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[2004-01-24 @ 6:49 p.m.]

Ello, one and all!

And welcome to a new layout? You like? You like? I needed a hot dude layout. I've gone through two ones featuring pretty chicks, but now I need something I can feast mine eyes upon! And this would be it! So, yep. All my stuff is fixed, and it took me nearly all day. And I swore I would touch another computer never again, but here I sit, typing to the world!

I figured there was so much that went on today that I couldn't just sit around and not tell you (lucky you about it). And I should be practising my cello for a Mozart test on Tuesday, but I can't while Gammie is still eating dinner at the dinner table that I usually sit near and I'd hit her with my bow and a raucous would ensue whose consequences would be devastating on high proportions. So, of course, I took the safe route, and decided to type on here until coast is clear. And I meant for that to rhyme.

So, anyway, I was flipping through the channels when lo and behold, what was to be on E! Style Network but a very flashy retro show I had never heard of, Brini Maxwell. I was drawn in by the colours and 1950-1960 flare, and then I grew very confused. There was something, an inexplicable something, different about the hostess. Then it dawned on me. It wasn't a hostess, it wasn't a woman. It was a, might I say, very convincing transvestite. He had no Adam's Apple, no man-hands, he was very feminine. Well, that was enough of a staple for me, because I stayed tuned in the entire program, and learned quite a bit. It's almost degrading the way that that man had to flaunt himself on there, but, golly gee whiz, was he ever good at it! I had never seen anything that openly homosexual since Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and Will & Grace. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm a heterosexual teenage girl (apparent by this layout), and homosexuality is against everything I believe in, but I think that the steps that the gay community is making (however seemingly digressive it seems) is fantastic, and really paving the way towards acceptance by all peoples.

That, however, is the opposite end of the spectrum for a lot of the Feminist stuff circling around now. Like Charlie's Angels, that's absolutely appalling that the cast of those movies can even claim that it was female empowering. And all of the actual Feminist films and books and essays are becoming cliché and boring. How many times does a girl have to prove to a boy that she can do what he can? I think society has accepted that fact, we need something on a grander scale and a more metaphorical meaning.

Yup, what was I talking about? Well, see, television is good. Movies and television and books, all good artistic, eye-opening media that can make or break a cause, a heart, or a mind. Crazy stuff, innit?

See, I went through all that in my last entry, talking about how much I love to do this and that to express myself, etc. So if you care, go back an entry and read what I have to say.

Mum made potatoes for dinner, and I love potatoes. I love them as my very breath. I love them as I hate and love myself... and I didn't steal that from a movie... But I looooovvvveee taters, mashed, boiled, stewed, baked, hashed... heck, I'd eat 'em raw if it wouldn't make me sick. Wait, would it make me sick? Would I, like, throw up if I ate one raw? I haven't puked in a good long few years, actually. My mum can't since she had her gallbladder removed. And the word "gall" always reminds me of France, the way it once (back in the day) was named "Gaul". You know, back when it was controlled through the Greek and Roman empires. Like Charles De-Gaulle. He was a French president, and now he has a humongous airport named after him. I actually went to a California airport called John Wayne Airport.

I went to that airport Sep. 11th, actually. All the flights were cancelled, and my family stayed in Disney Land for nearly another week. It was insane. And then I accidentally left a piece of luggage beside a bench, and I remembered just before the security cleared the airport because they thought it was a b-o-m-b. And then when the plane finally came a few days late, security had to pat me down. That was incredibly embarassing. I set off the metal detector because my pants laced up the sides, and, concordantly, had metal rings for the leather cord.

I don't even like John Wayne. I'm not sure why anyone does. My Gammie loves him. "He's so brilliantly talented, blah blah blah" He shows no expression, and his acting doesn't differ whatsoever. He could be playing an American getting back his family's land in Ireland (The Quiet Man) or Ghanges Kahn, and it seems like his motivation is the same. It's like Captain Kirk. He could be playing a cop or a guy who sees clowns on the wings of a plane, and it's the exact same thing. And he's got a fanbase that would make Orlando Bloom blush, even if they are all weirdo Trekkies. My dad loves that show. I hate it. Minus those furry things, those were neato, but otherwise...

I'm rambling, aren't I? You know I'm rambling if I can switch from potatoes to Captain Kirk. That's just the bee's knees! And the cat's pajamas. You'd think that those innocent times like the 1950's would be more like they were on Leave it to Beaver. But, believe it or not, so many people were unhappy with the shallowness of their lives that many housewives of that period resorted to drugs. It was like the Victorian Age of Censorship all over again! So, next time you see June Cleaver, just imagine some crack in her apron pocket. And, remember this much as well: Leave it to Beaver was actually quite scandalous, as it was the first show in the history of forever to feature an actual toilet in the bathroom. Yes, the British didn't beat us to it this time!

Speakin' of, my brother and I watched a looong Mr. Bean marathon. Good times, good times. I think it was a mistake on Dad's part to buy us that dvd. It really was. I'm gonna steal Mum's Frasier dvds and watch a little sumthin' sumthin' on those. And who else here is glad that Friends is finally ending? Oh my gah, I never thought the day would grace my prescence. Now they can stop winning all those pity awards, and Will & Grace can start getting the recognition it deserves. One last sweep for Friends at the Globes tomorrow, and it's all over for them. I can't wait for the Globes! I love making fun of people that show up in suits with racing stripes and brown ties with black shoes, and then there's those morons in tutus and ballet pumps in soft pink. Both of those statements referred to certain people, I'll let you figure out who's-who. Hint: The first one was someone on this webpage... wonder who that was?...

Oh! Oh! Oh! I wanna go see Butterfly Effect! I hate Ashton Kutcher with a passion, but, geez Louise, I wanna go see this one sooooo badly. And Perfect Score seems to be right on time with my SATs coming up. The timing was perfect, MTV! It was an MTV project, right? That movie's gonna be panned, I know it. And I don't care. And Ebert and Roeper is on tomorrow, and I never miss an episode! Because I have to keep informed on film news. I have to keep an eye out for the tiny films that aren't in my theatres, so I can look for them when they're released on dvd. Monster was just released in theatres here not too long ago, and I was one of the select few that had ever heard of it! Call me a weirdo...


Yup. Well, Gammie's done with supper. And I've got Mozart to play. The time has come, once again, that terrible time where I must take my leave of you, my belovéd readers. All zero of you... soooo touching...

And today's quote is via the ever bright Jack Handey (SNL).


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