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Are you actually surprised that I took advantage of you? I mean, that's like being surprised when the counter help at a yogurt shop seems sad for no reason.
[2004-01-29 @ 5:43 p.m.]

Happy National Hat Day! I'm wearing a favourite, a bright pink, rather large (might I say), furry hat. It's hot. And it matches my coutour du jour. And speaking of french, I took my French 4 exam today, along with my AP English mid-term. Both were mild to moderately easy, believe it or not (and, oh, believe it).

The English exam included a "character sketch" of an aged Ulysses (from Homer's Iliad and Odyssey) based on an Alfred Tennyson poem. The teacher said that we shouldn't sketch actual pictures, but it was a written sketch. Haha. So, someone asked if we could still draw, haha, and he said sure, as long as we wrote as well, haha. So, being the freak that I am, I drew a highly detailed portrait of what I thought an aged Ulysses looked like (after I finished the writing, of course), and it looked like Mel Gibson once I was done. Mel Gibson with wavy hair. You know, it had one of those Roman-esque noses (it was a profile drawing), and it looked almost exactly like Mel Gibson. So, I, therefore, believe that Ulysses (based on an unintentional yet exact rendering of him) looked like Mel Gibson, and not Brad Pitt as popular belief would have it. Especially since I really don't like Brad Pitt. What an odd teenager I am!

My french exam was easy-peasy, but french always is for me. Ever since I can remember... well, ever since the 8th grade it's been easy for me (since I started it in the 8th grade). When I was really young, I couldn't wait to attend school. I used to read my dad's college books and potty trained myself just so I could go learn. What a mistake that was... nah! Just kidding! I love learning new things, I just hate learning new things in the subject areas of math and U.S. History (unless it's about the great immigration).

But, unfortunately, I believe my lucky exam streak is coming to an end, for in tomorrow lies a beast, a beast grander than Grendel, fouler than Smaug, and it's got Martha Stuart beat by a mile... it's the...*gulp*... pre-calc exam. AHHHHHHHH!!! Neither the monster of Frankenstein nor Michael Jackson could instill the same beat of fear in my steady heart that does the dreaded Pre-Calc exam. I hope and pray that I get a C. Please, let me at least get a C. For the love of all that is good in this world (including potatoes and big blue eyes), let me pass this test with a C (at the least). You see, normally I'm not this worried about a math exam. I'm two years ahead of my classmen in math, I make fairly good grades (certainly better than about half the class), but lately my math grades are gradually slipping, making me doubt my abilities and that causes my grades to drop further. I've got more than I need for my highschool 24 credit diploma (I think), and I've got more than I need for my majors (already), do I really need to know calculus that badly? I'll ask around, but, golly gee whiz, folks.

Think about happy things... The Apprentice is on tonight! Hurrah! And... new episode of Will & Grace at 8:30! Huzzah! And it's National Hat Day! Hiyah! And I couldn't update yesterday, but that was Elijah Wood's birthday! Hooray! Now I just need something to celebrate tomorrow to lighten the exam load. Anybody have any ideas? Friday Day? Nah. I need something with alliteration, or some famous person's birthday. I had Australia Day already... too bad it's not Mardi Gras... Well, I'll think of something. It's a wonderful thing to be able to celebrate a holiday, it makes exam days a whole lot easier.

Monday is a new schedule for me, and tomorrow is a half-day. Only two classes tomorrow. My Mozart Orchestra Playing Test was postponed until tomorrow, so I have to practise tonight. This weekend I have to study for a history exam and prepare for new classes (that means paper and pencils and binders and a whole lotta tylenol).

But, over the pain and anguish of it all, I do have a cool hat.

And it's points of times like these that I question what my future will bring. What good will I do for the people, and most importantly, myself? Well, I hope to make a whole lotta money someday. How'll I do that? By picking a career that I'm happy doing. And what might that be? Well, my subconcious, I'm glad you asked. I'm happiest when I'm in front of other people. That's right! I can make as many jokes out of it as I wish, and you can laugh at me all you want, but you'll never understand how good it feels to be in front of other people. I haven't done it in awhile, and maybe that's why I think about it so often, but I really miss being on a stage and/or on a camera. It's like the only form of defiance I've got. I'm a good kid, I never disobey (coughcough), I make good grades and I'm nice to everyone, even when they're not nice to me. I don't defy. But when I know my lines and I'm confident with a part, I can get on a stage and look the audience directly in the eyes (well, sorta, there's a whole lotta eyes, but I try) and I feel like, "Yeah, try to pick me apart now." That's when I feel the best about myself, when I'm incurred to criticism from complete and total strangers. So, when I win my first Oscar, I'll be sure to thank you readers under the synonym of "little people". Keep an eye out, k?

And my deep soul searching is complete. Check one off the list. I'm such a procrastinator. I don't wanna practice my cello, you can't make me! You can't make me! Maybe a terrible storm will sweep my area at the last minute. Actually, we're (and by "we", you're not included) supposed to get flurries tonight, but I doubt that any snow will stick. At least not enough to cancel school. It's only a half day anyway. *Sigh* Why, why me? I hate school. I hate school and I love school, just as I hate and love myself... oh! And my Gollum impression is finally gettin' pretty darn good, dare I say. One of these days I'm gonna call a radio station and request Enya as Gollum/Smeagol. See what they think of that.

I have to get Jet's cd, or I'll never blowdry my hair in the morning again. It's the only stuff I can get down to while drying my hair. And, yes, I wait for the video to be played in the morning! But, surprise, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs came on! "Maps". It was cool because I've known them for a really, really, really long time, so now that they're popular, I say good for them. Most people get upset when their band hits it big and "sells out", I think they're finally getting recognised and paid off for their artistic efforts, and that's a wonderful thing! And I have a cool hat. That's right.

Err, umm, I had stuff to talk about, but it's gone now. I... psh, this always happens. Ah, poopie. I have to practise before the new Will & Grace, and study during The Apprentice (yes, my life revolves around tv, get over it), but Gammie isn't done with the dishes and I hafta practise in the kitchen! I never win. Well, I have won. I won an online contest once, a few months ago. And I never heard about it again. But the important thing is: I won. I beat everyone else, and I won. Ha, eat that, naysayers! Bwahaha!

Do you ever get seperation anxiety from a book? I mean, I know I can just re-read it, but it might not be as good, it might not have the same effect on me as the first time around. So I've been reading Return of the King for quite some time now, and I'm nearly finished and I'm in the Frodo/Sam part and I can't put it down and it's making me upset because I don't want to finish it even though I still have to read the Silmarillion and, and, and... oh, forget it. This always happens. Every single time I read a good book. *Groans* Life is soooooo hard, especially when it's consumed and concerned with books and tv and movies. And some music, but that's beyond the point.

Well, I best be off a-practising. I suppose this entry was more light-hearted than usual. Hmm, wow. And today's title came from Will & Grace.

And I don't actually take advantage of people (often), I just thought it was funny.


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