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My mother's crazy. That's why I had her committed. Well, she's not `crazy so much as she just bugged me. Heh. She's a witch.
[2004-02-09 @ 8:20 p.m.]

Hi all! I hope your day wasn't as bad as mine!

Okay, first off: I got assigned the most ridiculous Physics assignment. We had to drive around with a friend and record some data (I won't get into the gorey details), but I don't know who the teacher is kidding. Mum wasn't feeling well enough to drive me anywhere and most of my friends live a good forty minutes away from me. I live in the 'burbs and everyone else lives in the boonies (which reminds me of The Goonies which makes me smile). So, I just went on MapQuest and did my homework that way. I'm a cheater, and I'm proud.

Otherwise I slept a good half hour last night. I took a Sudafed because I had a headache indused by allergies in turn induced by the oncoming spring, and that was a bad idea since said medicine is a stimulant. Stupid Amanda! Well, the half an hour I did sleep I had the most bizzare dream I think I've had since the one that the Colin Farrel-ish dude saved me from drowning and then got hit by a 16 wheel streetsweeper, or the one with the library and StarWars (I hate StarWars, by the way). I dreampt that I was living my dream (in a dream- how ironic) and I was on Inside the Actor's Studio. Only, instead of James Lipton, I was being interviewed by my hero, Cate Blanchett. When she asked me what my favourite curse-word was, I answered "f*** face" from that Richard Geere movie "because it makes me laugh. Insert uncontrollable giggle here." The audience laughed and I laughed and Cate Blanchett laughed and then I answered the audience's questions. The rest was just like any other episode of that show. It was really weird because it wasn't all that weird, and that's what bothers me. I don't get it.

That's the last time I watch a marathon of that show before I go to bed.

So, needless to say, I got a bit of extra reading time in last night. And I read, what else than, Return of the King! I got past the part where the ring is destroyed and Frodo says, "Here at the end of all things, Sam," (and I'm aware that he didn't say "Sam" in that line in the movie, this is from the book). That line always gets to me. I loved that line in the movie out of every single line of any movie I've ever seen ever in my entire life. And that's a whole lot of movies. But I just adore that line because of the versatility of the meaning. It just doesn't get better than that one line, "The end of all things." Geez. "I'm glad to be with you, Samwise Gamgee, here at the end of all things." *tear* And the magma flows and the wind howls and despair falls and it's just so cool. That's what writing is about, my friends. Lines like that. The variety, the impact of language will never cease to amaze me.

I can utilise any word with any meaning to my benefit, or to my destruction. Words make the difference when applying for a job or talking to a friend... The way you say words defines where you're from and how you were raised. "Pawty" means you're from New York, and "y'all" means you're from Texas, and "parlay" means you're a pirate (hardy har har). But, seriously, I love descriptions, I love painting with words, I love reading and writing and acting and studying language. Foreign language, the English language, different ways to pronounce words and the impact they can have on another human being. I love it when I'm reading words out loud, and automatically everything about me can just change. I can become a totally different person, my face can glow red and I can scream at the top of my lungs, or I can go dead silent. And there are different kinds of silent, and different kinds of screaming. There's a threatening silence, a warning as one's jaws are clenched and their teeth grind. There's a lonely silence, quiet but for a few whispered words of solitude and pain. And I'm a complete loser, so it's high time for a change of subject.

And if that wasn't segway, I don't know what is! So, how 'bout them Grammys? I'm a bit sad that Evanescence won Best New Artist. Now, before you judge, I adore Evanescence with my heart and soul. I've memorized their cds (yes, I have more than "Fallen"), and Amy Lee is awesome. But Best New Artist is a curse, isn't it? That's the award that has this thing about it where when an artist wins it, they never have another hit again. And that's terrible. I hope, I pray that this is the exception to the rule.

Lord in heaven, please let Evanescence still be cool a million years from now. And please heal my brother and Mum and Gammie. Amen.

I thought I'd throw that last bit in there. Yeah, I'm Christian. I'm Protestant... Penecostal to be specific. I pray before every meal, at the lawful moment of silence and meditation before class, and before I go to bed. And whenever else I feel the need.

So, I was in Ceramics today, and BBMak came on the radio and (being the sucker that I am for Brits), I freaked! Yeah, I listen to hardcore punk, I listen to metal, I listen to rock... but I have a soft spot for that English trio. I can't help it. I've also got a thing for Boy George. Hey, don't mock it! The Boy gave us a month and a half of great music! Music like that is a good change of pace from stuff like Dropkick Murphies, sometimes. It's always happy and perky, I guess, and it hits the spot. Especially this morning since I was in the foulest of foul moods. I was *gasp* mean! Well, sorta. I semi-shoved people in my way through the over-crowded hallways. In a highschool of 2,300 kids, it's hard to get around. So, I just shoved my way past people.

Freshman are always the easiest for that. They're much shorter than usual. Of course, just about everyone is shorter than me. I'm like one of Tolkien's elves, pale and tall. Gammie told me today that I looked like Galadriel! Cate Blanchett is only my hero! *smiles* I like the hobbits more, though. Who doesn't? And not just because they're all incredibly hot.

So, I mentioned in my last entry how sick my brother was, correct? Well, he went to the doctor today and he has a virus. No wonder I feel so bad! I can't miss school, though. I don't wanna be behind in Physics. And I've got a vessel due in two days for Ceramics! It has to be something nature-themed (and if that isn't right up my alley, being the freaky tree-hugger that I am, I don't know what is) in bass-relief and blah blah. I'm making mine a giant rose. It's neat so far!

I've gotta go! Toodles!

"When you look at him, he looks at me, he's got me thinking about him constantly, but he don't know how I feel..." (I changed those lyrics... they'd be much more interesting that way.)

And the title's from Will & Grace. And I mean nothing by it, I love and adore my mother. I spent a whole ten or so minutes telling Cate Blanchett about it on Inside the Actor's Studio.

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