fighting back against the tyranny of the unrightfully dominant male voice in the American household. She's finally gonna build up that self-confidence that she lost after nearly twenty years of mental abuse by my dad, and countless more years from her "family" and "friends". I've got a valuble lesson to learn from Mum, that's why I love my Mummy!

So, anybody here watch "The Apprentice"? I watch it because there's nothing else to do. And I like watching people squirm on camera. All the women are skank holes that pms all over eachother, and I swear the men are whiny, uninventive push-overs who are even more pms-y than the women. It's funny how the women think that the only way they can sell a product is through "sex appeal" and the men try to be stuffy and formal and "business-like". They all look like idiots without a creative idea in their heads. And I'm loving every minute of it! It builds my self-confidence.

Although, according to Viggo, I have too much already. And by Viggo, I mean you, Kelly!

Terri, terré, terrons le vin, le voilà le joli terre à vin, le violà le jolie terre.

I really hope those are the actual lyrics, because the teacher never lets us keep the song sheets. And then the songs get stuck in my head, and I have no reference so I can prevent myself from accidentally insulting someone's mother. I mean, after four years of French, I think I'd know how to call someone's mother fat, but I'm paranoid about this stuff. Je vous deteste. Je deteste votre pays. Je deteste votre langue. Je deteste votre cuisine, culture, gens. Et je deteste votre visage. Actuellement, je detest tout le monde. Mais, c'est ça.

That wasn't directed towards anyone, I just felt like it. It said, "I hate you. I hate your country. I hate your language. I hate your food, your culture, your people. And I hate your face. Currently, I hate the world. But, that's okay." It's not necessarily true, but I felt the impulse to type it. It was calling to me. "Marie!" (Marie is my French name, my English name being Amanda... my middle name is also Marie, that's why I choose it for my French name) "Marie! Typez moi! Me typez maitenant! Marie!"

Okay, so French words talking to me would be kinda creepy. And by "kinda" I mean "really". "Very" would, indeed, suffice. I like to speak French. It rolls of your tongue. Even cursing (...de merde...) just feels like silk on the tongue. It's especially fun b/c it's like the words "shag" and "bloody" to Americans, we can get away with saying it. Sorta like once my mum said, "Hey, Ben. Get your fanny over here!" around an English neighbor of ours, and the neighbor bloody freaked. "What did you call him? What?" Big cultural misunderstanding, I guess. Apparently the word "fanny" means something completely different in England than in America, I'm not gonna be the one to inform upon you the meaning of the British form (unless you're British- if so, I hope not to offend you).

The Australian word "root" means the same as the British term "shag". Which is why you never root for a team around an Australian, you cheer for them, instead. And in Scotland, the extended forefinger and middle finger that means "peace" to we Americans actually means the same as just an extended middle finger to we Americans. A teacher told my class that once. He said he went to a Scottish soccer game, and he thought that everyone was giving him the "peace" sign, so he'd give it back.

That's just so funny! Hahaha...

Anyways, yep. No life. Not a one. Apparently there's gonna be a Ben Stiller movie version of Starsky and Hutch. Those two gay cops from that one show in the 70's. That's funny. I overheard whilst blowdrying my hair and watching TRL this morning. I hate TRL, but Jason Mraz was performing, and I mean, c'mon, who could pass that up?

I also saw on ET (not the movie- the entertainment news show) a trailer for The Passion of the Christ. It's all in Armenian (I believe), and it's, supposedly, around four hours long. Directed by Mel Gibson, a devout Catholic, this movie is getting a lot of attention. While filming, James Caviezel (playing Jesus) was shocked by lightning, as well as many of the crew. The entire set was hit by lightning on two seperate occasions, and that is not the only thing creating controversy. The Jewish community claims that the movie points the blame for the death of Jesus towards the Jews of the time, while the pope praises the film, saying that it was word-for-word from the New Testament. Mel Gibson has also starred in Forever Young, Braveheart, and the recent M. Night Shyamalan thriller Signs.

How did you like my little journalism phase, there? I could've done better, but that's not the point. The point is, I'm quite looking forward to this movie. I don't know what the Jewish community is complaining about, Jesus was Jewish, too. Everyone was responsible for his death, so shut up! And I'm not Catholic, either. I'm Penecostal. But, still, I'm eagerly anticipating it's arrival. Hooray for The Passion of the Christ! Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!

Those "huzzah"s are drawn from POTC, ta let ya know. ...ah, Johnny Depp...

Ah-hem. Yeah. I think my entries are too long. What do you think? Well, I hope they're at least interesting. Somewhat. To some extent, haha (that's an inside joke, don't worry if you don't get it).

Well, I'm gonna go surf the web for more entertainment news. And I might as well check out some colleges. Does anyone here know how hard it is to get into New York State University? I have to apply to places other than Columbia, unfortunately. Columbia is my dream school. I'm reading a version of Oliver Twist that has a preface and afterward written by a Columbia proffesor. I like the afterward because it talks about the film versions of the book, and it talks about my favourite film version from '97 and the afterward even talks about the Artful Dodger in that film, played by my favourite actor *grins*. First off: The Artful Dodger was the coolest character anyway. Second off: Wouldn't that be weird to see your name in a copy of a classic like that? One day I want to be in a film version of a classic tale, and have my name in Columbia copies of the book.

Hmm, it's funny how all that seems to tie together... it's like one big coincedence all wrapped up in a really juicy story about class-difference and children's rights. Not to mention all those other themes and motifs and...

Right, anyway. If anybody knows of good non-technical schools in New York, preferably a University or an Art School, please tell me! I would lace thee with love and charity and kindness and obsession for ages hence.

And if you don't, Je vous deteste.


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