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[2004-05-14 @ 4:27 p.m.]

Mmmkay. Today is Friday. It couldn't be anything else but Friday.

First things first, I got my SAT scores today online, and I got a 1270! I think that's pretty good, but I know I can raise them. Especially since I'm guaranteed ivy-league. I basically have to raise them, but from this point, they can't get any lower. I'm actually very happy with it, I was sure I wouldn't even receive a 1100. But I did find out that Columbia doesn't accept my year worth of AP English. I guess it looks good on an application, but I get absolutely no credit or exemption, even if I get a five. That means that if I get a really high score on that exam I took awhile ago, I still can't get out of having to take the actual college class. Life's not fair sometimes. They also won't accept my AP English class next year, just French and Government. No good rotten piles of...

So the reason today is Friday is because it was the slackest day I've ever had. In English class we played around online. After I found my scores, a girl nearby started looking up the teacher's name on Google. She found that someone with his name posted a fan note on Cyndi Lauper's fansite, it was hilarious (especially considering that he's an English teacher and the grammar was terrible). We printed it out and taped it to the front of his computer for when he gets back. Then Kelly and I hung out on D-Land, and in the spirit of a young moment, we picked random diaries and left notes. I picked this person and wrote all about my teacher. Thanks for putting up with me, sorry 'bout that!

So then I put a picture of haggis on the back of the screen (which, err, isn't allowed) and couldn't get it off until a friend showed me how. I'm not that savvy. Only quasi-savvy. Only semi-savvy. Only savvy in small proportions, like a meal appetizer or a bowl of soup. Unless it's tomato soup, that stuff is MmmMmmGood! I don't even like tomatoes, I actually hate them. And onions. And... wait, that's about it. Oh, and green olives indiginous to cocktails. Yuck.

Anyway, and in ceramics I worked on the wheel. That was fun. Fun for about five minutes until my hair came untied and fell into my face. And then I realised that getting splattered with silt that smells like vinegar really isn't very fun, just oddly relaxing. But my Gandhi vessel exploded. You see, we had to make face vessels with a spout and a handle, and someone didn't put a hole on top of his or hers and it exploded in the kiln, right next to mine, which then promptly exploded too. The entire bottom of the face came off and the handle was blown into pieces. I worked really hard on it, and was very proud of how it came out (because it looked exactly like Gandhi). But someone's carelessness killed it. He and/or she killed Gandhi, and I hope he and/or she is happy now. Gandhi killer.

I really am kinda sad about it, but it's not the end of the world. I was mostly worried that it was something I'd done wrong, I guess. The teacher kept apologising, but I can always glue it back together, and hammer off the remnants of the handle. It's no biggie.

What else? History was boring. We're studying the Civil Rights movement. We filled out worksheets (woohoo) as busy work. A few days ago we watched The Long Walk Home (Whoopi, Sissie Spacek, and that little girl from The War), it was a very, very good movie. A lot of the Civil Rights reminds me of the revolution in Gay Rights going on right now. Power to revolution is all I can say. I like to see films promoting it, too. Stuff like "Angels In America", and once art advocates a movement, people advocate it, too.

Then in Physics I passed out papers. The whole hour and a half of class I passed back graded papers. Woohoo. Last time I drew pictures on a chapter, though, I drew The Matrix, and I have to say that my picture of Trinity kicking a guard in the face turned out very nicely. I got extra credit for them being pretty, too!

Okay, and? Nothing. Wait... no... nothing. Today's title is via The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra in limited release. I haven't seen it, but I saw a trailer online (yes, I'm that big of a loser) by the same production company that brought you Spiderman. But Lost Skeleton is a wonderful spoof of those old lovable Ed Wood movies, I highly suggest you look it up. It and Saddest Music in the World. A very interesting looking indie flick about a woman (with glass legs full of beer) making a call to all countries to make the saddest music in the world. And I want to see Stepford Wives, because Nicole Kidman rules and I wanna be just like her but tall and I live in a 'burb that's a duplicate of Stepford, I swear. Yep. *whistles* Yep. Guess that's it then.


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