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[2004-05-01 @ 3:34 p.m.]

I think my hair is turning black from winter. That means it's late. It turns black in winter and red in summer, but it's just turning black now. So I've got these bright red streaks mixed in with these very dark black ones, and I look like a mottled mut of a dog. Spring is here, and summer is approaching, and my hair is still just turning.

I suppose it's a fine change, though. I had very red hair when I was born, then it turned dark brown, then red and black, and it's been that way ever since. I think if it should ever turn all black, I could cut it shorter, and when it grows back, dye it all red. Everyone needs something new every now and again, I just happen to prefer it now instead of again. I think I've mentioned a few times before that I dislike continuity, but in one respect, if one has no agenda, then there is no norm to break. And then life, although all based on the spur of the moment, would become routine and boring in itself. But, nonetheless...

My brain is fried. I took my SATs today, and realised quite a few things. First off, I think I did well for it being my first time. I didn't have to make a cold guess at anything, I could make educated guesses on anything I wasn't completely ceratin about. I think that is quite an acomplishment all on its own, so I was excited. But I had to take it at a different highschool, and it felt very strange to do so. You see, my highschool is the, uhh, ritzy highschool (if one can be called such a thing). It's where all the well-to-do kids go if they don't like private school. Most of the other schools have kids on welfare, the families who are less fortunate. Most of the kids at my school are the stereotypes of rich kids, the snobs, the stuck-up evil types (to say the least), but I don't really care about social standings like other teens do. So this highschool that I was taking my SATs at took me by surprise. I always thought my school was a dump, but this place was in shambles. It's older than my school, but much less crowded. And everything is shorter, the lockers, the toilets, the water fountains. I almost had a nose-bleed trying to call my mum because the phone was so short (I'm six feet tall). So I realised how very well off I am, and that I am not only lucky, but blessed. And thanks, everybody, for the good wishes! They gave me confidence (though my knees were still shaky)!

So, as soon as I came home, I was trying to figure out how I could watch a movie. I like to watch a new movie every weekend, I really, actually, do if I can. So, I flipped through every channel. I stopped on Stepmom, a Julia Roberts flick about a stepmom (der) trying to get her stepkids to like her. I watched the first hour, and found it a predictable waste of time, so then I turned it to Bravo! Cold Comfort Farm was just starting, and it was sooo good. There was a ten-minute period that I couldn't see because my pet dog refused to come in the house like I told her to (she stood there looking at me incredously with her two different coloured eyes like, "Yeah, whatchoo gonna do 'bout it?" while I offered her a croissant... no wonder my pet dogs are getting so fat). I was just so involved in the outrageous and daringly enjoyable characters, so over the top like pantomimes in early theatre! And the costuming was brilliant, I have to show my mum (because as good as it was, she could've designed better!). The acting was superb, of course. Kate Beckinsale was good, but I thought Sir Ian McKellen was a scene stealer as the preacher. Once he got going, there was no stopping him, he had such energy! It was enthralling to see such good acting, but, then again, it was Ian McKellen, he's just good to begin with. And I really, really, really liked the cinematography. It provided such a nice tone to support the writing and costuming and acting, the perfect touch. But since I had missed that ten minutes near the middle, I was afraid I had missed something important. See, this girl was supposed to find out two important things, and you think that's what the movie is about, to solve those mysteries, but as the plot advances, the importance shifts on the changes made in the characters, and then you end up nearly forgetting why she came up until the end when she re-introduces the problems by asking another character for the answer but never does find out. So we never find out. And I was so worried that it was in that bit I missed that I had to look it up online! But, no, you weren't ever supposed to know. I guess it's like Lost in Translation.

Speaking of which, MTV has once again showed its incompetence. I'd give you the link, but I'm much too lazy (hippocrite, aren't I?). The MTV movie awards are coming up soon, and I can understand that Return of the King might not get as many nominations this year because of how many The Two Towers won last year, but they've only got two or three nominations! I mean, it's only the MTV movie awards, but what the heck? Okay, Pirates of the Carribean was an awesome, awesome movie. Johnny Depp, however, was the reason it was awesome. He deserves some credit, and he will get it at the MTV movie awards, but there were more expert films done this year that deserves the same number of nominations, if not more, than POTC. And I'm saying this as a devoted fan of that movie (the original screenplay was flat and banal, Johnny Depp, even minus the good looks, brought life into it and made it interesting, the entire movie was good because he was good-- see, he's not the only good thing in it, but all of the other factors fit together better because he was in it), but there are other movies that deserve something more (coughcoughROTKcoughhack). So, I voted anyway. But I'm not going to influence your vote by telling you who I picked. But I will say this: for breakthrough female, I had to pick Scarlett Johansson, not Keira Knightley. And I picked Johnny Depp for best male actor. That's all I'm saying, though. All I'm saying. Well, I don't remember too many others, or I'd say more. You know me.

Anyway, my head aches and I'm sorta hungry. I don't want to take my AP exam on Monday. I want coffee, and I want to stay up late tonight. I don't want to study for Physics tomorrow. I most certainly want to laze about and watch new movies. Or even read a book; I really want to read Cold Comfort Farm all of a sudden. And that's where today's title is from. Toodles!

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