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[2004-02-14 @ 9:32 p.m.]

Oh, sorry it's been so long, folks! I've had a busy week. Homework, scheduling, more homework...

I'm entering a piece of pottery in an art contest, and I'm pretty excited. It's a rose vessel, and I think it's nifty. All I have to do is glaze it and paint a picture to enter too, and I'm done. But that presented an ordeal: Mum took me out shopping for some acrylics and she wasn't (nor is she at the moment) feeling too well, and I wasn't (nor am I at the moment) feeling up to par. You can only imagine the disaster that ensued. I was excited about standing a chance in that art contest, and if I won, then my art would hang in a museum here and I could win a thousand much-needed dollars. I'm trying to avoid that same-old I'm-not-talented-anyway-why-bother mentality that I seem to have established my being in as of late, so I was cheery when she yelled at me about it. Then she said she wanted to go to the book store, and I reminded her that "I need a book, too!" I really do. I told her that before a few times, but she's busy and she's sick, so I can understand her forgetting. We didn't go, but she went after class today without me. I never got my book. I can just find the cliffnotes online and maybe some direct quotes to work off of, since it's a paper due in a few week's time.

I wouldn't have time to read it anyway, right?

It just really made me feel ungrateful, even when I wasn't meaning to be. And all day I've been on this computer, back and forth between Paintshop and Word for a Physics project due Monday. Monday, my friends, is Vectortine Day. I have decided to make a Children's Book for my presentation part of the project, and, so far, the hardest part has been painting an arm on Arnold Schwarzenegger. It looked pretty good, though! The Governator will never fail to make me laugh. Hahaha. See? I'm laughing. Other than my book, I'm making two buttons (I want one to have a picture of... Beaver Cleaver that says, "The Beav says Vectors are Vexing!", and another of... I dunno... Michael Jackson that says, "You've been hit by, you've been struck by a smooth... vector!"), snacks (I'm thinking something involving pretzel sticks), a teeshirt (bright pink with a heart struck by a vector instead of an arrow, haha), and 5 Vectortine's Cards. It'll be the best science-affected forced holiday ever!

In other news I hate Valentine's Day. I always have. I get roses and I get cards and blah blah blah, and, trust me, it always makes me feel loved, but I don't understand the point of the holiday. Sure, it's grand sport to send cards and give candy, and making people happy, but why not do that everyday? It's when boyfriends do something special for girlfriends (and vice versa), but they should show that they care every other day. "Hey, I forget about you 364 days of the year, but on Valentine's Day I make it up to you with chocolates and flowers!"

And there is my thought of the day. But my mommy got me five more action figures (now dwelling inside of a well-hidden Victoria's Secret box somewhere in my room), and my brother received Sims Superstar. And I got a rose from my friend Jenny and candy and cookies and cards from all of my other friends, and I sent various e-cards and etc (you're welcome, and I'm sorry to hear about your uncle Sam, Meredith), and all is well with the world. Minus the fact that I feel like a couch potato de-rooted and planted in front of this bloody computer screen that's probably eating away my eyesight as we speak. Stupid Physics. I hate vectors. Not that television and movies can be too much better for my health. But tomorrow I have so much work to do, I'll barely be able to stuff in my weekly viewing of Ebert & Roeper. If I don't keep informed about cinenews, I'm a very irritable person. Well, I'm irritable right now, anyways. I'm pmsing and feeling terrible. I blame it on society.

So, yep, that sums up my life. That vast array of disappointments and various obscure thoughts that make sense to none save myself. And barely the latter of the two. Let's see, I've covered the part about me having a lot of work (the project, a paper revision, some reasearch...). I need sleep. I need throat medication because I'm sounding like Joan Rivers on a bad day (what day isn't a bad day for that... err... woman?). There might be a snow day on Monday. That would be perfect timing. I could relax and bask in the glory that is No Work, might get to exercise, get some more research in, stop being such a self-centered and highly demanding letdown for my parents and myself, and maybe I'll get some sleep! Heavens knows I'm not getting any of that this weekend.

Pray for snow.

And the update on my schedule for my senior year: AP English (college English), AP Government (college Government), French 5 and AP French (college French), Honours Chemistry (a step down from Physics, but a science class nonetheless), Orchestra (Cellos rule!), and Acting Techniques (my first and foremost love). That's right, no math. I decided, signed my life away. It felt good. *rubs hands together in anticipation* Film major, here I come! Well, duel major in film and journalism because I have doubt in my abilities, anyway.

Wow, I'm feeling a bit more pessimistic than usual.

I gotta run. Toodles! Oh, and today's title came from the "A Chorus Lie" Will & Grace episode with that "Howdy-doody-lookin' motherfella" Matt Damon (who, by the way, seems to be just a carbon copy of Brad Pitt- and I don't like Brad Pitt). Toodles!

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