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The fashion forward have always been ostracized. I'm sure when Gandhi first put on the diaper, there were some sideways glances. Who got the last laugh? That's right, Gandhi.
[2004-02-18 @ 11:57 a.m.]

I'm home sick. Yup, yup. I know, I'm home sick a lot. I always have good reason to be, though! Today is no exception. I've got "girl problems" so rough that I miss school every now and again because of it. But there's nothing that can really help me but a day off and some Midol.

Great, my computer is virus scanning. I don't want to stop it from scanning the files, it only takes about five or so minutes, but it also greatly screws up my typing. No, wait, it's done. That was only five seconds! Why? Must be a new virus going around or something... glad MyDoom is finally slowing to a complete halt. There was a time where in a span of a minute I received sixty copies of MyDoom in my InBox. And every time that little anti-virus warning popped up and said, "MyDoom Worm found!" Good times, good times.

Right, let's try to make it look as though I have a life, k? My friend, Jennifer, is still sick. I don't know why (well, I have a feeling as to what it is that hurts so badly), but her doctors (which she's been back and forth to for the past few days now) have no idea, either. And my mum accidentally took two (instead of one) Thyroid pills this morning, and she had to call poison control. I think they told her to rest, so she's out like a rock on the couch. Gammie's watching CourtTV, and I'm so sick of the Jayson Whats-his-face trial, I'm ready to scream. I might just pull a sixth sense and chuck a shoe through the bloody screen.

Oh well, it's not as if there's anything worth while on anyway. I could always watch Blue's Clues. Speaking of which, that show has been mutilated. I can't believe it! Blue is now a shaggy-looking puppet that can actually talk. What's the point? The whole point of Blue's Clues is that Blue can't talk, and that's why she has to leave pawprints on the lemon, ice, and cup to let Steve (or Will or Guido or whoever the heck it is this month) know that she wants to make lemonade. It's just that Dora the Explorer came along and got more viewers. Tsk tsk, Nickelodeon.

I just spent a paragraph on children's tv shows. I, myself, used to watch Rugrats, and now that's getting ruined too. I was also a big Power Ranger fan. You have no idea. The Yellow Ranger was always the best, but whenever we played Power Rangers on the playground, I had to be Kimberly, the Pink Ranger. Oh. My. Gah. Guess what was on TV Land last night? Guess! H.R. Pufnstuf. I kid you not. Read the following jingle from said show, and tell me that the show isn't about drugs: "H.R. Pufnstuf. Can't do a little, 'cuz you can't do enough!"

Puffing Stuff. Can't do a little because you can't do enough.

If that's not about drugs, I don't know what is. Well, Alice in Wonderland is. And the seven dwarves are the seven signs of coccaine addiction. Hmm, I love hearing about those subliminal messages from Disney. I grew up on Disney. Good stuff still.

Right, moving on. That's enough nostalgia for today. Goodness me, I feel terrible. Maybe I should eat something. I had hot-chocolate for breakfast. It's almost lunch time, I might eat a bowl of cereal or some toast. I don't really feel like eating something at all, but I might feel better if I do. Or worse. Mum's awake now, too. I can hear her talking to Gammie. This is one boring entry! I wish I had something to spice it up! I was in such a good state of mind yesterday. Now I'm all... I'm all... not happy. Deflated. Cheerless. Where's my sunshine?

Actually, the sunshine melted the snow on the roads when I should be having a day off that doesn't count against me! I HATE YOU, SUNSHINE! Nah, I don't hate the sunshine, I just hate the serious lack of icy, dangerous, life-threatening roads. Not to mention my daft school-system. Wait, all of this reminds me of a movie... nope, drawing a blank. D'you know what movie scares me? A Beautiful Mind. It was good, but it frightened me. I think it scared me the most because I look at things like that sometimes. I'll try to make a habit out of avoiding eye-contact with strange ties from now on! Too bad I hate math, though, huh? And it was sad the way the guy's friend was just a conjuring of his imagination. And it's weird to think that the most mentally unstable people in the world are oft the most brilliant.

Actually, it's kinda neat.

The human mind. You've either got the regular id, ego, and superego, or you're blessed with Larry, Curly, and Moe. Wait, I just contrasted a Freudian belief with the Three Stooges! Cool! So I either sound intelligent and informed, or I sound completely ditzy and stupid. I think all of that directly relates back to the "girl problems" I'm suffering at the moment. Teehee... three stooges... I always liked them because of how well they presented Propaganda. It was great how they were embraced by the American people for making fun of the Nazis, showing how Propaganda can support a true cause. But at the same time, a lot of the Germans were blinded by Propaganda, themselves. That's why people have to be educated on what's going on in the world, so they can make their own decisions, free of those of other people.

Sorta like the fact that most of my friends are Anti-Iraq War. I think that's because their parents are against it, and because all those famous people are against it, and that sways their votes. I think, personally, that a lot of famous people are stupid. Chris Martin of Coldplay, for instance, spoke out against war at a Cure Cancer dinner. Talk about idiocy! I don't think the war was about oil. I know that there were no "weapons of mass destruction." But I do know that there were bio-weapons found, and I do know that hundreds of thousands of Kurds were killed in mass-genocide. So the Americans can go on hating Bush, and the English can go on hating Tony Blair, but I support the war, and I think that Bush and Blair know a whole lot more than they're given credit for.

So, yep. I'm not really much of a politics person. There's just no juicy Hollywood news lately. The Passion of the Christ is almost out! Oh! My! Gah! Secret Window is out on March 12th! Who else can't wait? I LOVE Johnny Depp! AHHH! He's so cool. Even if he does drugs and is suspected of murdering an ex-co-owner of his nightclub in LA, he's still the schiz. *giggles* I said schiz again... And I don't know whether I wanna see 50 First Dates or not. It's got Sean Astin, and he's really cool, but I don't really like Adam Sandler or Drew Barrymore or Rob Schneider. And when does Troy come out? Sometime in May, right? Hidalgo comes out next month, the fifth I think. I could go see it for a b-lated b-day thing! And I still have to see Master and Commander for Billy Boyd, but I can just rent that. And what's this Eternal Sunshine that I keep hearing about? *shivers* I hope this year's movies are as good as the ones in 2003! Last year started really weak though. Stuff like Lost in Translation really stuck out early in the year partially because nothing else was good.

Low-brow B horror flicks afflict my theatres. I just thought that sounded nice, what do you think? Well, anyway, I think that it's about time for lunch. Sorry to bore you!


Oh... wait, I had something to say, but it's gone. Oh! Today's title is from the "vest" episode of Will & Grace. Toodles!

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