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Do not shush me during my inappropriate outburst! Ladies and gentlemen, I find myself in a situation similar to the one Drew Barrymore is going through on the screen. Although, unlike her, I am not overacting.
[2004-05-07 @ 9:51 p.m.]

I know I promised! I'll type you the feminism thing at the end, I swear. Right now I have a few original thoughts to type.

First off, good goin' Brendan Fraser! I had never seen him act in a serious movie until a few hours ago, it was called School Ties. It was very insightful. Well, it dealt with Anti-Semitism in schools, but I don't know that it told me anything that I didn't already know about that. But it did better inform me about the snobby rich kids of the world, and the pressure put on some teens to succeed, and the things that pressure can force them to do. So, kudos! I thought the scenes were a bit dark, though. Even the in the daylight, it was hard to see what was going on. I can understand that the director may have wanted to save that visual effect for the very end, but maybe just, ever so slightly, lighten the movie so we can at least see. And speaking of seeing, I saw waaayyyy more of Matt Damon than I ever really wanted to see. Way more. And it was still PG-13. Those censors had to work hard with those camera angles, I guess.

On top of that, I have a plea going out to anyone! I'm writing a research paper on Vacation in the British Isles, I wanted to plan a low-budget two week trip through Ireland, Scotland, England, and ending in the Snowdon Mountain Range of Wales. If anyone here has ever been to anywhere in Ireland (I haven't picked exact locations- yet), Edinburgh and a city just south of there called Peebles or Bannockburn (Scotland), London or Salisbury or anywhere along Hadrian's Wall (in England), could you be willing to disclose any places you may have stayed at? I'd prefer that they be cultural places, places like inns at pubs and things like that. I wanted a good amount of culture in my report. It'd be great. If you've got any ideas, just give me the name of the place and where it was, and I'll find out the rest (the beauty of the web). If no one knows, don't worry about it. I'll try to find as authentic a bunch of places as I can!

Okay, beyond that. I went to my brother's Middle School (it's like Juniour High) orchestra concert. They played Pirates of the Carribean. The same exact version as the highschool. The same version that I'm playing. On top of that, two dressed up as pirates, and sword-fought onstage. I was furious, because we never do anything fun like that. I really dislike orchestra now-a-days. The cellos keep sounding worse and worse, and I really care about it. Or, I did care about it. Now I really, really, really don't. I don't like the teacher. I don't like the other kids (save a few). I don't like the music we're playing. I just don't like it. Even the school's cellos are falling apart. My fingerboard was so far away from my strings that I thought my pinkie was going to crack in half from the huge callous on it. I'm sure you didn't care to know, but it's true. That's what happens when you've been playing for 6 years. And now I hate it.

On top of that, I made my mum a shoe for Mother's Day in ceramics. Okay, we had to make a transforming shoe, so I made a leopard-print highheel, turning into a leopard. It looked like the hood of a Jaguar. I turned it in, and hoped to get it back, but the teacher kept it, and now I've got nothing for Mum! I guess I can clean some stuff up and try to make a card. So, tomorrow I've got to: prepare a present, search colleges, research for my paper, and clean out my physics binder. I also have to study for this test. Basically, if I don't pass the upcoming physics class, I don't pass for the quarter. No pressure there, eh?

And I picked up my Government packet, my summer assignment for AP Government. That on top of six books with essays on every chapter shall be great fun. At least some are as short as Wuthering Heights! Whew, no big deal, right?

Okay, in other news: I feel stressed. Can you tell? Hello! It's not even college yet! I've also decided that waiting in a coccoon isn't going to get me anywhere. So this summer I'm going to give screen-writing a shot. No lie. I've been reading up on it, and I'm fairly excited. On top of that, I've got a list of books on different acting techniques that I must read this summer on top of all that literature work. And I'm gonna start going to the Y nearby. They've got a rockwall three stories high. Can I get a glory hallelujah? AMEN! How awesome would that rockwall be? Woweewowowow. *shiver*

And now, as so promised, my entry on feminism (as heard by my AP English class, written thirty minutes before-hand... just to remain true to my slacker self). Oh, and in case someone feels left out, the Apprentice was an American reality tv show.

I am a junkie. Worse than my Starbuks or Harry Potter addictions is my new craving-- The Apprentice. I can't help it. Every Thursday I succumb to the wonders of the New York business world, the buildings, the people, and Donald Trump's hair. All I can say is: 1. I'm ashamed of my newest guilty pleasure and 2. I'm even more ashamed of the women on the show.

I realise that the handful of Apprentice women isn't the entire female population, but with the attention they're earning, they should try to act a little more decent. You see, it had come to my coconut mocha frappacino-driven attention that despite the strides of feminists the world over, and although women are winning more and more fair play, it is still tough for a woman in the business world. Women, save a few like Marcia Gay Harden or Grace Jones or Annie Lennox (who are so butch that it's a bit creepy), are not as physically adapt as men, and can't be as successful in combat or heavy labour. And though the business world can be described as all-out-war, there is absolutely no reason why a woman can't be as successful mentally as a man, if not more.

But I see these women on the Apprentice slowly deteriorating any moralistic standards they previously held just to further themselves in the competition, and I doubt that they realise what it is they are really doing. As they prance around in mini-skirts, flirting with executives, all the while claiming that their strategy was "sex sells," they are showing young girls like myself that such behaviour is acceptable in the business place.

Is physicality really placed over mentality? Is a low-cut shirt really the difference between a yes and a no in a job interview? Well, nowadays and unfortunately, yes.

I'm about to start college, I'm going to Columbia in a little over a year, and am very grateful for it. But before I break into a real-world situation, I, as well as every girl in this class, and school, and country, need to ask myself how far I'm willing to go to make a name for myself. It's a harsh reality to face, but a lot of women are pushed into situations and comply because they want to move in their careers. This is terrible, and needs to stop, and people like Heidi and Omarosa and Amy certainly aren't helping the situation.

That's basically it. I wrote another blurb about how I support the Equal Opportunity Act (I'd rather lose my spot at college so a minority could get in than lose it because someone didn't like my skin colour). What I wrote on the AP exam was less humourous than what you read, and it was more concise. I also proposed an opposing argument, disproved that argument, and gave a solution. Because feminism isn't about equality for men and women, it's about celebrating our differences. And I'm grateful every day (except for that one week a month) that I'm a girl! Because we rock!

Okay, I need to sleep or something. I feel like my head's going to explode with everything that needs done. *groan* I feel like I'm digging a pit to China, and I'll never get out.

And today's title is from Will & Grace. And don't hate me, but I don't miss Friends. I never saw it, and not only did I know what was going to happen on the last episode before it aired, I actually still remember what happened. I never even saw it. Chandler and Monica adopted twins, and Rachel got off the plane to France to finally get together with Ross. Oh joy. My life is complete.

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