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I mean, I once had a spirited debate about the death penalty with a can of cashews. And somehow, they swayed me.
[2004-02-28 @ 4:03 p.m.]

Today is better than yesterday, so do not fear! Yeah, I'm sure you're trembling in your boots. Oooh, sssscary, eh?

Well, yes, scary. But, but, but, I got the BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER! Mummy got me, wait for it, a tennis bracelet that my hero wore in Along Came Polly. I'll give you two hints as to who it is: Debra and Messing! YESSS!

Not to dwell on material posessions, but... isn't it purdy?

And last night a new episode of Monk came on, and I was full gear couch-potato! I even, gulp, watched, gulp, Joan, gulp, of Arcadia. It has an interesting premise, especially considering the wonderful message it's sending, but if I was ever blessed enough to talk to God, I doubt that I'd call Him "Ringo" because last time I checked, none of the Beatles were religious figures. I mean, they're cool and all, but they're not gods. And, besides, if any of the Beatles were God, it'd be Paul, because he's the best. Uh! Don't argue. I'm the birthday girl, so I'm right.

Technically, I'm not the birthday girl until Tuesday, but whatever. Eat it, right? Eat it, chew it, and swallow it or shove it. Just do what I say. PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR! Geez, I'm a floggin' nutcase, aren't I? I think I have waaaay too many mood swings. I talk to myself and like odd things... and I cried at the end of Edward Scissorhands. Speaking of which, that was on today!


That movie always gets me, with it's satyrical look on suburban life. Love it! Oooh! I got an email! Oh. No I didn't. It was... spam... When are they gonna learn that teenage girls aren't interested in buying dog-translaters or viagra? I. Hate. Spam. Actually, I've had fried spam, and that's not too bad. It's like Jello and ham combined, but less salty. Imagine, if you will, ham that wiggles win you poke it. There you have a can-o-spam. It's the margarine of the meat industry.

Doesn't margarine cause cancer when eaten in excess?

Oh noooo *groan*. My dad's watching Star Trek or Star Wars or whatever it is, and Mum's trying to cover it up with her radio. She's got this huge surround sound dealie around her bed, and she blasts music while she works. I do the same thing, I just prefer to play a cd loudly with headphones on. but they get so loud trying to block eachother's noise out that the windows start to shake and rattle (and roll... I had to).

I guess my house is a-rockin', and that's why no one comes a-knockin'. That or the fact that our neighbors hate us. We've been pretty much exiled from our block of anal-retentive perfectionists... probably because of the noise we cause. We're the scourge of the neighborhood. We're like pirates, only Christian so we can't steal. But if we could, we would, and we'd sail off triumphantly into the setting sun! Bwahahaha! Bwahahaha!

Oh. My. Gah. Two rockin' movies come out two weekends in a row! AHHH! Okay, chill, Amanda, chill. Friday, March 12th is the opening of Secret Window, starring the incomparable Johnny Depp. March 19th is the opening of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind with Jim Carrey (meh, whatever) and Elijah Wood. Yup, great or no? Well, the answer isn't no. And then there's Hidalgo because Viggo Mortensen kicks 50 kinds of butt, and speakin' of 50, Sean Astin's in 50 First Dates! I just thought I'd tie it all together... Anyway, yeah. There you have it, folks. Oh! And Oscars are tomorrow, and I'm watching them.


Loser? Why, yes, that's me! Oh! I'd better get runnin'! I get to see The Passion in a few hours. That means that I should get out of my pjs, I guess. Maybe I'll apply some makeup. But nothin' too heavy around the eyes, because I'll probably cry (being the flippin' crazy that I am).

By the way (I tried to say I'd be there, waiting for...), today's title is from Will & Grace. *shivers in birthday excitement* CURSE YOU, CASHEWS! CURSE YOU AND ALL AKIN TO YOU!


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