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[2004-03-11 @ 1:16 p.m.]

I'm back! I'm alive!

Well, barely. I've been stickin' it out with a really, really bad cold since Thursday. Yesterday was just terrible. First block of school I had to take a writing portion of a state-issued "You have to pass this or else..." test. After I finished (my essay was pretty humourous, I'll have to try to recall some of it), I was coughing like a madwoman. The class started getting annoyed because everyone was still working, so one of the teachers had to escort me from the room to get some water (we're not allowed to walk the hallways alone during these tests). I sat back down to do homework, and kept coughing. I mean, hacking. Just coughing up both lungs and a liver, I swear. I tried not to, but my face was turning bright red and it's really hard to hold your breath for long amounts of time (uh, der, really?), but I was so embarrased! So, the nice teachers got me a cup full of water, and I did pretty well for the rest of the time we were there. But as soon as we were excused, I went to the nurse, and she took my temperature. 99.4 degrees Farenheit (sorry, I don't know that conversion-- I used to), and my throat and ears were raw and red. So I got sent home to my Mum.

Mum took me to the doctor today (which is why I'm home right now), and he said I had a virus. Well, after being this sick, this long, I was hoping it was something so I could get treated and get back to school (whoa, did I say that?). But I think I'll be back tomorrow (keep those fingers crossed, eh?). I've got some antibiotics, and I'll be back in time for a review for my Physics test on Monday. I've missed everything we've done since we've started this unit, but I think I can get it together this weekend. All's fine... I guess...

Okay. Well. Yes. My brother is going to be attending a weekend camp soon. My brother, 13 named Benjamin, has juvenile diabetes, and he can't give himself shots yet. Mum was going to send him to camp on his own so he can learn to take care of himself, but he needs someone to go with him. It's either me or Mum. If it's me, he'll stick to me like glue instead of meeting new kids, and I'll feel weird being authority that doctors have to talk to. If it's Mum, she'll go to the adult classes there, and he'll be more open. So I think he'll pick her. If he does, I get the house to myself! Woohoo! Mum said I could go out to a movie with friends and then chill online or with some rented videos the rest of the time. That means I'm hittin' the exercise equipment and not breaking save to eat and sleep. I'll just pop in The Matrix and run! I've been dying to move for ages, but being sick hurts my tummy muscles. I feel like I've been doing thousands of sit-ups because of my coughing. ARGH! And my shoulders hurt. But I need to tone my muscles since I haven't done any real sports for awhile now.

Which reminds me! I watched an entire episode of "America's Next Top Model". I don't know why. I was channel surfing, and there it was! I couldn't look away. It was just beyond me. There's this one very pretty girl, skinny beyond belief, who run-wayed for a company in Milan. They told her that she was pretty, but didn't "have the body for high-fashion." She started crying saying, "What do they want? I'm already a size two! All this not sleeping and not eating is getting to me..." Okay, I would think the statement, "not eating," could be taken as a eating disorder, but then at a dinner, this one girl (not so pretty, but skinnier) got up from the table to go to the bathroom, and didn't come back. Another girl insinuated that said girl was balemic, and the host of the show was taken aback, claiming, "I take eating disorders very seriously, it's not healthy." This coming from Tyra Banks, a woman who looks as though her meals consist of Evian and a cigarette. And then the hostess, a model cutting a new album here, said as she got rid of one girl, "This really hurts me, having to get rid of one of you while I'm trying something new, fulfilling my dreams blah blah blah..." Omigarsh, I wanted to cry, it was so, so, so self-absorbed and nauseating.

And in other news, my guy made it into the top twelve of American Idol. For the first time in my life, ever, I dialed the stupid American Idol number and voted for the Pen Salesman. I couldn't resist. I felt like such a loser, succumbing to my domesticated will. Grr. But he sang Elvis, and Elvis is my third cousin and I couldn't help it because he did a silly dance and it made me happy and everyone that's gotten through is so serious and stuffy that I doubt I'd watch it anymore without someone funny like that and I... yeah, there's no excuse. I'm a loser, no way out.

And The Apprentice is on tonight. Omarosa's gone! AHH! She annoyed me so much. She reminded me of a lot of people I know, the way she claimed to have a concussion, left the work-room, and then played basketball with some kids outside. She made me so mad! And a new Will & Grace! HUZZAH! All tonight whilst I struggle with whatever I missed in class. Sounds fun!

Okay, anything else? Errrm... no. Well.... nope. I have somethin' new to try with my html, I'm gonna try to get some music to play. I found a neat thing and, well, whatever. I hope it works, if not, just tell me something's screwed up and I'll fix it, promise! I also found a neat button, so bye!

Oh, and here's a neat quiz:

Your Superhero Persona by couplandesque
Your Name
Superhero NameThe Bankruptcy Lawyer
Super PowerGhetto Booty
EnemyMichael Jackson
Mode Of TransportationShopping Cart
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And today's title came from Will & Grace. Because.


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