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[2004-02-04 @ 6:49 p.m.]

Hey ya! Happy Wednesday! Or, Woden's Day, as an Anglo-Saxon might refer to it as!

I have a bit of time to type as I have no Physics homework. Yes! You heard right! No Physics homework! I finished it in class, because I'm brilliant like that. And by brilliant, I mean too lazy to bring my book home. It's not a thick book, by all means, it's quite thin! And the word "Physics" sprawled across the top is in a foil type of thing, so it's shiny and purdy! But I was much too lazy to carry it home, so I stowed it safely in my locker. I do, however, have some English homework left to do.

We got a new textbook in English, actually! It looks like a regular reading book, it's small and thick and paper-back, and all across the cover is a stunning picture of a mountain in New Zealand, a mountain's silhouette against the red setting sun, and the reflection shattered in the vast river at the foot of the mountain and... ahh... Add that to some hot hobbits, and New Zealand has quickly become the perfect place. It would take me awhile to get used to reversed seasons, though. I'm used to January being cold and July being hot. So, then, do they reverse their months, too? Because it's February for me, and it's cold, so is it February and warm there, or August and warm there? That's very confusing! And time differences... when I went to California and all my tv shows were off by three hours, that just screwed up my mind. East coast living, I guess.

So, anyway, I just missed Will & Grace. My favourite show. The new episode comes on Thursdays, or Thror's Day, if you were an Anglo-Saxon. Thror was the God of Thunder, and Woden the God of poetry and stuff. Woden was like Bacchus and other miscellaneous, unimportant Gods, and Thror was like Jupiter/Zeus. Zeus... there should be some people named Zeus. I think it'd make a fantastic first name, especially for a male cabaret singer! It's like the names Viggo and Maximus and Dominic. I always just thought those names were cool in a humourous way. It's either respect-demanding or extremely gay. Unless you're Italian and you're named Dominic, then it's just funny.

I hope no one reading this is a gay Italian named Dominic. Then I'll have an anti-fan. What would the negative for fan be? Detester, hater, hitman, hamster... no, none of those seem to fit. But 3 out of 4 began with H! So, I guess 3 out of 4 were H recommended! ...No. What a droll sense of humour I have. Oh! My! Gah! I'm so sick of porno spam in my email account. I got one titled "Wet Undies" and I thought it said, "West Indies". Now my head aches more than usual...

I've been having terrible head problems lately (as if you couldn't tell!), and I finally broke down about a half an hour ago and took a Tylenol. It hurts so badly that I can't see, my eyes keep crossing. And that's bad because I have 20/20 vision. Like, I see perfectly. It's creepy. But, the point is that my head hurts and I can't think, and that's terrible. My seeing problem could be more along the lines of my terrible sleepiness at the moment. I haven't gotten a good, long sleep in over two weeks, every night's given me, oooh, maybe 2 hours. That ontop of school on top of taking care of my brother and homework and practise and studying and thinking about strenuous activities is really encumbering me. Last weekend Mum had classes all day, so I couldn't get a good sleep-in and run on a treadmill followed by self-applied spa-treatment like I wanted to. I know it sounds vain and stupid, but I've been so stressed out lately, that maybe that kind of thing will make my headaches clear up. Ooooh... my head...

I can't tell Mum because I don't want her to worry. She's got enough to worry about. *Sigh* Life is grand, but it treats me bad sometimes. It's like a marmaset on a hot tar sidewalk by a lake sniffing... wait, what? I guess you'd have to read the previous entry to understand that inside joke. It's a The War joke. I'd put up a link if I weren't so lazy. I think you're the lazy one if you can't just click on the "Back" link! Lazy!

And, yes, Sarah, that family tree was no lie! I'm truly related to those people. It's weird to think about that, though, innit? Especially since I'm little ol' talentless nobody teen Amanda. But it makes those aspirations of mine all the more attainable when I think of how all those related to me have made it so big. Once again, if you have no idea what it is I speak of, why not apply yourself and go back an entry, eh?

Argh. I've got so much to do and so little time to utilise. But this entry is so short! Oooh nooooo! You'll get over it. I must run now!


And today's title is via those Canadian geniuses, Kids in the Hall! Hurrah!

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