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[2004-04-09 @ 7:09 p.m.]

Woohoo! It's here! It's Spring Break! I can hear a Hallelujah chorus right now, blaring in the back of my head.

First I want to reflect. Today is Good Friday. Today is the day that Jesus died for you and for me. He died so that we can be pure, and I am forever grateful.

That being said, I had quite an interesting day! First off, I finished my wallpocket in Ceramics. It's a nifty vase-like thing that's flat on one side and hangs on the wall. I put a bust of Ramses on the front. It took me awhile, but I shaped the bust of Ramses from a picture of his sarcophagus that I found in a National Geographic in a cabinet in the ceramics room. It looks pretty darn realistic, if I do say so myself! As soon as it's fired, I'm glazing it and painting a few select hieroglyphics on the sides. See, I have a copy of some of the orginal papyrus of one copy of the Book of the Dead. There were several versions, I think mine was a later version, and incomplete so some was drawn from previous text. But it has the actual hieroglyphics and then underneath the sound you make to pronounce them, and then the meaning. But this one (it's a horizontal zig-zag with six tips- if you know what I mean) has, like, half a dozen different meanings. Such as "in" or "of" or "it" or "or", you know what I mean. OH! ICECREAM MAN! ICECREAM MAN! Oh, he's gone. Just as well, I don't have any cash. Anyway, so it was just too hard and time-consuming to teach myself how to read it. I'll just pick out a few bits I like the best, and paint them on. And my silly looking pig is fired! Hooray!

I was having a fun time until my teacher gave us our report cards. Fun times. See, I'm normally a really good student, but once the year progresses, my binders and books fall into disarray, and my grades always start to slip. Well, my history grade was a C (a high C, brought up from a low C-- I failed a quiz awhile back, a first in that class, and it really brought my grade down), I knew that was coming. And I got a C in Physics, a high C, still higher than half the class and still higher than what I expected. And I got A's in Ceramics and Orchestra. Not hard. But I got a B in AP English. That irked me. All throughout Ceramics, I just mumbled about how I got A's on every paper, one point away from a five on the mock exam (five being the highest, and very hard to get), how could I possibly have a B? I'm afraid I may have been snappish to this one really nice girl, and I'm sorry about it now.

I chewed on that all the way through second bell. We finished watching a movie called Escape from Sobibor, it was about an escape from a Polish death camp. The only mass Jew escape- 300 out of 600 people lived through the ordeal. Quite exraordinary, but I think that the ending wasn't handled very well. As the people ran through the forest, this really cheesy and indifferent voice gave the epilogues of the peoples' lives after the escape. I think they should have had the action on the bottom of the screen with the epilogue written at the top, some Jewish fiddle music overall. Then the history teacher snuck us (a class of thirty or so people) outside to play games in the grass. We got in a circle according to our age, but we weren't allowed to talk to eachother! This presented a problem as one girl in my class and I share the same birthday. I really need to brush up on my sign language, and I had trouble understanding that since she was born in the a.m. and I in the p.m., that she was older than me. Luckily she's a lot smarter than me and figured it out! Then we had to break into pairs and find out common characteristics, and my partner and I ended up liking flowers and vanilla icecream. Then we had to break into pairs according to where we were born, I was in a pair with a guy from Alaska. Nobody was born near Seattle! Geez louise!

Physics was actually good fun. I stamped everyone's stamp-sheet for their homework. Then we reviewed worksheets for our test after break while two guys tried to order pizza. The teacher told us that if we got caught, she knew nothing. So one guy whipped out his cellphone and called a pizza place. Cellphones are majour no-no's in our school, you can get in serious trouble. So the teacher got mad, and said to at least hide so if the principal walked by, they wouldn't get caught (science rooms are really, really big... almost as big as music rooms because of the lab tables and science cabinets). One kid stood outside the door like he was in trouble and waiting for his reprimand. He said that if he saw any problems, he'd shout "Code-red." The pizza place said they wouldn't go in the school, they were too afraid, so the guy told them to meet him outside by the tennis courts. Oh. My. Gah. So, when lunchtime came, he left and came back unhindered and unaccosted with eight pizzas stacked in his arms.

After lunch, I marched determined into my English classroom to demand my A. Turns out everyone's grade was screwed up, and I really did get an A. Hooray! The room really smelled funny, like rotten food mixed with pesticide and cinnamon (I don't really know where that last one came from, but the first two were the actual problem, the cinnamon may have been to cover it up). Under the desk next to mine was this horde of thin and long flies. I mean, a writhing mass of them, crawling one on top of another. I and another guy had fun smushing them all, but they kept climbing through a corner were the caulk came away from the bricks. I think that they were spraying insecticide outside in the courtyard, and it wafted into the room, so the flies gathered onto an old piece of food. My journal caused a stir, I mixed feminism with The Apprentice and everyone was talking about it. Then I told the teacher, who was in a bad mood, that I made him a ceramic pig for his birthday. It's not really his birthday. I think. Yesterday someone asked, "Is it your birthday?" when they saw a flower on his desk, and before he answered the class broke into an annoying song routine, and after that, everyone jumped to their feet to give him any food treat they could spare (he buys us rolls on our birthdays and everyone sings for us). So I made him a ceramic pig. I didn't really know what else to do with it, so why not? But after that he sent one girl to the water fountain because she took out her cellphone to call a girl that wasn't there because it was her birthday. Then he sat at his desk over papers and on the phone, and his face turned all patchy and we all tried to guess how long it would take for him to cry. So I went to talk to my friends and we had fun and that was my day!

Whew. And my cello-challenge was yesterday, but the teacher never showed up. So this girl and I sat there playing and talking for twenty minutes, and I felt really bad about making her be there. She's one of those really pretty and popular girls who will probably succeed in everything she wants just because that's the way the world works. She was nice enough, but in a I-really-don't-like-you-and-wish-I-were-elsewhere kinda way, the way where she's only talking to you because she has to. I told her thanks, but that we could try again the week after break, that it's an extra week to practise. So she says, "I don't need to practise. I'm not worried about it."

Whoa. Now, if that wasn't a slap in the face, I don't know what is. Everyone knows and says that I'm better than her, and she shouldn't have beaten me before. I know. But even if I lose over and over and over again, I still know that I'll never, ever say that kind of a thing to anyone, or treat anyone else that way, even if I am better than them and even if I am wearing a smile on my face. Maybe it's just me over-reacting, maybe it's just me being too sensitive again, but someone here (if anyone's still reading) tell me I'm right.

In other news, I'm going shopping this weekend, I'm getting my hair cut soon, and I really have to go now. Toodles!

And this quote is from Will & Grace. Toodles!

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