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[2004-01-27 @ 7:04 p.m.]

Hello! And welcome to the diary of a teenage loser.

Sorry, I just figured I needed some kind of opening. I'm not that much of a loser, I just don't have much of a life. Yesterday was Australia Day, and I quite forgot to mention it in my last entry (bad Amanda, bad!). So, happy late Australia Day! Let me take a short moment to reflect on some reasons to love Australia. Cate Blanchett, Miranda Otto, Hugo Weaving, the Vines, cute fuzzy animals, wallabies, Rocko, Jet ("Do You Wanna Be My Girl?"), Heath Ledger, Russel Crowe (not that I care for him that much), and veggie burgers. So, thank you Australia for the wonders of your bountiful country, and hottt accents. And my hero, Cate Blanchett. And I also adore Hugo Weaving. He's the coolness.

Anyways, in real life, I had a French takehome test today. I finished it in class in about 5 minutes. It was open book, and I didn't use my book. But I kept it and reviewed it, and I'm pretty confident in my answers. I have to practise, practise, practise Mozart on my cello because I have a test on it tomorrow. Symphony #29, thag you very buch! It's not that hard, it's up in a quasi-high position, but I just can't get the bounced double-up bows, and it's driving me insane. I hate wacky bowings, but it's such a nice song.

Today was a delayed school day. Mum woke me up two hours late, and I thought, "Hooray! No school!" which just picked me up for a huge letdown. Two hour delay, of course. It figures. There's speculation, however, that the only reason we didn't get the entire day off was because they didn't want to waste a snowday because, in turn, tomorrow it will be even more considerably icy. And that will rule if we get off, it'll mean another day for practise and studying for my finals and mid-terms. You see, my school divides the year in half, four classes one half of the year, four classes the next. I have three classes that I keep all year (two of which I switch everyday), so I have Mid-Terms in those. But my two other classes for this half of the year are ending on Friday, and I have finals in those. It's very hectic and stressful, and I could sincerely use another day off for some massive last minute study.

I'm sooooo excited about the Oscars! I saw the list, and ROTK is up for 11! Rawk on! I think they'll win everything but Best Editing, because most critics are complaining about the length of the end. But what they don't understand is that it was all meant to be seen at once, and if you watch all of the movies back to back, the falling action following the climax would seem just the right length. There was actually quite a bit of it in the book, as well! I think it was edited beautifully, and I can't wait to see the Director's Cut on the extended version, but it just makes me sooooo happy to see it finally get that much credit. And if it doesn't win best film, the Academy is really gonna be sorry. Kindergarteners are gonna go on strike.

I thought the Globes ruled. I hate to say it, but I liked Nichole Kidman's dress, I thought it was pretty. And I loved Charlize Theron's dress. And it was strange seeing so many pregnant women there! But Cate Blanchett was sooo pretty, and she's my hero. I'm telling ya, give me, hmm, 3 years. I'll be there. Trust me! It'll happen. And I was so proud, so garsh dern proud, that my favourite movie kicked so much butt. Eat that, Cold Mountain. HAHAHAHA!!!

Oh! Geez! American Idol is gonna be on soon! That'll cut my practise time to, oh, geez, 0 minutes. Man! Maybe my brother will hold off on checking his blood sugar for a half an hour so I can fit in some Mozart time... If we have a delay again tomorrow, we might not have a test after all. Then if I don't have school at all, I won't have a test whatsoever for a few more days, of course. I think the school board would rather have their teeth pulled out individually without novacaine before they'd let us have two entire days off of an exam week, being the fascist dictators that they are.

Omigarsh, I'm such a loser. You have no idea. None. Hey! Tomorrow is Hot Dude Day! It's the last Wednesday of every month, and this time it happens to fall on Elijah Wood's birthday. Coincidence? I think so. But pass out pictures of him anyway. It brightens up everyone's day. Trust me. Fabricated superficial holidays always help boost teenage morale, especially on an exam week. I hate being stressed out about school. If I fail, then what'll happen? My future: down the toilet. Whoosh. Forget that film major of mine. Whoosh. Might as well sign up for Micky D's. Whoosh. And my stomach is flip-flopping already. I HATE YOU, SOCIALLY INSTILLED SELF-DEMANDS! I HATE YOU!!!.

Well, nuthin' I can do about it now. Life is too short and too boring to worry about it. One of these days... I swear, three years, just three. Then I'll have the upper hand. And I'll control the Western Hemisphere and I'll exile John Mayer to the Sahara. And all those that enjoy the music of Avril Lavigne shall be excommunicated! Bwahaha! Bwahahaha! And I will install a "laser" on the moon, and blow up the capital, followed by every major city every ten minutes unless my demand of 10 billion dollars remains unmet. Hahahahaha, bwahahaha!

Or I'll just live my every dream that I've dared to dream since the ripe ol' age of 6 years. That's right! It reminds me of a song, a song from Les Miserables... I dreamed a dream... I read that book in a week, once. It was murder, but a nice story. I liked Camille (was that her name?), but I thought the plot was terribly depressing. Especially when that police officer killed himself after all those years of chasing. I am still talking about Les Mis, right? I might have switched to Leo Tolstoy and not known it. I'm not the biggest Tolstoy fan in the world. It's all just old Russian men talking about the meaning of life. Blah. Now, Frankie McCourt. There's a writer for yah. Or even Dickens! And Tolkien, of course. Dillard, Thoreau, etc! So many books, so little time!

I really must be off! Today's title came from a Matrix Spoof.


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