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[2004-02-15 @ 9:34 p.m.]

Ho hum. I don't have too long.

Today was hectic. I finished my lengthy and time-consuming Physics project. Teeshirt: check. Cards: check. Children's Book: check. Snacks: check. Buttons: check. The buttons I created are genius: one depicts a confused looking Al Gore and says, "Vectortine's Day? What the heck is that? It that Physics? Maybe I should go online to check it out... after all, I did create the internet!" and the other has that one famous painting of Cupid and says, "Wait, my job involves Physics? I'm quitting! (Maybe the bunny'll take over.)" Fun fun.

Then I had an AP English paper to revise and re-type and some research to print out for another paper. That didn't take me too long. And I even had time left over to see a little bit of a Tony Blair discussion. I love watching Tony Blair talk, it always makes me so happy. What gets me the most is that all of the other Parliament members are booing or applauding him in the middle of a sentence, and that Scottish judge always tells them, "Orrrdah!" I find it so much more entertaining than American Cabinet Meetings.

And I finally saw Girl, Interrupted in its entirety today. It was pretty good. I didn't like the ending when, like every single solitary Winona Ryder movie, the main character narrated the theme over the falling action. It made me want to chuck a shoe at my tv because it became way too overt. And I guessed that the one girl was going to kill herself. But, otherwise, I thought that it was a very interesting concept. I would really like to play the part of a mental patient (not to be weird or anything). I would just like to understand a different way of thought. I don't know why I find it so intriguing, the human psyche. The three different parts of the subconcious (at least according to Freud's theories)- id, ego, and superego- all interacting to create different aspects to different people. It's such a strange concept to imagine, that one little thing, just one little thing, can throw off the most mentally stable being into a swirling torrent of insanity. And, on the contrary, that the most unstable among us can provide the greatest wealth of knowledge and art. Our own minds can kill us, or save us when we are going to die, and that's just something so powerful that I'd love to try to capture it. Hmm... like Charlize Theron in Monster. Which, by the way, I still really want to see.

And Sean Astin was on Larry King Live just moments ago. He's the schiz. My brother really wanted to call in and talk like Gollum. I can understand his plight, though, I've been doing that impression all the time since I've gotten it down. Back to that insanity thing...

It's snowing outside. Well, it was. There's a good inch or so coating the ground, but I have a nasty little feeling that it's all going to melt, anyway. I still pray that it gets me a day off, though. I need the sleep. It's only 10 p.m. and I'm drifting off already! It's ridiculous. And I'd give anything for a good run on Mum's treadmill. Over the summer you couldn't get me off the thing! I'd run every day for at least an hour, playing some snappy music or watching a movie. I've found that The Matrix really boosts my energy, believe it or not. I don't know if it's all the green or just the action or just the amount of pretty boy, but it really kicks up my spirits. Maybe that's what I need: a good viewing of The Matrix.

Oy. And today's title is from Will & Grace. From, once again, that "howdy-doody-lookin' mothafella" Matt Damon episode. I've finally concluded that Matt Damon must be the offspring of Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck. And I really don't like any of them.



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