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[2004-02-23 @ 5:16 p.m.]

Wow. Today was bad. When my syntax is this choppy, you know I'm being serious.

Okay, first off, my teacher didn't like my painting. Well, she pretended to, but she didn't. In case you missed it before, here it is again:

Well, she said that I need to "fill in the petals and detail them to the edges." I don't know if she doesn't realise that I didn't use a brush for the petals or not. I can't go in and fill them in. I just can't. I scraped the colour on with a knife. She just didn't seem to like it at all. No one else seemed overly thrilled when I drug it to school today either. "Oooh, lemme see... oh, is that it?" was the popular reaction. My mum, who is a genius when it comes to art (and just about anything else), thinks very highly of it. Sigh. I hope the judges don't think the same way about abstract as my Ceramics teacher does. I don't understand why everything has to be so perfected and romaticised like it is, so realistic. I tried to paint the rose like it's supposed to have warmth, but I wanted it cold. See, the yellow of it makes it warm, but the blue in the back and the lighting and the white of the rose itself makes it fragile (not to mention the scratchy quality to it), like a snowflake or thin glass or... searching for an example... or Eowyn from Lord of the Rings.

Oh! Speaking of Eowyn, she liked the layout I made her. I'd be happy to make anyone else one, based on whether I like you or not, for absolutely free. I have to change the size of her image, though, I made it too big. I'll mess with that this weekend, ok, Eowyn? I liked messing with the picture, I didn't like the nasty HTML part. I think Gollum wants one that's more Gollum-oriented. Man, role-playing diaries rule. I gotta get me one.

Oh, and yes, I watched the Screen Actor's Guild Awards last night. For those who care, the awards that I remember (and therefore actually cared about) are as thus: Best actress in a Comedy Series: Megan Mullally of Will & Grace. Best Actor in a Comedy Series: Tony Shaloub of Monk. Best Cast in a Comedy Series: Sex and the City (or is it "in the..."? I don't like it either way)(cough, cough, Will & Grace shoulda won). The Drama Series I don't care about, get over it. Best Actor in a film: Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Carribean (yessss!). Best Actress in a film: Charlize Theron in Monster (yesss! But not with the same enthusiasm as the "yesss!" for Johnny Depp). Best Cast in a film: Lord of the Rings, Return of the King.

And that was the only award they were up for, since the only awards at that show are for acting. Billy Boyd (hotcha) wore a kilt, how awesome is that? Now no one can make fun of me whenever I wear one. You know, I don't get that, b/c those stupid preppy cheerleader types always yell at me when I wear a kilt, "GO BACK TO IRELAND!" First off: the Irish don't wear kilts, that's a common misconception. Second off: What's wrong with the Irish? I'll have you know that my ancestors are Irish, I'm part of the Kennedy clan of Ireland and I'd love to go back to Ireland, so maybe I just will leave! Third off: I'm Scottish (too), and I can wear a kilt if I want. This is America, it's a free country. I can be Scottish in America if I want. So there!

So, I watched Ebert and Roeper (like I do every weekend) and they reviewed The Passion of the Christ. I was apprehensive of their critique, and I braced myself for the worst knowing that no matter what they say, I'm still gonna go see it, and I'm still gonna like it, that's just that. But I was so taken aback by their disconcerting comments. They liked it! Hey, Mikey, they really liked it! They gave it, "two thumbs way up!" See, usually they're so malicious, so eeevil that they seem flat and without a soul (much like a lawyer or a goverment worker), but they talked for nearly the entire episode about how Jesus died not at the hands of the Jews, but at the hands of all of us today. And it's not a derrogatory, disciplining thing, either, it's not, "Look what you did to your Lord," but a, "He loves us, He really loves us." I think Mel Gibson's a genius anyway, now I admire him all the more! And I understand that it's graphic, but that's the way it was. It's, according to Ebert and Roeper, handled from a "non-attached" and "un-biased" (words along those lines, anyway) view, so it's not sugar-coated like other Biblical movies. Well, I'm very much escatic. It will be most excellent.

As Bill and Ted may say. Guess what I found out March 26th is? International Bill & Ted Day. So celebrate it, everyone! I don't want to be the only one air guitaring all day. I just think the whole thing with the phone-booth in Excellent Adventure is great, because it reminds me so much of the Matrix. And Keanu Reeves... ahh...

I'm awake! As if this layout weren't enough, I sit here and type about Keanu Reeves and Billy Boyd. Geez. Have I mentioned Dom Monaghan or (thinking up hot dude names) Ewan McGregor? Well, now I have.

Man, after the day I had, that really cheered me up. Oh! And today some guy was puking all over the hallway after school let out, and I walked right by as he started, and... ugh... it smelled and I felt really sick. So then I got on the bus and told these two friends of mine about it, and one told me that I got some on my shoe, so I freaked. That wasn't very nice! I'll have to get him back... grumblegrumble... And the whole thing about no one appreciating my artwork (that's why I really thank you so much, Sarah for liking it, that kind of a reaction is boosting my confidence) and a Physics test today... my head's going to explode.

Mum liked my painting, though. So does Gammie. Heck, even Dad likes it. He tells me I suck at everything I do. Mum seems very impressed with it. I like it the way it is, I'll just take it to the judges as is. But the way my art teacher looked at it and asked, "Oh, is this... is it done?" Yes, it's done. "Oh... oh... well, I'd blah blah blah."

Man, that hurts.

I'm done with it. Criticism noted and now forgotten. It's not like an act to be fixed, it's not something I can go back and redo without changing the entire meaning behind it. It's staying the way it is. Done.

I'm done, too. Toodles!

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