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[2004-02-03 @ 4:11 p.m.]

Ahh, I figure that this is the only moment I've to spare, so I'm off at a running start on typing in my diary (obviously, huh?)!

So, as far as I know, Physics isn't as hard as I thought. That's only two days worth of that, though. It'll get worse, I expect. Two people have already dropped the class. It wouldn't be so scary if the teacher didn't primarily tell us on the first day, "I don't expect most of you to pass with an A, not even a B." Yup. So, a considerable amount of students are switching out. I'm not going to be one of them; no way I'm giving up. I don't really overly care for science, I'm not gonna lie to you, but I think I'll pass, and I think that I'll pass with a C at the least. It can't be that hard (famous last words), and I'm not going to let a pessimistic and self-proclaimed sarcastic teacher to get me down. And it's amazing, folks, how truly painful sarcasm is. Be careful with your words.

I have a project due next week in Ceramics. It's the second day of class, and I've got a project due. Oh well, can't argue. And I was more than glad to have orchestra today (I have it every other day), I sorely missed that cello of mine! And my lunch is agreeable, I've got some friends in it, and it's right before AP English (my last bell). AP English is full of more lectures than usual, "Don't use 'of' in sentences...", but still bearable, and even, at times, enjoyable. So, the new semester isn't as bad as I previously believed it to be.

I'm a little worried about an orchestra competition coming up. My orchestra is enrolled, and it's supposed to be on March 5th. But, apparently, that's the date of the Semi-Formal Dance (woopdee-doo-da), and the teacher said he could push it back to the 6th. NOOOOO!!! He can't do that because I'm supposed to go to a French competition and win a trophy! My teacher seems to think that I've got a super stupendous talent for language (oooh, merci!), and I can't miss out on it if I could possibly win a shiny trophy! I've only got one! And that was for soccer. It needs a friend from France! And I'd name my trophy Pierre, and I can't get the trophy if orchestra gets in the way! Grr. I can miss a semi-formal (since I hate dances anyway), but I'm not missing the chance to show off my french.

*Seethes* Simma down, nah... simma down... (that came from an old SNL skit, by the way)...

I'll be okey-dokey. Shiny things make me irritable *eye twitches*. No, not really. Math makes me irritable. You know what's weird? In nearly every country but America, the word "math" is plural. In French, as well. I learned that this year, and I'm still trying to get used to it. Americans don't use the metric system, we don't say, "maths", we don't use the metric system in our "maths"... America is weird.

And proud.

So, is anyone else here completely tired of the Timberlake/Jackson "scandal" at the SuperBowl? I've seen the video half a dozen times. Parents are up in arms about the fact that he ripped off her "boob plate" to reveal a pastie and expose her breast, but the networks keep playing the video over and over and over to discuss the "disturbing behaviour". If it's so disgusting, then why do they keep playing it? The same happened with the Spears on Madonna smooch-fest. I'm so floggin' tired of hippocrits!

On to other news... American Idol is on tonight. That's why I'm typing now so I can do my homework whilst watching the splendour that is broken dreams and dying souls. It's so sardonically intense...

Oh! Geez! Guess what I saw last night? No. Keep guessing. No! I saw... The War! That Kevin Costner movie! You know, the one about the after-effects of the Vietnam War on a poor, Southern family, showing them the light of love through the despairing dark of hate. I can't quite remember who else was in it... lemme think... there was this little kid that I just can't remember the name of, something really familiar... begins with an "E", a Biblical name... Nope. Drawin' a blank. Well, anyway, I thought the story was absolutely brilliant, but the point-of-view was sorta lost about halfway through, and the dialogue was bizarre at points. No one (and living in the South I know this) in the South says, "He kept busier than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest". No one says that especially since the one-legged man wouldn't have a leg to stand on! Oh-ho-ho! They couldn't stand and kick at the same time, of course! But(t), otherwise, it was really good. Oh, and the theme was way too overt. And the accents were completely fake. The point-of-view was supposed to be from the little girl (and narrated by her), but a lot of the scenes took place without her there, so that's just a little thing I noticed. There wasn't much of a way around that, though. But that one little boy was really fantastic in it, but I can't remember his name! I swear that I should know it...

I'm gonna be chewing on that one for a long time, like a rabbit in a stack of hay in September while the wind is blowing North-West. Chuckle chuckle. What else have I to inform you of? My birthday looms ever nearer! And then you (yes, you) will have to bow to me! All knees shall bow to me! Hail Amanda! All hail! I want a crown on my birthday. Yes. A shiny one. A cheap tiara would work. And a balloon! Well, I could use a simple, "Hey, loser, happy birthday!". That's more than I usually get *tear*. No, I'm serious. A lot of people don't remember/ don't care.

My brother is playing his viola. He says he's having problems with his vibrato (that's when you sorta wiggle your fingers on the strings when you hold down a note to give it a richer quality). He's just been playing for a year, and his teacher (the crazed wench) is giving him some trouble over it. I told him to tell her that he naturally plays in the Baroque style because he's related to George Frederick Handel. It's true! I'm as close to directly descended from the composer Handel as is possible (considering that he didn't have any children... legitimate children). My third cousin is Elvis, my fourth is Lisa Marie (duh), and then Michael Jackson was my fourth cousin for three months. I'm also related (distantly) to Sir Iann Holm. He played Bilbo (and Frodo back in the day on a radio program) in the Lord of the Rings. Don't know if you've heard of it or not. And my second (I think) cousin is a producer in a lot of Speilberg movies. So if nepitism doesn't get me famous, then back-breaking work and amazing "talent" should. And before you know it, I'll be rich. And famous. And better than you! Bwahaha!

As if I weren't already.

That was a joke! Hey, just go with it. I'm a very self-conscious person. If I can break that mold every now and again, then let me do it and get over it.

... what was that kid's name?... the... war... the... war...

And for those who don't already know, the Baroque period was a period of music featuring staccatoed (sticky) notes and dark themes, often without any vibrato and, since the bows were curved, the note's middle was emphasised. Practise makes perfect, someone always says.

Yep, yep. Well, I think I'd best be off.

Oh! I remember his name now! Elijah Wood! No wonder I forgot. What a weird name!

Nah, it's pretty. I'm just joshing. I'd really best be off. I have something to fix and then dinner to make and eat and Physics homework and English homework to do. And some research to start for a paper in English, if I can, and a nice little French review, if possible (I hafta start fitting that in every day, because I want to win!).


And the title came from That 70's show (ha! And you thought it would be Will & Grace!). It was Fez's song to remember where he put his greencard so he could get into Canada to buy beer.

Toodles (again, and for real this time)!

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