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It turns out he only needed an assistant to find the stalker. If I stop stalking, he doesn't need an assistant. I had to re-stalk to keep my job and realize my dream of dancing with him in a cornfield. Come on, catch up, slow mo!
[2004-02-21 @ 1:15 p.m.]

I have that song from Footloose stuck in my head. That should be a warning as to what kind of a day I've been having. Yup, a slow one.

Well, let's lean back and examine what it is I've done today..... wait..... oh, yeah, nothing! Well, that's an exaggeration. I made Eowyn a layout. Yes, I made Eowyn a diary layout. I hope she likes it enought to use it. I'm not the biggest html savante, I just like to mess with pictures because I'm weird like that. Don't worry, I didn't just send a random role-playing diary a layout, I *know* Eowyn. No, it's not me! Though I wish it were. I'm not creative enough for that kind of thing.

Speaking of creative, I'm painting! Yes, it's an abstract rose. Blue in the back, the rose is white/yellow, all in acrylic on white canvas. I have to be careful with the yellow because it can "cause cancer when inhaled." But right now I'm waiting for my backround to dry before I break out my acrylic knife to smear on globs of white and yellow for the rose. It'll look neat. I'll tell ya something folks: it's very liberating to take a paintbrush full of blue and just cross-hatch at whim. It's weird how I see still things as making wonderful paintings and moving things as being wonderful on film. I'm glad Mum just bought a new camera and got me some new canvases, or else I think I'd jump out my window from insanity.

I've also found myself forming things into a lot of words in my head. It's weird. I love all sorts of fine arts, like writing and painting and acting. But last night I watched the end of Save the Last Dance and thought: 1. I could never do that. 2. Dance seems superfluous to me. Probably because I could never do it. Maybe if I could dance like I used to, then I'd like it again. I mean, dancing is fun, it's energetic. I just don't find that kinda grace overly expressive... I guess that's unless it were on film. Then that would be expression to me.

But that's just my opinion. As a disclaimer: you're entitled to your own beliefs, what I say on here are my personal thoughts and have no affect on you. Unless you agree with me... wait, what?

Now I'm confused. Anyway, I've still got that song from Footloose stuck in my head. I'd like to dance like that (not to contradict myself, two paragraphs before). I always thought it'd be neat to break-dance. Then, maybe, I'd agree with everyone else that dance is an art form. As of this moment: I want to break-dance. The Pope likes breakdancers, right? I'm not Catholic (Penecostal and proud), but the Pope is cool (that's an odd adjective in that sentence). His car is cool, too! So, can anyone here teach me the subtle "art" of breaking it down? Or am I gonna have to get a book on it?

I wonder if they have books on how to break-dance. Google! Nope. Dvds, videos... hmm, no books. Curses. I don't even like hip-hop, or R&B, what's possesed me to like such a thing? CURSE YOU, KEVIN BACON! CURSE YOU AND YOUR LOOSE FEET! Happy feet, loose foot, foot loose and fancy free... I'm confused again! You know, I think I could take Kevin Bacon down. Just because of that stupid song rolling through my head. He was on Will & Grace last night (love, love, love that episode) and VH1 and Encore today.

Grumblegrumble. One of these days... one of these days...

Sorry, have I confused you, too? Well, that makes two of us. I wonder if my canvas is dry... Almost, there are a few blotches where the paint was thicker than the rest. As I said before, it's kinda crosshatched. The blue and black and white... black in one corner, white in another so it looks like a corner-light blue textured wall, sorta. Well, when it's done I'll post a picture of it up here. Then you'll see what I mean. It's... hmm, wicked. Tee-hee, I said "wicked"! I'm the next Bill or Ted. Only a girl, so it'd be Billina and Tedess.

That reminds me! A while ago I took a Physics quiz, and one of the bonus questions was, "What are the names of the two rovers on Mars?" and I didn't have a clue, so I wrote, "Bill and Ted." Hahahaha... I love Keanu Reeves. He's... hmm, wicked. Yea! I said it again! Woo-hoo! That kind of language sounds too mendacious on me. Tee-hee, I said, "mendacious"!


Err... I'm sure I have something of which I could speak. Oh, I found a funny quote spoken by Sir Winston Churchill: "From now on, ending a sentence in a preposition is something up with which I will not put." Haha, that one came from memory, too! Sorry. I liked it.

Well, I best be off. What have we learned, children? That life is even more boring when we have to watch paint dry.

Not a far cry from the truth, eh? And today's title was from the episode of Will & Grace called "Bacon and Eggs" when Jack McFarlend stalked, guess who, Kevin Bacon. Grumblegrumble... one of these days *shakes fist*...

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