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[2004-01-25 @ 4:43 p.m.]

It's SNOWING! It's SNOWING! Too bad it's Sunday. We're supposed to have 2-4 inches of snow covered in a top layer of thick ice overnight, and that'll be fun! It nearly never snows around here, and I love the snow. Not so much to play in but to look at. It covers the 'burbs that I hate to live in anyway. I can't see the ugly cars, and I can't see the ugly neighbors, all I see are the icy trees!

I had to escape the living room, so I came in here. Mum and Gammie are watching Lifetime, some Tori Spelling as a prostitute movie is on (surprise of the century), and I've been forced to sit through it for the past hour or so, and I can't stand Lifetime. Especially not the same boring plots labeled "drama" that seem to be manufactured from the same script, all with altered names. It's sooooo boring! Before that Gammie and I were watching a bit of Robert Redford on CNN's People. He's really neato, especially for all the stuff he does for independent films. I've heard tell that a lot of Columbia students sweep the Sundance (his award program that recognises small films) a lot. That's fantastic, because I'm planning on going to Columbia. And it will be good. I promised my Gammie that I'd bring her to Sundance when I win something, so she could meet her idol. When The Missing comes out on DVD, she'll have to watch it with me since she loves westerns. I wanna see it because it's got Cate Blanchett, and she's my hero. Mum wants to see it because she's almost as much in love with Tommy Lee Jones as she is Johnny Depp. And who doesn't love Johnny Depp?

I saw "Best Week in History", if that's the title, on VH1. It's like an extended version of Weekend Update minus Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey, plus Sean Astin and a buncha schmucks. They talked about LOTR, and they cracked some jokes about how no one really understands everything that's going on. One guy was like, "Yeah, they go through... Gondor... to get to... Mordor... and Shadowfax... All you need is Map Quest .com, and the entire thing's right there and easy to understand!" Hardy har har! Well, I got a good laugh out of it. And then they talked about Butterfly Effect, Howard Dean, and etc, etc, etc. Oh, and the final ending of Bennifer. But I have to save some of that stuff, because I'm making my own News page on here, so you can keep just as informed as I in the Pop Culture News, and I'll try to infuse some humour, too. I might start that tomorrow, if the snow gets me a day off. And I'll update the news every week, once a week.

Yup. I've been a-practising away at that cello of mine with Mozart, Symphony 29. I can't quite get the end of the selection for the test, and it's driving me up the wall. Hopefully I'll have tomorrow off to work on it. I like missing school, I get to sit up and watch the Today show and make fun of Katie Couric. She has terrible fashion sense. Ugh. *shivers* Too bad I couldn't miss a Thursday because then I could watch Cojo talk about Bennifer and the yoga suit versus the jogging suit. 'Smatter of fact, I've always hated the velour jogging suits. But I really like yoga suits! They seem less trashy, and more comfy!

Right-o. I never have anything interesting to talk about anymore. Not that I ever have in the first place! But ya know how it goes. The falling snow is sooo pretty. Purity falling from a grey sky, chilling the bare branches and settling on the bark. There's an old couple playing in the snow together in front of my house. They're throwing snowballs at eachother, and laughing. How, coughcough, sweet. *sneers* I can hear my brother arguing with my mum, too. I think she's got him by the ear. He's becoming so rude lately, I was never that sardonic at his age. I still won't talk to Mum the way he does, I'm too afraid. I'm the ridiculously innocent one who'd never talk back to her parents. Well, her mum anyway.

And, for some odd reason, I think my parents worry about my future the most. My mum treats me sometimes like a bomb ready to explode. I can't exactly tell why, but a lot of people do that with me. Sorta talk in ellipsies around me to avoid demeaning me, like I'm fragile or higher than them. Or both at the same time. Well, technically, I'm higher than a lot of people, a good 5 inches higher. And you should see me in heels.

Last time I was at an Orchestra Concert, there was a basketball game ending at about the same time. The girls from the opposing highschool thought that I had played on my school's team. I'm not bad at sports, just highly dangerous. I think if I played any sport well, it would be baseball. Everytime I play with my dad and brother, I hit the ball so hard, it goes a good two backyards over in a few seconds. Sometimes I have to hit it lower than usual because I don't want to get it, and when I do, neighbors complain because the ball hits the fence so hard. One time I hit it extremely hard, and I nearly gave Dad a concussion, he ducked right in time. My brother won't let me play anymore because I dented his good Louisville Wooden bat. And I mean real dents, really big dents. And I can't play basketball with him, either, because last time I kept passing too high (he's about 2 feet shorter than me, that's not my fault) and I split his lip in two places and whacked him on the forehead a few times.

The sky is getting darker. I wonder if it's from the falling night, or maybe just the thickening snow? Whatever it is, it sure is pretty. I've finished my homework, all of my math, so I can watch the Golden Globes tonight. I want to see ROTK kick some major butt, and then I want to see what Debra Messing wore. I hope she's there, because she's so cool! She's also completely pregnant, so I don't know if I'll get to see her. But I do know heart-throb Eric McCormack will be! He's not my heart-throb, but a lot of people like him. I like the entire cast of that show, but that's just me. And blah blah blah, I just watch it to make fun of Joan Rivers make fun of other people. She really needs to look in a mirror sometime. Too bad that'll never happen, they always break before she can. Ooooh, that was a really bad one. Okay, how's this: This week a new self-healing plastic was invented. In other news: Joan Rivers will never die.

That came from SNL. So much better than Mad TV and regular Stand-Up. I love SNL. Great show, good times, good times! I like Jimmy Fallon's hair. They actually replayed my favourite episode last night! I've seen it a million times, though. Jet performed. I forgot who it was hosting, though.

Haha, that was sarcasm, people. Who hosted, you ask? Take a guess. Just take a guess.

One day I'm gonna host that show. That's right. I'll host it, and I'll get to do a pathetic monologue, and I'll get to fall in love with Mango. Too bad Chris Kattan left, he was sooooo cool. And I'll be on the Weekend Update, and I'll get to sit in the Stand-Up lounge, and I'll be on the Radio Program and Wake Up Wakefield, and Donatella Versace is gonna sell me Versace Diaper Wipes with crack instead of soap and silk cloth laced with radiator fluid. That's right! Too bad half of those skits won't be running by then. Shucks, and I wanted to be on "Hardball" with "Chris Matthews". Poopie, I never win.

I've got a lot of big plans for my future. It seems people have some for me, as well. Most of my friends seem to think that I have to get them famous people's underwear when I date them or star opposite them. *Shrugs* Whatever, at least I have a fanbase. And hopefully I'll never play a prostitute on Lifetime. That would suck.

Well, this has been good. Love ya like a coldsore.

Happy snowday. Keep your fingers crossed, yeah?

Qu'ils mangent le gāteau! (Let them eat cake!)

And today's title came from Kids in the Hall.


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