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[2004-05-19 @ 7:15 p.m.]

The nerve of some people! How dare feminism be on any other channel besides Lifetime.

Lifetime is a yuppy navy-wives channel full of chick flicks starring Tori Spelling as a prostitute (quelle surprise, non?) again. Oh, and occasionally they play "The Nanny" (let me rip my ears off... now).

My dad called a few minutes ago. You see, I had just finished watching Mansfield Park, it was very pretty even if it played out a bit much like a Masterpiece Theatre version, and I adore the character of Fanny Price. She wasn't wealthy, and people never noticed that she was pretty, but she confidently wore her knowledge on her sleeve, in fact, it was all that she wore on her sleeve, concealing everything else from the world because she believed it was the place that she was supposed to keep. Actually, the film was based on the novel by Jane Austen, and she's written quite a few feminist pieces. When she wrote, writing books about women and how freely they think and how knowledgable they can be was an utter outrage. Oddly enough, those are the only novels from that era that seem to survive. And, yes, some of the things that happened in that book were exactly like what happens in all those other books, which just goes to show you how restrictive the time era was. The point is is that I watched it on Bravo, and my dad called not long after it had finished. When I told him that I had just finished watching a good movie and told him, "It was Mansfield Park, the film adaptation from that famous Jane Austen novel," he said, "That sounds like something that you watch on Lifetime," with a laugh. When I pressed the matter, he didn't even know who Jane Austen is! His laugh was the most sardonic laugh. Apart from declaring anything feminist rejectable, he made it sound as if my taste in film was rejectable. I yelled at him that it was a three-star movie on Bravo, and my taste is as good as any (and certainly better than his).

Yesterday when he called he told me again that I shouldn't become an actress, that I should major in something else. I told him that I was DUEL majoring, and I swore I would take journalism. He said that acting shouldn't be a major, that if I had to take anything, I should become a journalist. I know what he wants me to do, he wants me to go into technology, or become a doctor, or a lawyer, or something that someone with half a brain would want to do. Well, okay, you know what? I don't have half a brain, then. I told him that if I had to (and I was not kidding) that I would lie to him about my major and take whatever I want to take. He wasn't too happy, and he said he'd find out (not far-fetched considering that he works at the college). I told him that I didn't care. I don't.

On top of that, the day before, he called and asked me what my SAT scores are. I can't tell him (I did beat him by ten points so far, though!) because he'd make my life miserable. So I lied and told him that I didn't know. Then he asked when I was going to take them again, and I said at the beginning of next year and he yelled at me! He told my mum that I put everything off until the last minute and that I'm the most irresponsable thing ever to dredge the earth. Which isn't true. And if it his, it's his own fault, he was the one who raised me.

Or was supposed to.

This isn't me being a dumb teenager. I don't rebel. I'm not a rebellious girl at all. I don't argue. I don't argue unless it doesn't make sense. Rebellion and standing up for one's self are two seperate entities. I will readily stand up for anything and everything that I believe in, whether it's to a friend, to my father, to the Pope, I will tell them that they are wrong until I am blue in the face. I will tell them that they are wrong until the world collapses. I will tell them that they are wrong until Judgement Day because I will tell them that they are wrong until they listen. That's not rebellion. It's not rebellion at all.

And that's why I loved Fanny Price so much, because she was just like that.

Anyway, so, I'm having a most lovely day! I can't remember a thing in school, I can barely see because my eyes are watering from my insatiable headache, all I had for dinner was a sandwich and I'm full to bursting, and I feel as if I'm about to puke all over the floor (isn't that the most wonderful language you've e'er seen me type?). At least it wasn't a cacaphonous as "vomit"! I feel like I'm gonna hurl. My brother stayed home today because he was sick too. And I hate Physics right now (wonder of the world). I missed two homework assignments that I lost, and my grade is just below passing. It makes me so mad, because I should have a B. At the least. But such is life. It's not the end of things, I suppose. I'll have to find that homework this weekend and turn it in very, very, very late. And I'll re-do a lab to get a better grade on that. I've only got four more weeks or so, and then I'm out. Then I'm out for the summer.

Looks like the across-the-street neighbours are having a shin-dig. We never get invited to things. Last weekend the entire block but us went to a party somewhere out of town (they were packing suitcases and carpooling out) for my next door neighbours. I heard it was a birthday gala for the girl. She's my age, but she's... mean. She's mean and she's annoying. She's always been that way. I kind of feel sorry for her, because most of her friends think so too. A lot of people didn't want to go to her party because she's just not nice. It's sad, but it's really her fault, so I won't dwell on it. It sounds rude of me, I know, but I've dealt with it for ten years now, and I'm sick of it.

Oh! And my report on the British Isles (the trip that I planned for a research paper in English) turned out well, twelve pages too! That's two over the limit, though. I'll change it when it's my turn to be "workshopped".

And what else? Let's see... I desperately wanna see Coffee and Cigarettes, it looks hilarious! Most people just nod politely here, so go ahead. I'll move on. I wish I could watch more movies, but I never get to rent, and I never get to go out, I only see them on tv. It makes me sad, because I love watching movies so much. That was a very pointless sentence, I know!

Hmm... hmm..... HHHHmmmm... Ah-hem... I think I'm dried out. Oh! I also saw The Missing. I love Ron Howard, I really do, but why does he shy away from fight-scenes? I can understand wanting a lot of movement in a fast scene, but he's so obscure that it's hard to tell what's going on. He should slow it down a bit. And Cate Blanchett is always awesome! That's why she's my hero!

And that comment about Masterpiece Theatre wasn't a bad one. I tend to like Masterpiece Theatre versions, the cinematography reflects very well the piece of writing... usually. Daniel Deronda is still my favourite. And not just because it had Hugh Dancy (though that does play a major part in it). Hugh Dancy is a younger and actually talented Orlando Bloom. Orlando Bloom is very pretty (hot), but his acting style is all the same. "Here, let me make my eyes real wide in mild shock, not to be confused with my facial expression for mild concern!" All of his expressions are mild. If not the same expression over and over and over again. But he does have pretty eyes! Maybe he'll grow as an actor...

What else? Uhh... umm... Guess that means nothing! I think I'll go guzzle a diet pepsi and down a couple of Mexican Tylenols. I'm still not sure why the bottle is in all Spanish...


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