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[2004-01-19 @ 12:42 a.m.]

Whaddup, peoples!

I'm over at Kelly's house, it's just past midnight here. We were watching Monty Python, hence today's entry title. Monty Python is a bleeding genius, I swear it. Of course, Monty Python isn't really one person, so that sentence wasn't correct. Monty Python is the name of the troop, to keep true. And who doesn't love a good "It's not pining, it's passed on!" The Twit race, and now for something completely different...

Well, if you haven't seen the show, you're probably lost, so ignore me. If you have seen the show, then you're probably peeing your pants because it's so funny. Well, anyways, I think I've got an eyelash in my eye, and I've had way too much caffiene. Maybe it'll stunt my growth. Heavens knows I could use that, being six foot already. One can always hope. Not to long ago I stood up to get off the school bus, and hit my head on the ceiling. I was just standing, flat on my feet, and my head hit the ceiling. I was wearing tennis shoes, not heels or anything! That's just crazy.

So, in other news, Kelly and I have watched the majority of Rat Race (well, all that I needed to see to get a grasp of it), and half of 28 Days Later. They're both okay, but Rat Race sorta spun outta control at the end, just crashed and burned, and then exploded, and then burned some more. Stupid sript, really. 28 Days Later had an interesing concept, but the cinematography made it look even more low budget, and some of the dialogue was just too unbelievable. When movies go bad... such potential wasted...

Okay, think good, think Return of the King. Ahh... so sad...

Oh! An update on my New Year's resolution of being able to talk like Gollum: I'm starting to get it down. Isn't that great? I know, it is.

I'm so glad I have tomorrow off. I can sleep. And I've got a lot of pre-calc to catch up on, nearly three entire worksheets, all to be handed in for grades. I thought Mum was gonna take me to see Big Fish, but her classes kept her busy and stuff. Maybe next weekend... And I starting watching Evita this morning and my brother made me turn it. "But I wanna watch Spongebob, not Madonna! Isn't it good enough to know that we're related to her?" No, I want to see it. You've seen that episode a million times. "No I haven't, I don't feel well, blah blah."

Well, I turned it. I did, I turned it. But I don't mind. I know I can just rent it or wait for a replay, Encore is good for that. If I didn't have good movies, where would I be? Yep, once again, better off.

I can't think of anything to type... in the randomness of the world, in my crazy, caffiene induced mind, I can't conjure a single bit of interesting piece of mind to share with you. Lucky, lucky you. Can it be? Am I finally loosing my touch? I can usually just talk endlessly about all sorts of things, potatoes, music, the latest fashion news according to People, Tony Blair, etc, etc. And I'm not even British! Well, technically, I think I am. My ancestors moved from Ireland to Scotland to England to America. And then they made a fortune of illegal bootlegging and became presidents and governors and awards show hosts. Crazy ol' worl', innit?

Haha, that sounded a bit familiar... Anyvays, hmm, yep. I'm back to the last paragraph's beginning. Well, mid-way through the beginning, the beginning before the mid-section, and, obviously, before the end. And maybe it's near the end of the midway in the beginning... well, more of a mid-way between the middle and the end of the mid-section of the beginning. Yeah, that's it! Wait, no, it's the middle of the end of mid-way between the middle and end of the beginning. Right? Yeah, sure. Just bare with me here. I'm kinda like wide-awake when I'm not usually. I think...

Hey, it's 1:11! All ones, make a wish! ...I wish... nope, didn't happen. Well, you can't win 'em all.

Now we're watching "Dead Ringers". British people suck because they get all the good shows. So, I have a question for British people: is there an American channel there that plays our shows like "Will & Grace" or "American Idol"? Because I'd surely love to see a real episode of "British Idol". The hosts are sooo much cooler than Ryan Seacrest. The man drinks teeth bleach and botox to survive. Oh, my, gah! On "Dead Ringers", Arnold Schwartzenegger (I'm related to him, no, really! The governator) just walked into a bad movie where he had to kill a type British bad-guy. There sat Sir Ian McKellen, he turned menacingly in his chair, and talked about making LOTR and was in his X-Men suit. Alan Rickman walked in, shrouded in his evil diabolical Britishness that's so cool, and the two killed each other! I love Alan Rickman, and I love LOTR, and I'm related to the Governator! Life is so full of those little coinkidinks, innit?

Yep, yup, life is boring. It's like the accountant on Monty Python. Boring situations can craft a boring personality. Think of how much I am wasted sitting at school, day after day. The same ol' thing. I'm so sick of the same ol' thing. I want to graduate, and go to New York, get famous, and rule the world with a fist of iron. BWAHAHAHAHA! HA! So, take that and shove it, rountine!

Yep. Oh! Guess what I did? Nope. But I did get to ask the Lady Galadriel a question. So cool. I'm bent on making my own role-playing diary. But I don't know who... My brother wants to do one called "sam-i-am". Hardy har har! Oh, now they're talking about David Beckham... Back on track! So, go ask the Lady Galadriel a question.

Oh, geez, their portrayal of "Sex and the City" is kinda creepy. It's like Golden Girls or something. Samanta's, like, 80. Look at me, I know the character's names, and I've never seen the show because I know that it sucks. I never liked "Friends", I was never able to tolerate Raymond, I can't sit through a single episode of "Coupling" (and they wonder why it only lasted two or so episodes?). I'm a weirdo, obsessed with Queer Eye and Will & Grace. That's the great stuff.

Yep. This entry sucked. Get over it. I'm done with it, however. Toodles!

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