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Now that I'm old and lookin' back, I thank you for my heart attack.
[2004-03-04 @ 5:32 p.m.]

My goodness, I've only got moments before dinner.

But after dinner I am encumbered by homework. Physics worksheet redo and a nice, long bit of French studying. It shall be naught but subjunctive, subjunctive, subjunctive... I stayed after school for about an hour today with my two french teachers. So instead of "Madame", wouldn't it be "Mesdames"? I know how to pronounce it, but I had never seen it spelled. Anyway, there's a French competition on Saturday, all day at a nearby university, and I want to do well. I think that the teachers have a high expectation of me, and it's only been a few weeks since I've had a french class, but everything I've been doing has been pushing verbage and vocabulary from my mind. So they lent me some books and went over some pictures, and I'm going to speak French much more often now. Thank heaven that we're allowed to have some scratch paper... if I couldn't write, I don't know what I'd do.

It's the same way with the English language, too. I articulate my ideas much more quickly, and can be much more vivid when I write it out. Otherwise I'm searching my mind for strong words because every word has an importance. If you don't pick the right word, the entire derived meaning is messed up. And of course that doesn't apply to regular speech, just speeches in front of people of a higher calibur than you. But it's like the Bible says, every word is a seed, and every word creates a ripple-effect, a butterfly-effect that changes everyone and everything. That's why I love language! It's an art, I love reading it and writing it...

Speaking of art, I have started to paint my rose vessel. For Ceramics class I made a rose pot (no, stupid, not pot... life is my anti-drug) that looks really pretty. So I'm painting it now that it's been fired! And that reminds me of Donald Trump which reminds me of two things: The Apprentice and tabloids about his hair that I saw today (it was "Star"... my personal favourite tabloid would have to be Weekly World News... the one to claim that half of the state of Nebraska was ripped off the face of the earth by a meteor in the same issue as the Osama Bin Laden/Saddam Hussein sex scandal tape [they're gay lovers])(I don't really believe anything in there, just to let you know... they're just funny) and The Apprentice reminds me of Will & Grace because both have new installments tonight! YESSS!

And that reminds me of Frasier, an awesome show that I love and adore and will truly miss, and that's why I'm using this title for this entry. It was from the episode when Frasier dressed up as a clown and held a meat-cleaver and gave his dad a mild heart-attack. And that makes me think of clowns, and I hate clowns. I mean, there's two kinds of clown-haters: the people that hate clowns because they're annoying, and the people that are so frightened by clowns that their hearts stop beating and their breathing becomes ragged and their knees give way as they break out into a cold sweat. I'm the latter of the two. I am not lying to you. I have a fear of clowns so great that I cannot bear to be in thier prescence. I start to cry when I see one. A seventeen year-old six-feet tall girl, cowering before a 5'5" clown. It's disturbing, but I really don't like them. I don't like spiders and I don't like cats and I don't like bunnies, but my most unfounded fear is the fear of clowns.

But oddly, I like mimes. I don't know why I like mimes, but I do. That's almost as strange as my unsettling phobia of clowns. I want to make a movie about a mime. A mute mime. I'm not lying. And don't steal my idea (not that anyone wants to)! It's way too Tim Burton just to hand out like that.

So, yeah. Did I tell you in my last entry (that I typed on my birthday) that the lights in my school went out for an hour and a half? On my birthday. Not lying. On top of that, one of my friends had a bus that broke down, and then the replacement bus broke down, too. That's so cool. I'm eeevil.

Mmmkay. I think that's about it. Oh! And we might get to have a "flapper day" for history. I can't wait to dress like a flapper... again. I did once for a fashion show I was in. Mum designs Vintage clothing. If you want to see, go Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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