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[2004-02-01 @ 1:30 p.m.]

I figure I might as well type now before I lose my chance, what with History cramming to do and all. So, here I am, bothering you! And I'm sure you appreciate it.

Well, well. I've joined two, two, new diaryrings (both devoted to the Lord Elrond, rawk on) and I have a new button (visable at the bottom of this purdy page!). So, yep. I have an Adopted page to add later, but not today. Unfortunately, not today. Because of History. I have to remember that John Locke made the social contract, I always forget. I remember John Locke's name, but not social contract. And I have to review all of the different Compromises, since I can't remember the difference between the Missouri Compromise or the Compromise of 1850. For all I know, they're the same thing. And that kind of knowledge isn't going to serve me on tomorrow's exam. Luckily it only counts as a fourth of my grade! (That was sarcasm)

I don't get it. Last year and the year before (freshman and sophomore year) I had history down to a science (haha), it was simple and easy, just a matter of memorization. And, truly, that's all it is. I suppose I lost interest in it this year, since it's a change of curriculum. Last year and the year before was World History, from the time of the Cro Magnons to the modern day. Now we're back (in black) to American History. I've been learning American history forever, and it's just getting crammed so far down my throat, it's just gotten boring. Very, very boring.

Well, in other school news: new classes tomorrow! Hooray (again with the sarcasm)! I'm feelin' a bit sardonic today, no? Well, these new classes are going to make me appreciate US History a bit more, I guess. Physics... I looked through my mum's old Physics book, and I really wish I hadn't. Now I'm scared out of my wits about it. At least I've got friends in the class with me, and I know some folks who've gone through it already. *Shudders* Why did I sign up for Physics? "Hey! Physics is a good class, it'll come in handy for that Film major!" Oh my gah, I'm an idiot. I don't know if I'm an idiot because I'm taking Physics, or if I'm an idiot for wanting a major in film. It's a little of both, I think!

Okay, it's time to buck up. After I get off here, I'm studying. After dinner, I'm decorating my new binders. And after that's done, I'm studying.

So, last night The Matrix came on. ...ahh... I love that movie, almost as much as LOTR. I love how brave the colour scheme was, greens and browns in the matrix and blues and blacks in the "real world". I have to call it brave because the Wachowski brothers made everything so unabashedly those colours, and they weren't worried if the scheme would be distracting, and it wasn't! See, the Oracle is wearing an ouvertly green dress, the signs are all green, even Hugo's suit is a dark green, but you don't notice, it just becomes tone. It's green without trees, it's a city skyline that's green, and so it creates this wonderfully surreal feeling. And then the real world is all blue, and everything there seems more tangible. And Keanu Reeves is just hot. *Shrugs* Just another thing to add!

Movies. I love 'em. I tuned in to Ebert and Roeper this morning, and I am just appalled to report that it was a rerun! There are so many new movies out that I wanna hear reviews for, and they are playing reruns! Grr... I'm feeling deprived. But, at least it's almost Oscar time. I... can't... wait! I hope ROTK kicks butt. Wait! I don't hope, I know! *nods* It's gonna win everything. Even the stuff it weren't nominated for. It's true! It's the best movie, eva. Eva! Eva!

Okay, who ever made the diary banner "I have diary-uh" is brilliant. Just wanted to let you know.

Off the wall tangents are fun! I still have an enormous headache. I doubt that it will end ere summer's arrival. That's just the way life goes. Sadly. Where is my bouncy-ness? Where did all my happy go? I'm boring and insipid, every word on this webpage is drab and banal... where is the life of my other entries? The ones where the richness of the words oozes of the page for the enjoyment of a non-existant audience? Well, I guess I haven't had enough caffiene. That's just the way the world rolls sometimes. It's those exams, I blame them. I point my pointy finger at them and laugh like a Frenchman. Hoh hoh hoh (I'm laughing like a Frenchman at you!), vous êtes très moche, et votre mère aussi! Hoh hoh hoh!

I saw the rudest and most over-done French joke on a children's cartoon (Fairly Oddparent's). Little Timmy threw a water balloon at a bully, and it hit a man all the way in France, and he threw up his arms and shouted, "I surrender!" First off: I hate that show, I always have. Second off: don't ya think kids are a bit too immature to understand French political jokes? I happen to like France. Vive la France! And it doesn't make me any less Patriotic. And loving songs like "Captain Anarchy" doesn't mean I hate America. I love, love my country, and I hate people who hate other people. Including the French. French are people, too!

My hair is still a mess. I hate my hair... *snivvle*...

Oh! Sarah, I added you to my cast page, too! And thanks for mentioning me in your diary! ^.^ It made me laugh! And laughter is a gift... I think...

Speaking of gifts, guess whose birthday it is in 29 (I think) days? Mine! 17! Weeee! I mean, Ouiiiii!!! Dix-sept ans, j'aurai dix-sept ans! Hooray! Gotta give me snaps! Especially since I remembered le futur du verbe "avoir". Is "verbe" masculin ou feminin? Look at me, three days out of French, and I'm falling apart. And I've got a competition coming up! I had better start practising!

Well, anyway, this entry is really getting pointless, isn't it? All of my entries are sorta pointless. I'm sure no one really cares as long as pretty boy to the right stays on this page. I could be typing about crop irrigation, and I'm sure people would keep reading it. And I really can't blame them! I should stick with hot dude layouts, it's getting a lot of buzz! And, once again, I really can't blame anyone!

My brother is harassing me so he can play Sims. He's getting Superstar for Valentines Day. I don't think I'll ever see this computer again after that.

Well, I'd best run. I've got some holes to punch and some papers to skim and a whole lotta Tylenol to take. And some pics to print for those binders of mine! Toodles!

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