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[2004-02-07 @ 1:35 p.m.]

Sorry 'bout that last entry. I'm trying to add my keepers and such. The site I got them from isn't doing the images well, but the point is I've got them and they're there. I'll work on it, I swear! So, yes, happy Saturday, eh? I'm trying to type this fast.

Saturday. I mean to get a good bit of exercise, but my Mum's upstairs where the treadmill is and I don't feel like getting a good run in front of anyone. Not even Mum. So I'll just wait until she's done with her homework and is demanding her computer back for yet more homework. She's going back to college, studying dietetics, and I'm so very proud! *grins* I know I say it often, but never often enough.

It's a beautiful day. And there was a big red spider in my dishwasher when I opened it this morning. So I screamed (I have a wee bit of an arachniphobia) and jumped up and down and started to cry, and then I took a shoe and beat it repeatedly without fear of damaging the expensive new dishwasher that Mum so loves. All I cared about was that bright red spider, and I wanted to kill it. And kill it I did. I mean, it could've been in our dishes and we never knew it! *shudders* Oh, geez...

I'll be just fine. Just dandy. It's much warmer outside than normal for winter, so I'm wearing some shorts. Shorts in February. Good times. I'm also wearing a big, fluffy black turtle neck that's comfy, and the heat isn't going to force me to remove it. It's my comfort sweater. Yes indeed. Even if it is wool and itchy and hot.

And I got rid of my incessant headache for a little while this morning. It's back, though. My sudafed wore off. With warmer weather comes bigger allergies. It makes me hate spring... and I don't like to hate things, especially things in nature. Well, I like to hate some things. Things like Celine Dion and various movies. Which, by the way, has anyone here ever seen The Ninth Gate with Johnny Depp? If so, do you understand it? I would love to have it explained to me. I didn't grasp a single thing in it. Not a one. It really wasn't a very good movie. I love Johnny Depp, love him with a passion, but I just don't understand that movie. Not even his good acting saved it. I watched the entire thing, and at points I thought I grasped it, but I really didn't. And, being a movie junkie, I usually understand a lot of movies that other people don't.

I'm so frustrated with school. I don't even want to think about it. But the key word was "want", and I really don't have a choice. Do you know what makes the pain go away? The Faculty. That's a terrible movie, too. But it's so terrible that it's good! And, get this, the reason I find it so enthralling is because the highschool's initials (HHS) from that movie is the same as my highschool's initials (HHS)! Doesn't that rule? That's why whenever I hate school, I just pop in The Faculty and get a dose of hot dude and I vent my problems with my educational system. You wanna know what else is weird? I live in a house with a green front door. Like Bag End! From now on, my house is to be referred to as Bag End!

Mum's yelling at my two dogs. They never shut up! It's crazy! And the barking is going to crack my head open, I swear! I hate allergies, I hate allergies, I hate allergies, I hate allergies... I don't know if you know this or not, but I hate allergies! I'm allergic to some allergy medication, actually! Benedryl used to have red dye, and one time a few years ago I had a terrible allergic reaction overnight and had to be rushed to ER because I couldn't breathe. So, what did the doctors do? They gave me red Benedryl. Needless to say, my suffocation problem didn't clear up, and I threw up all over the waiting room floor. It was a terrible spectacle to behold, I would have to say.

Memories are odd things. So abstract. Sometimes something sparks them so clearly, that we can taste what we ate that night, or feel the chill on our skin from a cold night's air, but other memories are so obscure that we hardly remember details more than a few spoken words or one gesture or expression across a loved one's features. But they're so precious, even the ones that we don't enjoy remembering, that we do whatever we can to hold on to them, through important knick-knacks or photos. Heirlooms given to children by parents are the parents' means to remember their old memories and, in hope, to pass them down their generations. And then there are new things that hold new memories and are treasured to the deathbed. And then there are the few memories that aren't connected to anything material, and they're the hardest, and thus most important, to hold onto. That's why sometimes it's not bad to be a material girl.

And that was my insight of the day.

I'm full of stuff like that. Omigarsh, there is a cat outside my window at the foot of a tree, and he's staring down a squirrel about three feet above him, clinging to the bark. It's so cute! I don't like cats, but it's cute nonetheless. I like the tree the squirrel is on, it has a knot on one side that looks like a squirrel, itself! Of course, I love all trees, and who doesn't? Save a few Republicans, everyone loves trees. And I'm a Demo-publican. I can't pick. I like Bush, though. More than I like Kerry. You realise that Kerry agrees with popular belief on every subject, right? He doesn't really believe half the stuff he says, he only says it to further his political standings. And, sadly, it's working.

Geez. I'm not much of a politics person. I couldn't be that if I tried. I'm not snazzy on the regular news world, save a few trials that Mum watches on CourtTV (which is incredibly boring). I'm more of an Entertainment News savante. I keep up on stuff like that. Which, by the way, has anyone here seen Colin Farrel's new doo? He's a blond, and it very much works on him. Actually, he looked good when he shaved his head. I think he could go Legolas and still look good. Even Mum loves that guy. And, let's face it, who doesn't? Minus a few Republicans...

My neck is itchy from all this wool... But, no, I will not succumb to the power of the wool. I will not take off this sweater. It's to dear to me. It's bound to me, and I to it. Well, not really, it just sounds nice. A little angsty, but nice.

Well, I feel the need to do something more creative than this. Toodles! And the title today is via Will & Grace, as usual.

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